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Anthony Petit PhotoI am Anthony Petit and I am the founder of whatever-tech.com. I became interested in technology when I was a kid. As a teen, when my friends were excited about attending sporting events and music concerts by the hottest artists, I was more interested in going to see and test out the latest tech gadgets at electronic industry trade shows. I was fascinated by all the technological wizardry.

My part-time and summer jobs were always at electronics stores. I was in the engineering club at school and threw myself into projects for the annual science fair. Often I had as much fun checking out the projects other students had created as winning prizes.

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My excellent grades, knowledge of engineering and expertise with electronics and computers led to a scholarship to MIT. I thrived in the educationally challenging atmosphere and reveled in the opportunity to work on cutting-edge electronic projects at school.

I majored in electronic engineering and took every opportunity I could to work on special projects. While in college I did internships at Micron Technologies, Texas Instruments, Computer Sciences and Jabil Circuit. After graduation, I was hired by Jabil Circuit as a junior engineer in their research and development department. It was a dream come true.

I was being paid to experiment with the latest innovations in electronics and engineering.

At Jabil Circuit I have had the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing electrical engineers and helped to bring a number of excellent products to market. However, I still enjoy attending science and technology expos and all types of electronics trade shows. I still find new and imaginative electronic, IT, communications and consumer technologies fascinating.

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Seeing how those technologies can continue to improve and transform our lives is exciting. It fires up my imagination and stimulates my intellectual curiosity and has led to me working on many interesting personal projects.

I also love sharing the electronic and engineering marvels I have discovered with others. That was the motivation behind my founding whatever-tech.com.

It gives me an opportunity to share information on the latest tech gems not only from Apple, Microsoft, Google and Amazon, but from little-known tech companies as well. This is an exciting time in human history.

There are countless visionary individuals, groups and corporations developing unique technologies that can improve the quality of life for millions of people and make the world a better place. And with whatever-tech.com, I get to introduce many people to them.

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Embracing my inner geek has led me to a great career in science, electronics and engineering. It has also given me the chance to peek into the future and see some of the groundbreaking technologies that are coming down the pike. At whatever-tech.com I do enjoyable, easy to understand reviews of tech products that can help make people’s lives easier and more productive. I have been truly fortunate. I’ve had the opportunity to explore my dreams, experiment with new technologies and share what I have learned with others.

To contact me: anthonypetit001@gmail.com or visit contact page

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