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Best Automatic Joint Roller – Buyer’s Guide

Best Automatic Joint RollerAutomatic joint rollers are great because they eliminate the need to roll joints using your hands, which can be difficult and time-consuming.

They are efficient and generally make life easier when you need to roll up a joint quickly.

But make no mistake, choosing a quality automatic joint roller is essential if you are looking for the best smoking experience.

There are numerous options available depending on your preference and needs. I

t comes down to choosing the best one. To get you started, we have compiled a small list of the best automatic joint rollers you can buy based on need, use, and cost.

Top pick

RAW 110 Automatic

  • Rolls regular size to 110 mm (4,33”) king size
  • Made in the oldest existing rolling machine factory on earth
  • 2-way adjustable switch
  • Natural unrefined rolling papers
  • Low price

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With so many features put into one automatic joint roller, it is easy to see why this is our top pick. With all the things that this product does, the only thing that it can’t do is purchase itself for you.

Automatic Joint Rollers Comparison Chart


RAW 110 Automatic (2)

RAW 110 Automatic

  • Size: 1,86" - 0,4" - 0,37" (4,72 - 1 - 0,93 cm)
  • Material: Plastic
  • Cigarette length: 4,33'' (110 mm)
  • Warranty: No
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Daycount Automatic Joint Roller 1

Daycount Automatic Joint Roller
  • Size: 3.62" - 3,22" - 0,78" (9,2 - 8,2 - 2 cm)
  • Material: Metal
  • Cigarette length: 2,75'' (70 mm)
  • Warranty: No
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VenCal The RollerBox+

VenCal The RollerBox

  • Size: 5,1" - 3,5" - 0,7" (12,95 - 8,9 - 1,78 cm)
  • Material: Metal
  • Cigarette length: 4,33'' (110 mm)
  • Warranty: No
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RAW 18452RAW 18452
  • Size: 5,28" - 4,41" - 1,42" (13,4 - 11,2 - 3,6 cm)
  • Material: Metal
  • Cigarette length: 4,33'' (110 mm)
  • Warranty: No
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Republic Tobacco Top-O-Matic

Republic Tobacco Top-O-Matic

  • Size: 12" - 6" - 8" (30,4 - 15,2 - 20,3 cm)
  • Material: Metal
  • Cigarette length: 4,33'' (110 mm)
  • Warranty: 1 year
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5 Best Automatic Joint Rollers (as of July, 2024):

1. RAW 110 Automatic Joint Roller Review

RAW 110 Automatic Review (1)

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RAW Roller is an eco plastic two-way joint rolling machine that is affordable and comes in handy when you want to pack marijuana cigarettes. The joint rollers are made of plastic and each is 100mm long (4,33”).

There is a lever that rotates horizontally and vertically.

The direction in which you rotate the lever depends on how fat or slim you want the joint. For a slim joint, you rotate it vertically, and for a fat joint, you rotate it horizontally.

RAW 110 Automatic Review, Pros and Cons

The machine rolls regular size to 110mm (4,33”) king size rolls.

The standard size cigarette you can roll is 79mm (3,11”) and this the regular size you can roll with the machine if you are going for a slim roll. For a fat roll, the cigarette or blunt size should be about one and a quarter inches.

Besides that, the joint roller is easy to use.

But you need to handle it with care to avoid breaking it. It is plastic after all.

Main Features

  • Eco Material
  • 2-way adjustable switch
  • Natural unrefined rolling papers
  • Authentic natural hemp composite plastic
  • Windmill powered product
  • Low price
  • Rolls regular size to 110mm (4,33”) king size
  • Made in the oldest existing rolling machine factory on earth
  • Easy to use
  • Great design
  • Rolls regular size to 110 mm (4,33”) king size rolls
  • Adjustable lever for slim and fat rolls
  • Accepts cigar wraps
  • Extremely affordable
  • Easy to use

  • Fragile build

2. Daycount Automatic Joint Roller Review

Daycount Automatic Joint Roller Review

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The Daycount metal joint roller is a steel box that allows you to roll a joint easily. The design is quite attractive and the silver color adds to its visual appeal.

The box is spacious enough to store your stash, rolling papers, and filter papers, making it easy to carry everything you need to roll a joint in a small compact unit.

Daycount Automatic Joint Roller Review, Pros and Cons

The rolling mechanism is on the inside. There is a canal where you put your stash and a rolling paper.

Once you close the box, it will do the rolling for you. Overall, it’s an efficient automatic joint rolling machine that is convenient, lightweight, durable, and easy to use.

Main Features

  • Compact size
  • Silver color
  • Storage space for your stash
  • Lightweight & easy to use
  • High quality metal
  • Modern style
  • Rolling mechanism is on the inside
  • Durability
  • Low price
  • A small clip comes with helping
  • Compact, lightweight, and durable
  • Comes with storage space for your stash and rolling papers
  • Visually appealing
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Extremely affordable

  • Some users have complained that the build quality is bad

3. VenCal The RollerBox Automatic Joint Roller Review

VenCal The RollerBox Review+

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The RollberBox is a compact and lightweight automatic joint roller that doubles as a storage unit for your stash, rolling papers, and lighter or matches.

The box itself is small and easily portable. It can fit well in your trouser or jacket pocket.

It looks great and it is well-constructed.

It rolls blunts and cigarettes of almost any size. The roller box accepts rolling papers that are up to 110 mm (4,33”) in size.

Inside the box is where all the magic happens. The rolling cloth is beautiful and has a nice solid color.

You may find it stiff at the beginning, but when you use the machine a couple of times, the cloth will become soft and flexible.

VenCal The RollerBox Review, Pros and Cons

You don’t need to moisten the rolling papers, which sometimes can be messy. You simply place your rolling paper and stash inside the box, close it and a nice rolled up blunt or cigarette will pop up.

The rolling pins work well, and they are adjustable. The two holes on the sides of the box allow you to adjust the rolling pins when you need to roll fat or thin blunts.

All in all, the RollerBox is a nice looking joint roller that makes rolling joints easy and convenient.

Main Features

  • Easily fits in pocket
  • Durability
  • Storage unit for your stash
  • Rolls cigarettes up to 110mm (4,33”) king sized
  • High quality metal
  • Adjustable rolling pins
  • Small and easily portable
  • Lightweight
  • Solid color of the rolling cloth
  • Opens and closes smoothly
  • Accepts rolling papers that are up to 110 mm (4,33”) in size
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Well-constructed
  • Durable
  • Doubles as a roller machine and a storage unit
  • Smell-resistant
  • Adjustable rolling pins
  • Convenient and easy to use

  • Some users have complained that it rolls too tight

4. RAW 18452 Automatic Roller Review

RAW 18452 Review

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RAW is known for producing quality joint rollers and rolling papers. Many pot smokers use their products because they are affordable and easy to use.

The RAW 110 mm automatic roller is no exception. It is a great quality joint roller with a sturdy and durable build.

It’s metallic, but it’s lightweight and compact, so you can it around with you easily.

The best part is that you can store everything you need to roll your joint inside the box. There is ample space for your stash, matches, and rolling papers.

RAW 18452 Review, Pros and Cons

Inside the rolling box, there is a beautiful red rolling cloth, which is nice and soft.

The welded rivets are extra strong for improved durability. And to top it off, the box comes with an ESD scoop card to make rolling your joint that much easier and quicker.

Main Features

  • Contains ESD Scoop Card
  • Sturdy and durable build
  • Doubles as a storage box
  • For use with king size rolling paper
  • 110 mm (4,33”) automatic rolling box
  • Metalic
  • Well designed and makes rolling simple
  • Beautiful red rolling cloth inside
  • Durable welded rivets
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Well-constructed and sturdy
  • Compact, lightweight, and durable
  • Rolls quickly and efficiently
  • Rolls regular size and 110 mm (4,33”)  king size papers
  • Extra storage space for your stash, rolling papers, and lighter
  • Comes with an ESD scoop card
  • Beautiful design
  • Budget-friendly

  • Difficult to use at the beginning
  • Rolls too tight

5. Republic Tobacco Top-O-Matic Review

Republic Tobacco Top-O-Matic Review

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The Top-O-Matic automatic rolling machine is made of stainless steel for strength and durability. This is a product that can last you years as long as you take care good care of it.

It does require some occasional oiling to ensure that the moving parts remain functional. It is a machine after all.

If you don’t maintain it properly, it can be an expensive loss. This is not a budget joint roller.

Honestly, you have to pay top dollar to own this machine, hence the more reason to give it proper care.

Republic Tobacco Top-O-Matic- Review, Pros and Cons

The rolling machine rolls joints quickly and effectively. No extra effort or tools are needed to get a perfectly rolled joint.

It can roll more than 100 joints or cigarettes in a single day in regular size and 100mm (4,33”)  king size.

It has ample space for your herbs, matches, and rolling papers making it easy to roll up a joint when you need to.

Overall, it is a reliable, sturdy, and efficient joint rolling machine that you can use for personal and commercial use.

Main Features

  • Adjustable switch
  • Stainless steel chamber
  • Rolls joints quickly and effectively
  • Makes king size as well as 100mm (4,33”)  cigarettes
  • 1 year warranty
  • Heavy duty metal
  • Has a storage space
  • Compact & easy to operate
  • Can last you years
  • Sturdy and strong build
  • Strong and sturdy build
  • Reliable and efficient
  • Ideal for personal and commercial use
  • Functions smoothly, quickly, and efficiently
  • Can make 100 plus joints or cigarettes a day
  • Accepts rolling papers of almost all sizes
  • Easy to use

  • Requires regular maintenance
  • Extremely expensive

Buyer’s Guide

If you have finally made up your mind that you want to buy a joint roller, it is important to know what to look for in terms of features and functionality.

Automatic roller machines differ in style, design, and price.

Automatic Joint Roller - size

Deciding which one to buy depends on your style and preference. So without further due, here are some considerations when choosing an automatic roller joint.


Automatic roller joints are the perfect tool for those who are too lazy to roll their own joints because they are fast and convenient. But they are also not similar in the way they roll joints.

For some automatic roller joints, you need to turn the rolling pins by hand to roll the joint.

Others have mechanical levers that turn the rolling pins for you, and frankly, they are quite expensive.

Automatic Joint Roller - Rolling Pines

What you should ask yourself is, what is the purpose of the roller joint? Is it for personal use or commercial use?

If it’s for personal use, you don’t need to buy the mechanical lever-operated, as they are expensive.

But for commercial use, that is a whole different story.

You need a roller joint that can roll many joints quickly and efficiently. This means that you need a roller joint with sophisticated automation.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is a huge consideration when choosing an automatic joint roller.

It would not make sense to spend money on a rolling machine that cannot roll joints properly. It does not matter how cheap it is if it does not work well, it is useless.

You want something that actually works and works well. You are better spending a little extra to get a joint roller that works and will give years of service.

Automatic Joint Roller Ease of use


Some joint rollers come with rolling papers, which is great because then you don’t have to buy the papers separately.

Others do not come with the rolling papers, but they come with instructions on the type and size of rolling papers that are compatible with the rolling machine.

Automatic Joint Roller - Compatability
If you end up buying rolling papers that are either too big or small for the machine, you won’t be able to use them at all. Make sure to be keen when buying rolling papers.


The cost of joint rollers does not vary much, particularly for the small compact ones designed for personal use. The difference in pricing between them is marginal.

Price can only become an issue when you need to buy a joint rolling machine for commercial use. They are larger, and they churn out more output, hence they are more expensive.

Best Automatic Joint Roller 1

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