Review of the Baseus MagPro 2 in 1 Magnetic Wireless Charger 25W

I recently purchased the Baseus MagPro 2 in 1 Magnetic Wireless Charger 25W, and I must say, it’s an impressive device. As someone who regularly uses an iPhone and AirPods, the convenience of simultaneous wireless charging is a significant upgrade from my previous setup.

Design and Build Quality:

The charger’s design is sleek and modern. One of the standout features for me is the hidden, adjustable angle design which allows me to position my phone for easy viewing. The retractable USB-C power cable is a thoughtful addition, reducing clutter on my desk. The press and pop design is not just aesthetically pleasing but also space-efficient.

Baseus mag pro 2 in 1 review

Charging Performance:

I found the 15W max wireless charging for my iPhone to be quite efficient. It charges my phone relatively quickly and the magnetic alignment ensures it stays in place. The side USB-C output, although it doesn’t include a smartwatch charger, is handy for charging my Apple Watch with a separate cable.

Baseus mag pro 2 in 1 review

Specifications and Usage Experience:

The variety of outputs (10W for the phone, 5W for TWS earbuds, and another 5W for Type-C devices) is very useful. With dimensions of 2.7 x 2.6 x 1.9 inches and weighing just 7.44 ounces, it’s compact and lightweight, making it portable. The transmission frequency of 115-205KHz seems standard and doesn’t interfere with any of my other devices.


– Efficient wireless charging
– Space-saving design
– Adjustable angle for easy viewing
– Retractable USB-C power cable


– Apple Watch charger not included
– Limited to 15W charging for iPhones

Baseus mag pro 2 in 1 review


Overall, the Baseus MagPro 2 in 1 Magnetic Wireless Charger 25W has been a great addition to my tech arsenal. Its design, efficiency, and functionality align well with my daily needs. While the absence of an included Apple Watch charger is a minor inconvenience, the overall performance and convenience make this charger a worthwhile purchase for anyone looking to streamline their charging setup.

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