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Best Dual Monitor Stands and Arms: 2024‘s The Ultimate Guide

Best Dual Monitor Stand 2018

Technological advances brought us the opportunity to use multiple monitors at once, whether watching your favorite games or simply working in the corporate world.

They are created to help you organize your desk work space.

No matter if you have a single screen monitor or two displays, this article will help you to choose the exact stand for you.

The arm is the best way to extend some freedom of movement to your monitor.

You’ll agree that ordinary fixed monitors are not doing us justice as we have to bend our necks frequently trying to align with the position of the screens.

Surely most of you have once been victims of aching necks or fatigues on the shoulders.

It can be perplexing to pick one of the greatest dual monitor stands 2024 because of a wide range of products on the market. Well, we’re convinced that you’ll be able to pick one after reading this review coupled with a comprehensive buyer’s guide. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Top pick


  • Gas Springs Adjustiment
  • Weight Capacity up to 17.6 lbs /Arm
  • Monitor Size up to 27-inch

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We’ve tested best 6 products in this category and the winner is above!

Comparison Chart



Vonhaus 05/119

Vonhaus 05/119

Fleximount Dual Monitor Stand

Fleximount Dual Monitor Stand



Mount-It! MI-2781

Mount-It! MI-2781



Arm Capacity

17.6 pounds

14.3 pounds

17.2 pounds

22 pounds

22 pounds

22 pounds

Fits Screen Size






up to 27"









from -90° to +85°

90°/+90° tilt up & down, -90°/+90° tilt left & right

from -5° to +15°


from -80° to +80°

from -90° to +90°








Base Type

C Clamp Base

Grommet Base or C-Clamp Base

Grommet Base or C-Clamp Base

Free Standing Base

Free Standing Base or Grommet Base

Free Standing Base or Grommet Base

Vesa Compatible

75 x 75 and 100 x 100

75 x 75 and 100 x 100

50 x 50, 75 x 75 and 100 x 100

75 x 75 and 100 x 100

75 x 75 and 100 x 100

75 x 75 and 100 x 100

Cable Management








11.68 pounds

10.2 pounds

10.15 pounds

10.8 pounds

0.16 ounces

10 pounds

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6 Best Dual Monitor Stands (as of June, 2024):

1. HUANUO HN-DSK1-1 Dual Monitor Stand/Arm – Editor’s Choice Review

HUANUO HN-DSK1-1For the high quality units and an amazing full engineering instructions – let’s have a look at HUANUO HN-DSK1-1 Dual Monitor ARM!

After going through the aforementioned buyer’s guide, we feel it’s the right time to introduce our top pick.

The other products are reviewed right after this Editor’s choice.

HUANUO mount is the Editor’s choice. It has exceeded all our expectations of the stands for two monitors with its broad range of features. The stand features a dual arm monitor riser to adjust the height of your screens to any desired level.

Its professional-grade design

If you’ve been a victim of fatigued neck and pained back then this could be your best buy monitor riser. It has been designed with detachable arms and gas spring construction.

Or you just want to show something on the screen to people sitting on the other side of your table.

Thanks to the aluminum and steel construction that make this stand last long while it enjoys a lifetime warranty. It is adorned with white and black colors to match with most decorations.

HUANUO Dual Monitor Mount Review, Pros and Cons. Check our Editor’s Choice 2018

Although it is not a freestanding stand, it comes with the C-clamp which still makes it flexible to move from one desk to the other with ease without damaging your work station. It is for those looking for a mobile stand that will not damage their tables.

It’s flexibility

If there’s one thing mostly excel in it has to be their adjustable parts. With this HUANUO dual mount arm, you can adjust the arms as you align the monitor to your liking. It can tilt from -90 degrees to +85 degrees, and also rotate 360 degrees to give you a full-view. It means that this monitor arm will allow you to move your screen in the X, Y and Z dimensions.

If you want to have your monitors moving up and down flawlessly just with a push of a finger, you will probably need to adjust the tension feature.

HUANUO mount is built in a way so you can customize it to your work space and needs!

That’s not all; it can also swivel at 180 degrees. Isn’t that enough reason to leave ordinary rigid monitor stands?

How to install it?

The best thing of this mount is that this stand needs no time to be installed. We are sure it will take you more time to decide where and in what position your mount will be, than to install this.

If your table has a back, so clamping is out of the question – this mount is perfect solution for you!

HUANUO Dual Arm Monitor Stand

Via: @spidermantical

The stand attaches firmly to your table with the 2.36-inch C-clamp. There is no need for additional tools or drilling of any hole. However, if you enjoy attaching with grommets, then we would wish to recommend the C-Clamp to Grommet Mounting Adapter Metal Plate.

The adapter converts your C-clamp to grommet fixing in a few minutes. While it drills tables, grommet fixing is more stable when properly done. Though you have two different size and weight monitors, you won’t have to change the adjustment. You can install the arm with or without the middle connector arm.

Most important to this mount is VESA compatibility which refers to Video Electronics Standards Association. In a nutshell this gives a guideline about the pattern of dimensions on consumer products, and it’s important to check compatibility before making any purchase. The standard dimensions are 75 x 75mm and `100 x 100mm on the holes.

Note that this stand supports up to 17.6 pounds and 27-inch of monitors. Do not exceed this weight capacity.

Adding together all these positive features, one more pleasant point is well-made and nice look of the hardware. It will add to your workplace accuracy and modernity, as HUANUO Mount isn’t bulky at all.

And, if not satisfied with your purchase, you are entitled to the 100% money back guarantee.

Main Features

  • Gas spring technology
  • Fixed via 2.36” C-clamp
  • Adjustable arms
  • Swivel of 180, tilt from -90 to +85 and rotate 360 degrees
  • Supports up to 17.6 pounds
  • Monitor size up to 27-inch
  • The arm can be tilted, swiveled or rotated to your desired position
  • Great build quality made of aluminum and steel
  • It is freestanding so it’s easy to install
  • Fits up to 27 inches in size and supports a weight capacity of 22 pounds

  • Not made to accommodate curved monitors

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2. VonHaus 05/119 Premium Dual Monitor Arms — The Best Choice for Vertical Monitors Review

Vonhaus 05-119Vonhaus 05/119 dual monitor desk mount is yet another C-clamp-based design to hold firmly to your desk without the need to drill any holes.

Positioning your monitors on this stand is an absolute breeze, thanks to the gas spring technology.

It is easy to remove and install thanks to its weight – less than 10 pounds.

Particular qualities

It tilts up and down at -90/+90 degrees, rotates 360 degrees, and can also swivel. That’s a great way to adjust the monitor to your desired positions. No tools needed to accomplish these adjustments. You also don’t need any cables to buy additionally because this mount already comes with one for each arm and down middle of the poll.

VonHaus Dual Monitor Mount Review, Pros and Cons. Check our Best for Vertical Monitors 2018

The mount supports from 13 to 27-inch screens. Worried about how to connect USBs once the monitor is elevated? No worries because the stand comes with the USB port and audio port for ease of sound input or output. Also noteworthy is an impressive cable management system which clears your table from cables.

Overall design is made with the heavy-duty steel which will last for a very long time. It is also adorned with a black gloss finish to enhance its aesthetic appeal in your office.

As you mount the monitors, make sure they do not exceed 14.3 pounds each as the maximum capacity.

The flexibility of this mount makes it a recommendable product if you look forward to improving productivity at work. Its clamp ranges from 0.4 to 3.3-inch.

Because this mount comes with the audio and USB port, we would like to recommend the AmazonBasics Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Cable. It makes it easy to connect your devices to the HD display. It transmits the audio seamlessly using gold-plated connectors and copper conductors.

Main Features

  • Fits most 13 to 27-inch monitors
  • Tilts up and down -90/+90 degrees
  • Rotates 360 degrees
  • VESA compliant with dimensions 75 x 75mm and 100 x 100mm
  • 0.4 – 3.3-inch clamp
  • Gas spring technology for easy adjustments
  • Very easy to line up all the screens
  • It rotates, swivels or tilts for ease of adjustments
  • Impressive design made of the steel with black gloss finish
  • Great cable management system to de-clutter the table
  • Connect smartphones, keyboards or any other compatible gadget

  • Its weight capacity of 14.3 pounds is too little
  • The base is heavy but steady

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3. Fleximounts Dual Monitor Stand — Best Stand with Gas Springs Technology Review

Fleximount Dual Monitor StandWant the flexibility of grommet or C-clamp mount? This Fleximount  could be your best buy.

It comes as a C-clamp or grommet, and so it’s a matter of personal preference that which one to go with.

Easily mount your monitors up to 27-inch, as long as they do not exceed 17.2 pounds each.

Moreover, this monitor stand is available in both options: clamp and grommet mounting ones.

When choosing the clamp, note that it ranges from 0.79 to 2-inch.

The good part is that it remains attached firmly to ensure that monitors do not fall. This mount is designed with the solid aluminum die-cast construction. It gives it a great aesthetic look.

The design is well thought-through with adjustments and hardware to tighten at all the moving parts.

How about you combine that with the FlexiSpot M2B Standing Desk? It has a quick-release keyboard tray and the desktop looks so smooth and aesthetically appealing.

If you are searching for a reliable arm – we recommend Fleximounts – but be ready to improvise a bit during the installation.

Fleximounts Dual Monitor Stand Review, Pros and Cons. Check our Best Dual Monitor Stand with Gas Springs Technology 2018

How to install?

Back to the dual mount stand, it’s easy to install or uninstall by following the user manual provided. For your convenience, you can tilt it, swivel or rotate at given angles. This will help improve your comfort. Like other products in our review, it complies with VESA mounting patterns.

To save the desk space, you should ditch the plastic cover of the base.

Main Features

  • Swivel at 180 degrees
  • Tilt -5 degrees to +15 degrees
  • Max height adjustable 16.1 inches
  • 0.79 to 2-inch clamp
  • 4 removable cable clips to keep power and AV cables organizer
  • Weight capacity 17.2 pounds
  • Fits up to 27 inches
  • Made of solid aluminum die-cast construction
  • Rotates 360 degrees in either landscape or portrait view
  • The arms have full controlled motion to accommodate all the needs.
  • Height the height easily to 16.1 inches
  • Swivel to higher angles and rotates to 360 degrees
  • Has an overall durable design with solid aluminum die-cast
  • The arms adjust easily with no tools required

  • Tilt angles too little
  • It is relatively costly

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4. VIVO STAND-V002F — Free Standing Dual Monitor Desk Mount Review

VIVO STAND-V002FVIVO is a great name on the market as the manufacturers of monitor stands.

Not the Volkswagen Vivo Brand you thinking about. Just kidding!

If you already have 2 displays and want to mount both of them, this is a brilliant option!

Thanks to its clamp, the weight of your monitors will not provoke it to tip over.

With VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Free Standing Desk Mount you can adjust your monitors to any desired position. The stand adjusts height using the center pole and it also comes with an unparalleled cable management system to de-clutter your desk.

Each arm of this stand doesn’t depend on the other, that’s why you are able to adjust each display to the position you need.

There’s no hassle of having to drill through your table because it’s a freestanding design. However, if you want a stable mount especially when mounting large monitors, you may have the bold-through grommets.

This stand is VESA compliant and it’s easy to mount screens from 13 to 27 inches. Please keep the weight capacity of 22 pounds in mind to avoid damaging your screens and the stand with larger monitors.

You will enjoy full adjustments with 360 degrees swivel, 360 degrees rotation and 15 degrees tilt with the mounting arms. These give you one more reason to abandon your old fixed stands. The base of the stand has padding, and so no worries about scratching your smooth table.

The vertical alignment can be adjusted easily up to 1 inch. As VESA holes are at the same place at the back, you can enjoy this stand even if you have not the same monitors. You can align them either in a portrait mode or a landscape one. Portrait mode is really cool for working with the documents or browsing the web.

Even more, that is great  budget option!

VIVO STAND-V002F Review, Pros and Cons. Check our Best Free Standing Dual Monitor Desk Mount 2018

How to install?

We are happy to inform you that you need just a tiny screwdriver to set up this mount. All needed hardware is included. Manufacturer covers a requirement for installation of back and straight back monitors.

Adding to the tools, preassembled swing arms are also included. You task is to hook it up with the main bar and to the base.

Before installation make sure that the mount will not block any ports on the back – it may cause a problem.

Thanks to the graphic diagrams in the instructions, it will be like a piece of cake to install this mount. Just add a bit mechanical intuitiveness. That is it!

Furthermore, the stand embraces an integrated cable management system with detachable clips to hide your cables. If you want to transmit audio with ease, we recommend considering the AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable.

This cable is 6-feet long and can be hidden using the built-in cable management system of your mount. You can also share internet connection with other devices seamlessly without needing an additional Ethernet cable.

Main Features

  • 360 degrees swivel and rotation
  • Fits screen from 13 to 27 inches
  • Weight capacity of 22lbs
  • Freestanding design
  • Removable VESA plates
  • Integrated cable management system
  • Padded base to prevent scratches on the desk
  • Portrait or landscape view options
  • 15 degrees tilt
  • Cable management system to hide cables for a clear table
  • Swivels at 360 degrees and rotates at the same angle
  • Freestanding design so installation is easy
  • Weight capacity of 22 pounds is great for larger screens

  • Tilt angle is too little

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5. Mount-It! MI-2781 Review — Free Standing Stand for Horizontal Placing

Mount-It! MI-2781Improve productivity, functionality and cleanliness of your table by elevating your double monitors using the Mount-It! MI-2781 Desk Stand.

It’s one of the best products we would like to recommend to anyone owning tow monitors.

If you have the monitor form Dell, Asus, HP, Samsung, Acer, LG, Viewsonic, AOC or Emachines, this monitor desk stand is for you!

With this stand you can actually fit a variety of screens from any brand. It’s only provided they range from 13 to 27 inches.

Also, take note of the weight capacity of 22 pounds in each arm. Each arm lets you tilt, rotate or swivel it while aligning your monitors to a perfect position. They can also adjust the height with ease.

Mount-It! MI-2781 Review, Pros and Cons. Check our Best Free Standing Dual Monitor Stand for Horizontal Placing 2018

How to install?

Moreover, it’s easy to install this VESA compliant stand with dimensions 75 x 75mm and 100 x 100mm. Although it comes with a freestanding design, you have the option to use clamps or grommets, and you can achieve that by detaching the base.

Either way, installation is made easy. Just follow the installation manual provided. It won’t take you the whole day trying to figure out how to set it up.

If you are a lucky owner of Mount-It! Stand, you don’t need to remove the monitor mount and wrestle all of the monitors back onto the stem. You just have to mount the arms onto the stem, attach several back plates to the monitor and slide them on the arms. That is it!

You may balance the monitors better, when you put them close to the center pole. If your monitors aren’t the same size, you need to place them in a way to get the same amount of monitor sticking out from each side.

Worth noting with the stand is its full motion where the arms tilt at -80 to +80 degrees, swivel and rotate at 360 degrees. Gone will be your neck fatigue and eyestrain when working on two monitors. Also, the center pole can adjust the height with ease.

We also applaud the ergonomic design the stand embraces. It is made with the heavy-duty steel, which will also prevent against corrosion. Again, there is an integrated cable management system using clips to clear your table.

Another key feature of this stand is ability to remove the monitors one by one.

To improve performance and convenience of USB connection, why not get the Plugable USB 3.0 Universal Laptop Docking Station for Windows It supports higher resolutions and provides a super speed connection between your monitors and other compatible devices. It’s a must-have accessory if you want to take technology to another level.

Main Features

  • Tilt -80 to +80 degrees
  • Swivels and rotates at 360 degrees
  • VESA head height adjust up to 1-inch
  • Fits up to 22 pounds in each arm
  • Screen sizes from 13 to 27 inches
  • Made of heavy duty steel
  • Removable base for C-clamp or grommet installation
  • Fits a wide range of monitors from different brands
  • Weight capacity of 22lbs is adequate
  • Tilt, swivel and rotation angles are great
  • Landscape or portrait orientation
  • Arm adjustments without tools are impressive too
  • A versatile design which can be freestanding or stand with grommets or c-clamps
  • Stable base

  • Not built for curved screens

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6. WALI MF-002 Free-Standing Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Review

WALI MF-002WALI is one of the most popular brands of stand production on the market characterized by a broad range of features to make your mounting an absolute breeze.

From overall design to the overall performance and additional features, WALI Free-Standing Desk Mount performs well.

It supports up to 27 inches of screens weighing 22 pounds each.

With WALI stand you can immerse in single-player games (in a closer position to your face) or enjoy watching the whole screen (if you push the monitor back). So you can see that it adds flexibility in monitor positioning and adds plenty of experience to PC gaming.

The design of this stand is characterized by a high-grade steel and aluminum composite to extend its durability. Not only do they perform well with regard to durability but also corrosion and rust resistance.

This mount is rather solid and stable. The arms, tubing, the base and monitor mounts aren’t flimsy. You just need a fine tuning and tighten the parts in an appropriate way.

WALI Free-Standing Dual LCD Monitor Mount Review, Pros and Cons. 2018

How to install?

The stand is freestanding mount with adjustable arms to align the monitors to your desire. Not only that, you can also detach the plates in case you want to splash some water and clean them.

By its design there is some flexible cable bits – it makes easier to route the cables themselves.

For using this mount as a table top one, you don’t have to drill anything through the table. It will help you to keep enough work space – it has a small footprint.

It is packaged very well and easy and clear instructions provided.

The mount is not selective on the type of LED or LCD flat screen to mount. Well, the downside may be the curved monitors.

You can do anything with the arms of this mount like tilting, extending or retracting them in prescribed angles. Moreover, you can put the monitor in a portrait or landscape view. Having this mount will help de-clutter your desk and leave a lasting impression while improving productivity in your office.

You will have no problems with tightening the bolts or stripped screws.

It sounds great to have a supporting bracket under the desk. When you have the monitors extended out, you will use this bracket.

Like a bonus, the unit has not only the free standing plate, but also a set of plates to mount the unit in a cable cut-out hole in the table.

In a package there is the dual monitor mount, user manual, and mounting hardware kit. It comes with a 10 year protection plan.

There is no need in buying cable management clips or other stuff. The manufacturer did everything to keep the set-up tidy.

Main Features

  • Fits up to 27 inches
  • Weight capacity of 22 pounds
  • VESA compatible with 75 x 75mm and 100 x 100mm hole sizes
  • Made of quality steel and aluminum
  • Adjustable and detachable arms
  • Freestanding
  • Perfect price
  • The mount can be tilted, swiveled or rotated to your desired position
  • Great build quality made of aluminum and steel
  • It is freestanding so it’s easy to install
  • Fits up to 27 inches in size and supports a weight capacity of 22 pounds

  • Not made to accommodate curved monitors

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Who are in need of it?

Well, the obvious reason would be that anyone with two monitors can actually buy these products. However, you have to take into account the compatibility of your monitors with these stands.

Each stand has its weight capacity and some VESA dimensions which you should look at.

If you need to rest your neck from bending down while trying to watch the TV; or swiveling side-by-side while busy with your programming task, then these stands could be your best buy.

These stands come with a variety of features such as multiple adjustable points to suit your desired position.

The great part is that they enhance your sitting posture and prevent any muscular tensions that could result from uncomfortable bending of the neck.

If you have a single monitor, then it would be a waste to purchase these dual stands. In that case, we would recommend considering quality single monitor stands such as the FLEXIMOUNTS Desk Monitor Mount. This is our recommendation because of its good features. It is fully adjustable and supports up to 27-inch of monitors.

The AmazonBasics Premium Single Monitor Stand is also a worth-considering alternative for those with single monitors. It supports all monitors as long they are less than 32-inch in size.

Dual monitor stands are a marvel to have so you can increase productivity at work and your comfort at home. Nonetheless, you need to factor in your budget because high-end ones can be costly.

How we tested?

Well, with our expertise and experience, we have devised a testing method to see if indeed these products lived to their hype or stated features.

The most important point was the weight capacity. Never compromise that as it can prompt damage to your expensive computer or TV monitor.

To ascertain the strength of these monitors, we went to a local electronics store and made sure we mount the large sizes per instructions on the stands. Our results were impressive with only a few stands, especially some of freestanding ones, not stable enough. We left them out in our review.

We’ve also taken into account the mount types and realized that desk-mounted stands are more stable compared to wall-mounted stands when mounting larger monitors. Wall-mounts would be suited for small screens.

How to choose dual monitor stand // Dual monitor stand buyer’s guide

On the installation part, the freestanding stands scored high in terms of the convenience of installation. The desk-mounted stands also do not take that too long to install provided you follow the instructions in the manual.

Our week’s long testing period led to this comprehensive review of the double monitor stands. We’ve taken into account important features that you need to know before buying these stands.

How to Setting Up The Perfect Setup

Multi-monitor configurations are tricky. No matter orientation or configuration you decide you’ll compromising in one way or another. Some better for ergonomics, some for aesthetics, and some are just a novelty.


side-by-side dual monitor setup configuration

On my mind, this is the most aesthetically pleasing way to configure two monitors. But to be clear it not most ergonomic or optimal for productivity.

The bezel being right in the middle means that you’ll usually spend most of your time with you head turned the left or right. Not great for your neck.

You can shift your chair, keyboard and mouse to put a display straight ahead of you, but this does make using a second monitor a little harder being off angle.

Verdict: this is a great setup if one display is using for gaming and other for work. Not very ergonomic with large displays.

90+45 Setup

90+45 degree dual monitor setup configuration

With this setup, your main display is straight ahead and perfectly optimized for maximum comfort and viewing angle. While you’ll need to turn your head or chair quite a bit to use the second display.

The second display should be used only for low priority applications. This could be referenced material for a coder, email or messaging notifications while working, music control while surfing the web, or just throwing a youtube video as background.

This configuration will be perfect to the vast majority of people who want to use a dual monitor setup, but it does suffer a bit in terms of aesthetics offsetting the monitor to the side and can take up a bit more spaces on your desk.

Alternatively, it’s also quite popular for people to put their second display in portrait orientation. Choosing between landscape and portrait orientation really depends on what you plan on having on the display. I hear programmers like having a portrait display so they can see more lines of code.

Stacked Setup

stacked dual monitor setup configuration: pros and cons

It cost a little more to set this since you’ll probably need more equipment to mount a monitor on top. Looking up once in a while isn’t too bad but doing it for too long or too often isn’t the most comfortable experience.

But it does look nice so I understand why it’s a popular option. It’s save many space on the desk which is especially noticeable when your main display is larger.

stacked dual monitor setup configuration (side view): pros and cons

Keep in mind that stack’s setup isn’t for everyone, I find it a little overwhelming with a large second monitor. Since it feels like I’m sitting in front of a giant TV. So in this configuration, I often turn off the top monitor when I’m not using it.

Verdict: Nice symmetrical setup. Uncomfortable to use the top monitor for long periods of time unless you lean your chair back. With a large second monitor, it can feel like there’s too much screen in your face all the time.

Bottom Stacked Setup

Also, you can try at bottom mounting monitor setup.

bottom stacked dual monitor setup scheme: pros and cons

This setup is more ergonomics than the top mounted version but it is also a little more challenging to set up and takes a more space on the desk. But a smaller second display here would probably work and look great as well.

Verdict: Little more comfortable than the top mounted stacked setup. Wastes a considerable amount of desk space and can look a little weird with a large monitor. Smaller tablet sized (±10 inches) monitors might work really well in this position.

Buyer’s Guide

In addition to our tests above, we’ve taken into account some key features when selecting these products. Like any other product, we believe you need to be armed with those features so you can make an informed purchase.

In this value section, we discuss important considerations before making your purchase.

How to choose?

Have you ever shopped blind-folded? That’s the same analogy of buying monitor stands without knowing exactly what to look for. There are several points you have to take into account, and these include the type of the stand, the type of mount, ease-of-installation, build-quality and the overall design. Let’s discuss these key points below:

Type of the stands

There are many types on the market that comes with varying specifications and features. Others are freestanding with V-shaped or U-shaped bases to make them stable while putting on the desk. You may optionally use grommets just to reinforce the stability of the stands even if they are freestanding.

The good thing with freestanding stands is that you are not prompted to drill your table or clamp anything. And installing them is an absolute breeze.

There are other stands specifically called monitor risers whose main task is to adjust the height of the monitor vertically. They help adjust the height according to your preference so you can view your TV or computer comfortably.

We also have monitor arms wherein you can attach two monitors, and then configure them accordingly. You can extend the arms or even tilt, swivel or rotate them.

Type of mount

Which type of monitor mount is best for you? Well, at times, this may be a matter of personal preference. Typically, there are 3 types of mounts, viz. wall-mounted, desk-mounted or a freestanding mount.

We’ve already highlighted the freestanding mount above. It basically entails a ready-to-use monitor mount with a base that can stand on a desk firmly. Hate the hands-on installation tasks? Then you may go with the freestanding ones as depicted in the picture below.

If you are living in a small area, a wall-mounted could be the best choice. Even if you want to save your desk from any abrasives, a wall-mount can be the best. However, a wall-mount may not be as sturdy as the desk mount for heavier monitors. Only portable monitors fair well on wall-mounts as shown below.

A desk or table mount, on the other hand, requires C-clamps or grommets. Which is the best between the C-clamp and the grommet? Well, if you don’t want to drill your table extensively, a C-clamp is the best choice. Simply clamp the stand and attach your monitors. But, check first the compatibility of the inches between the table and the clamps.

How to choose dual monitor stand // Dual monitor stand buyer’s guide

The grommets may be the bad boys on the market. However, the interesting part is that they are more stable since you are reinforcing the stand into the table. The choice is yours that which one is more desirable.

Ease of installation

On the overall, it does not take the whole day to install the dual monitor stands. Follow the installation manual provided. To avoid all the hustles, you may opt for the freestanding mounts. The clamps are second to the freestanding stands with the ease of installation.

Build Quality

The build quality is of great importance too. Many are made of a heavy-duty steel or aluminum. Some have the combination of these materials. These metals are renowned for their durability. You may also check the overall finish of the stand to see if it won’t portray a bad image in your room.

What are the advantages/benefits of dual monitor stands?

Since you came to this review , you’re probably aware of one benefit though; that is, to see multiple monitors at your desired level.

However, the benefits of these stands go beyond that. Among others, they help boost productivity at work, prevent neck injuries or shoulder muscle fatigue, de-clutter the workstation and focus the work on multiple monitors.

Boosting productivity

Instead of having to focus on individual monitors, you can mount them on a sturdy stand and then work productively. You will be able to work on your large spreadsheets or switch between your work applications with ease.

Prevent neck injuries

Although needless to reiterate, the monitor stands help prevent neck injuries. You no longer have to bend frequently trying to view your TV or computer. Equally, this prevents the eye-strain. It would seem as though you’re looking at a single-large monitor instead of moving your eyes around on individual monitors placed apart at an inconvenient level.

De-clutter the workstation

Most office desks are too small to put two monitors at the same time. And so, having a stand to mount two LCD/LED monitor can come to your rescue. You will have more space to work on or store books underneath the stand.

Attributes that differentiate dual monitor stands

These stands are often differentiated by the adjustability of their components, build-quality, type of mount and weight capacity. You need to buy according to the size of your monitor. In our products, most support up to a 27-inch size of the monitor.

How to choose dual monitor stand // Dual monitor stand buyer’s guide

Others rotate 360 degrees, swivel, and tilt. The angle at which the stands can flex can differ. Also, others are freestanding, wall-mounted and desk-mounted. In our list, we mainly have the desk/table-mounted and freestanding ones. Take all these into account when making a purchase.

Other extra features

Other monitor stands come with extra features such as USB ports for the output or input of sound. Some goes to an extent of hiding the cables off the table so your desk looks clearer and cleaner at all the times. Such features are worth considering.

The other important consideration is VESA compliance of the monitors and the dual stands. There is a monitor mounting guide that clearly explains how to mount following VESA dimensions. Such features are important when making your purchases. If you have non-vesa monitor read how to mount non-VESA monitor.

Again, it is important to choose the stand that you will be able to set up. The installation manual is often standard across all the dual monitor stands. Furthermore, other companies the video tutorials on how to set up the stands. Watch this YouTube video to get a glimpse of how to set up it.

Wrap up!

We still reiterate that our Editor’s choice the HUANUO dual monitor mount tops the list of the best products on the market.

Who wouldn’t like the versatile the stand brings? It is not a freestanding design but sits firmly on the workstation with clamps. We’ve recommended the adapter in case you opt for grommets installation for extra stability.

Again, it provides a superb performance with great tilt, swivel and rotation angles. From the overall design to performance, the stand is very good hence we endorse it. And it won’t break your bank balance.

On the overall, these stands are all impressive. They make life easy by letting you adjust the monitors to your comfortable viewing position. Gone will be the eyestrains and neck fatigues you’ve endured due to uncomfortable traditional stands.

One last word though; you must make sure you check the overall features before making any purchase. There is a weight capacity and the screen size limit to take into account. Most of our products accommodate up to 27 inches with the weight capacity of 22 pounds in each arm.

What sets these stands apart is also the angle at which the tilt, swivel or rotate. The angle of rotation is standard on all of them which is 360 degrees. Others swivel at 180 degrees, 360 degrees or even lower angles. Take note of these differences. Also noteworthy is VESA compliance with proper patterns of dimensions.

Best Dual Monitor Stand 2018

  1. The Mount-It desk stand is built with high-grade steel and aluminum. It has a wide sturdy base and it does a great job at holding monitors that do not exceed its weight capacity. I have mounted two 32-inch monitors on this stand and the space between them is adequate. This is because the arms of the stand are adequately spaced.

  2. I have had the VonHaus dual monitor stand for about a week and I’m still impressed. Assembling the stand was not complicated. It comes with a clamp which is what I have used to attach it to my desk. Initially, I intended to bolt the stand to my desk, but the clamp is quite sturdy.

    After mounting my two 22-inch monitors, I adjusted the tension of the arm, which was not hard to do. The arms move easily and smoothly. The cable management is also good. My only issue is that some of the screws of the cable covers are too tight. But other than that, I’m happy with the stand.

  3. I want to bolt the mount Vivo Dual monitor desk stand. Does anyone know how I can go about doing this?

    • You need to first drill a hole in your desk. You can do that using a 10mm drill bit. Then place a metal plate underneath your desk and then use the bolt to attach the desk and the plate to secure your stand.

  4. I’m looking for recommendations for a monitor arm that can support a 27-inch monitor and a 32-inch monitor. The mount should have arms that adjust independently. I don’t want anything fancy. Just a simple desk.

  5. I’m looking for a good mount stand for two 27-inch monitors. Any recommendations?

  6. Assembling this product was super easy. It is extremely flexible. The parts are rugged and well-designed. When I compare it with other similar products, this mount is excellent.

  7. The Fleximount dual monitor stand is sturdy and extremely easy to put together. I mounted the bracket on my desk using long bolts. And it also works well as a clip-on. The cable management is not so great, but you can use zip ties to keep everything neat and tidy. You have to stabilize the bolts to keep your monitors in place. But once you have done that, the stand is great and it’s easy to change the position and height of your monitors.

  8. The Mount-It mount is absolutely what I wanted. The parts are of great quality. It allows you to adjust your monitors at almost any angle. You can also adjust the height of your monitors independently. So if you have monitors that differ in height owing to the mount point of size of the frame, you can adjust them to sit in the same height.

    If you decide not to mount the center pole onto your table and instead place it in the same way as the base plate, you are not going to be able to turn the monitors much since the center weight point will move further than the base plate causing it to fall forward.

  9. My take on the Vivo stand is as follows:

    It is extremely sturdy
    It is well-built and easy to adjust
    It is easy to assemble and it comes with clear instructions on how to do it
    Excellent given the price tag
    It allows you to angle your monitor with ease

    Poor cable management

    Overall Review:
    I recommend the stand because it is well-constructed. It is sturdy and solid, so even though you have heavy monitors, this stand can accommodate them without a problem. It also allows you to adjust your monitor to whichever angle or position you want.

  10. I want to place my home computer on my wife’s roll-top desk, but the desk is not the best for mounting two 22-inch monitors. I need a bracket that can allow me to mount the displays on the wall above or behind the desk and then adjust them into the desired position when I need them. I won’t need to move them regularly, but I should be able to tilt them with ease. Any recommendations or suggestions?

    • Ergotron monitors are some of the best monitor arms out there. The company makes a wide variety of accessories for them as well. The main issue you could have is the range of motion. Wall monitor mounts tilt downwards up to 8-inches. So I’m not sure if that would be adequate for you.

  11. I want to set up dual monitors, I’m just wondering which are the best monitor arms. I’m considering getting a Vivo monitor stand or Amazon Basic stand, can anyone tell me what are the difference between these two. I’ll be using them mostly for work and gaming, so I won’t need to adjust them regularly.

    • I have got the Vivo stand and its great. If you are looking for a basic setup where you don’t need to move the displays much or regularly, and they are of the same size, the Vivo stand is a good option. It can be hard to keep the monitors vertically aligned particularly if they are not the same size.
      At home, I use the Vivo articulated arms stand beause it does a better job at holding monitors of different sizes, and they adjust easily.

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