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Best Fiber 4K HDR HDMI Cable That Will Connect Just About Anything – Best Buyer’s Guide

Best Fiber 4K HDR HDMI CableIf you are looking for the best fiber 4K HDR HDMI cable, but not finding one that fits your budget or needs, then you are not alone.

Many people have difficulties finding what they need online because there are just so many options to choose from.

With option overload, it can be difficult to sift through all the different models and brands that all claim to be exactly what you are looking for.

So, we took a look at some of the best options on the market and decided to find the best of the best to help narrow down your options to a manageable amount.

We compared all features and specifications of the products to find a top pick, and to show you some of the best options for a fiber optic cable for you so that you can get the one you need without further delay.

Top pick

Although all the products on this list are great options, one of them stands above the rest. The FURUI HDMI 2.0b Fiber Optic Cable HDR10 is our top pick because of its many great features, and its high customer satisfaction ratings and reviews.

FURUI HFPRO-75Feet 34567765275

  • Long distance transmission at full 4K
  • Uncompressed audio and video sync
  • Chroma subsampling
  • High-resistance nylon braided cords
  • Anti-friction cords

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This model has many great features that make this fiber optic HDMI cable the best of the best. With all these specifications, the only thing that this cable can’t do is buy itself for you.

Fiber 4K HDR HDMI Cables Comparison Chart

FURUI HFPRO-75Feet 34567765275

RUIPRO SNAOC20142030 30m

DELONG 26121600 100ft/30m

UGREEN 50717 33FT


FURUI HFPRO-75Feet 34567765275

RUIPRO SNAOC20142030 30m

DELONG 26121600 100ft30m

UGREEN 50717 33FT

Cable Length

75 FT

100 FT (30m)

100 FT (30m)

33 FT






High Dynamic Range

4K 60Hz

4K 60Hz

4K 60Hz

4K 60Hz

Low Power Consumption

250mW (Max)

250mW (Max)


Cable Diameter

0.189 inches (4.8mm)


0.189 inches (4.8mm)

0.189 inches (4.8mm)

Chroma Subsampling

4:4:4/4:2:2/4:2:0 (8bit 4:4:4, 4K 30Hz 10bit 4:4:4, 1080P 16bit 4:4:4)

4:4:4/4:2:2/4:2:0 (8 bit for 4:4:4 and 10 bit for 4:2:0 color depth)

4:4:4/4:2:2/4:2:0 (4K 60Hz 8bit for 4:4:4, 12bit for 4:2:2, 16bit for 4:2:0)

4:2:0 8/10/12bit, 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 with 8 bits

Limited Warranty

Free Lifetime

24 months

5 Years

18 months


1.3 pounds

1.85 pounds

1.45 pounds

1.1 pounds

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4 Best Fiber 4K HDR HDMI Cables (as of July, 2024):

1. FURUI HFPRO-75Feet 34567765275 Fiber 4K HDR HDMI Cable – Best Overall Choice Review

FURUI HFPRO-75Feet 34567765275FURUI HFPRO-75Feet 34567765275 fiber optic cable comes with many great features that make this a good option for those looking for a quality fiber optic cable for their homes.

With the high speeds and no need for external power sources, this cable is one of the best for a reason.

Long Distance Transmission

The transmission rate of this fiber optic cable is higher than common HDMI copper cables, which can not transfer 4K at 60HZ HDR, and provides bandwidth speeds of 18.2 Gbps.

Active Fiber Optic Cable

This fiber optic cable is a one-way transmission source plug for connecting the HDMI source.

FURUI HFPRO-75Feet 34567765275 Fiber HDMI cabel vs Copper HDMI cabel for HDMI 2.0 transmission

The display plug is for connecting your HDMI display device and must be connected accordingly when it is correct, the transmission works smoothly for the best audio and visual quality. There is also no need for an external power source.

Low Power Consumption

This fiber optic cable does not take a lot of energy to work and runs off of 250mW at the maximum level, and allows for low power consumption as a much more eco-friendly option that others that are on the market today.

Light and Flexible

This cable is compact and made to be ultra-light, thin, and flexible to keep from breaking easily.

FURUI HFPRO-75Feet 34567765275 is compact and made to be ultra-light, thin, and flexible

The cable can be bent at close to a ninety-degree angle so you know that accidentally bending it too far won’t be an issue, and the outer diameter of the cable is only 4.8mm in size, making this one of the thinnest options.

FURUI HFPRO-75Feet 34567765275 Review, Pros and Cons.

Lifetime Warranty

This lifetime warranty gives you free lifetime replacement if the cable was defective or broken, and a full money-back guarantee and refund if there are any quality issues with the cable over time.

This allows you to have help with any situation and gives you the ability to have your cable replaced if anything were to happen to it, or if it simply stops working.

Main Features

  • Long distance transmission at full 4K HDR 60Hz
  • 18.2Gbps Bandwidth High Speed
  • Supports HDR/CEC/EDID/HDCP2.2, 1536KHz Sample Rates, 4K@60Hz, 32 Uncompressed Audio and Video Sync, ARC, Chroma Subsampling 4:4:4/4:2:2/4:2:0. 4K 60Hz 8bit 4:4:4, 4K 30Hz 10bit 4:4:4, 1080P 16bit 4:4:4
  • High resistance tensile strength nylon braided to anti-friction
  • Active fiber optic HDMI 2.0b cable
  • Our fiber HDMI cable is very thin and flexible,
  • Outer Diameter:0.189 inch (4.8mm)
  • Bending angle is approaching 90°
  • Low power consumption: 250mW (Max)
  • Free Lifetime Replacement or Money-back Guarantee
  • Long distance transmission rate
  • Active fiber optic cable that needs no power source
  • Low power consumption for an eco-friendly option
  • Thin, light, and flexible cable for compact storage
  • Lifetime warranty for replacement or refund

  • May need replacing as times goes on due to durability issues

2. RUIPRO SNAOC20142030 30m Fiber 4K HDR HDMI Cable – Best Ultra Slim Cable Review

RUIPRO SNAOC20142030 30mRUIPRO SNAOC20142030 30m cable is thin and flexible and gives no signal delay and provides higher speeds than copper HDMI cables.

With its many features that allow this product to be considered one of the best, it is easy to see why it is highly rated.

Best A/V Quality

This model makes sure that you get the quality that you deserve with the best A/V quality for HDMI 2.0b specification with 18.2 Gbps of bandwidth. This gives you the quality that you are looking for without sacrificing the speeds you want.

RUIPRO SNAOC20142030 30m Review, Pros and Cons.

Long Distance

This fiber optic cable is a great solution for when copper HDMI cables can not transfer 4K at 60HZfor long distance. This cable allows you to get the long-distance that you need for a better installation when you can’t get it from any other cables.

High Speeds

This fiber optic cable can provide higher speeds than copper cables and offers no signal delay. This allows you to get the high speeds that you need without having any issues with keeping up those speeds over time.

RUIPRO SNAOC20142030 30m fiber optic cable can provide higher speeds than copper cables and offers no signal delay

No Signal Loss

This fiber optic cable is EMI-free and does not lose its signal even when in high noise environments. This allows you to use this cable anywhere you need it without the fear of it being interrupted or lost due to high noise levels.

Main Features

  • Thin and Flexible
  • No signal delay and provides higher speed than copper HDMI cable
  • L:30m(100 feet) 4K2K@60Hz Chroma Subsampling 4:4:4/4:2:2/4:2:0.(8 bit for 4:4:4 and 10 bit for 4:2:0 color depth)
  • Ideal solution when copper HDMI can not transfer 4K@60Hz for long distance
  • Provide the best A/V quality for HDMI 2.0b specification with 18.2 Gbps bandwidth
  • Supports HDR/3D/CEC/EDID/. EMI-FREE and No signal loss in high noise environments
  • 24 months Hassle-free Warranty
  • Provides high speeds with no signal delay
  • Long distance solution
  • Provides the best quality A/V
  • Is EMI (electromagnetic interference) free
  • Will not lose signal is high noise environments

  • Durability of product is not consistent with customers experiences over time

3. DELONG 26121600 100ft/30m Fiber 4K HDR HDMI Cable – Best for Long Distance Transmission Review

DELONG 26121600 100ft30mDELONG 26121600 100ft/30m fiber optic HDMI cable makes our list as one of the best cable options because of its many capabilities.

With this cable providing high speeds without having any signal loss, this option is one of the best.

Lightweight and Compact

This fiber optic cable is a lightweight option that is also slim and compact without sacrificing length. The cable is 100 feet long and will fit in almost any space because of it.

The thin black wire can easily be hidden behind a desk or along the baseboards to keep from view.

Multiple Capabilities

This fiber optic cable is usable for many different devices. This option can connect to laptops, cameras, Blu-ray players, and all video game consoles. It also connects to displays such as televisions, projectors, and monitors.

This allows for use in a game room, conference rooms, and home theaters so it can be put to use in any room in the home or building.

Plug and Play

This fiber optic cable option does not need any sort of extra external power supply to be used, so as the name suggests, you can simply plug it in and begin to play whatever movie, television show, or game console that you would like without a time-consuming setup process.

DELONG 26121600 100ft 30m Review, Pros and Cons.

5-Year Warranty

You can get extra peace of mind with this cable option because of its long 5-year warranty that allows you to get a refund for a defective product is received, or get a replacement if anything were to happen to the cable within those five years.

Main Features

  • Fiber HDMI 2.0b cable support UHD 4K 60HZ 4:4:4 at 18Gbps ultra high speed without any signal loss
  • Lightweight and slim Optic hdmi cable perfect for long distance and narrow space wiring
  • Supports HDR/DEEP COLOR/ARC/CEC/EDID/HDCP2.2/Dolby Vision, 1536KHz Sample Rates, 4K@60Hz, 32 Uncompressed Audio and Video Sync, Chroma Subsampling 4:4:4/4:2:2/4:2:0 (4K 60Hz 8bit for 4:4:4, 12bit for 4:2:2, 16bit for 4:2:0)
  • Connect from HDMI sources such as Laptop, PC, Blu-ray player, camera and all Video game consoles to displays such as TV, Projector, Moniter etc
  • Perfect solution for Home Theater, Conference room, Classroom and outdoor screen
  • 5 years warranty
  • Lightweight and compact with ultra-slim design
  • Multiple capabilities that allow you to hook up different devices
  • Plug and play cable that requires no external power source
  • Comes with 5-year warranty for replacement or refund

  • Only works one way, so needs to be carefully plugged in to ensure that the display end is connected in the right side

4. UGREEN 50717 33FT – Best High-Speed Fiber Optic Cable Review

UGREEN 50717 33FTUGREEN 50717 33FT fiber optic HDMI cable option is one of the best cables for getting high speeds.

With the premium high speed and the wide compatibility, this HDMI cable gives you everything that you could want in a quality fiber optics cable.

Premium High Speed

The UGREEN fiber HDMI cable supports 4K at 60HZ with premium speeds of 18Gbps. These speeds approach the best performance for a gaming system and allow you to have the best gaming experience possible with a higher bandwidth potential.

Perfect Compatibility

This fiber optic cable is perfectly compatible with the HDMI cable 2.0 and is even backward compatible with 2160p 60Hz 1080p 144Hz and previous HDMI devices v1.4 and v1.3 Standards.

This allows you to know what the compatibility is with these devices before having to test the connectivity yourself.

Wide Capability

This fiber optic cable allows you to share an internet connection with multiple devices within ten meters without the need for a separate ethernet cable.

UGREEN 50717 33FT sapports all HDMI devices

This cable will easily connect to your Apple T.V. PC, gaming consoles, laptops, Blu-ray players, and any other HDMI sources without any other HDMI source.

Mirror Mode and Extended Mode

This fiber optic cable has a mirror mode that allows you to enjoy movies or play games on an HDTV or projector with a larger screen that displays that same content as your computer. You can hook up your computer to the source to be able to use mirror mode.

UGREEN 50717 33FT Review, Pros and Cons.

This cable also comes with an extended mode which gives each display more desktop room. This allows you to extend the display so that you use the entire screen to view it.

18-Month Warranty

This gold-plated connection cable comes with an 18-month warranty that ensures that anything that happens to your new cable will qualify for a replacement to be sent to you or allow you to receive a full refund of the purchase price.

Main Features

  • 4K@60Hz for PlayStation 4UGREEN fiber HDMI cable supports 4K at 60Hz ultra high definition resolution with 10M long length
  • Premium High Speed 18Gbps, which approaches the best performance of your games on PlayStation and enjoy the Excellent game experience
  • Match Perfectly With HDMI Cable 2.0HDMI Category 2 Certified; 4K HDR at 4:2:0 8/10/12bit, 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 with 8 bits
  • 3D 4K Video at 60 Hz, backwards compatible with 2160p 60Hz 1080p 144Hz and previous HDMI devices v1.4 & v1.3 Standards
  • Easily connects your Apple TV or HDTV to the PC, Laptop, PlayStation 4 Pro, PS4/PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, Blu-ray Player, and more HDMI sources
  • Under Mirror Mode, you can enjoy the movies or play games on HDTV or Projector with a larger screen
  • 18-month warranty and service
  • Gold-plated connectors for cable that are rust-resistant
  • Provides premium high speed for maximum times
  • Multiple capabilities for different devices
  • Perfect compatibility with HDMI 2.0
  • Mirror and extended mode for display use
  • 18-month warranty that will give replacement or refund for purchase

  • Durability may not be long-lasting after many uses

Buyer’s Guide

If you have never owned a fiber optic cable before, then you may have some questions about what they are, and if they are really better than other options on the market.

We want to give you some more information about what fiber optic cables are, what they do, and how they work better so that you have all the knowledge you need to make an informed decision about whether to get fiber optics cables and which ones are worth the purchase.

Optical Fiber

The term optical fiber may be new to some people, but it refers to the glass or plastic filament that guides a light wave along its path.

Optical Fiber

A photodetector in a fiber optic receiver at the far end of the fiber converts the optical audio-visual signal back into an electrical audio-visual signal.

This is the connection that allows you to use the cable to connect a game console, or computer, to a television set and see a visual.

Fiber Optic Speeds

When talking about the speeds of fiber optic cables, you may think about it as the speed that a car travels, as in how fast it is going.

However, the speeds that are being talked about are not the speeds of the signal in the fiber, but actually the bandwidth potential of the fiber. This means that the bandwidth potential is greater, and the signal is faster due to this fact.

Wire Vs. Fiber Optic

Wire connections have been working great for many years; however, fiber optics are becoming more popular because they are more than 100 times farther and more than 1000 times faster than traditional wire is.

This allows for more bandwidth, and lower attenuation, for longer distances and more channels. Copper wires, which have been a popular option, can not handle the same speeds that fiber optics can.

EMI and RFI Immunity

In industrial installations like schools and hospitals, electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) from florescent lighting or industrial equipment can cause some network problems with the connection.

But because fiber optics are dielectric, it is not affected by these problems. This means that there is less to worry about, and less chance of any interference with the connection.

Not Conductive

Unlike copper wiring that is often used, which carries an electrical current, fiber optic cable connections do not conduct lightning strikes or electrical currents that can have damaging effects on sensitive electronic transmission equipment or systems.

This allows it to be a much safer alternative, especially in areas where storms that produce lightning are more common, and this may be a bigger issue.


With all this new information, you may still have some questions regarding these products that you need to be answered before you feel comfortable enough to make your purchase.

So, we decided to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about these fiber optic cables – and our top pick in particular – so that you can get the answers you need to make a final decision on which cable is right for you.

What does HDR mean?

The term HDR refers to high-dynamic-range imaging, which is a high dynamic range technique used in imaging and photography to reproduce a greater dynamic range of luminosity than what is possible with standard digital imaging or photographic techniques.

This allows the visuals to be more vibrant, dynamic, and clearer than ever before. HDR highly enhances the colors of the large 4096 × 2160 resolution image and let the image quality become more vivid.

HDR highly enhances the colors and let the image quality become more vivid

How well do copper wires stand up to the performance of fiber optics?

In short, the speeds and conductibility of copper wires do not compare with that of fiber optics. In almost every category, the fiber optics are greater in speed and capability.

Copper wires can not handle 4K HDR connections at all because their capabilities do not extend that far. The fiber optics not only provide greater speeds, better connections, and no loss of signaling, but they also are not a fire hazard.

Copper wires are electrically powered, which means that they are electrical conductors. This could cause a fire if some part of the connection was struck by lightning in a storm, or a malfunction of equipment occurs.

With fiber optics, this is not a safety issue because it is dielectric and does not conduct electricity, so there is no risk of fire hazards due to these circumstances.

What are the advantages of fiber optic AV systems in medical applications?

Medical systems need to isolate electrical equipment from the patient for safety, usually have space constraints for cable runs, and must limit the effect of electromagnetic interference (EMI) on other sensitive medical equipment.

Additionally, high-voltage video displays must be isolated from medical imaging machines.

Often, the displays are mounted on booms so that they can be adjusted for optimal viewing by the surgeon and other medical staff. This type of mounting system requires that the cabling medium be small but strong.

Since fiber optic cables are made of glass, they isolate displays from medical imaging devices, are small enough to fit inside of mounting booms, and emit no electrical signals that could affect other equipment. This makes for a more convenient and safer option.

What are the advantages of fiber optic AV systems in electrically noisy environments?

Heavier equipment, like industrial machinery, air conditioning units, and motors emit strong electrical signals that can interfere with audio-visual signals carried in copper wires.

Because they are made of glass, fiber optic cables do not pick up stray electrical signals as copper wires do, and are immune to electromagnetic interference (EMI) due to being dielectric and not electrically conductive. This allows fiber optics to work better in places where other wires would be affected by EMI.

Can I bend fiber optic cables around a sharp corner without snapping it?

There are some cables that are made to be able to bend at almost a right angle, like our top pick the FURUI HDMI 2.0b Fiber Optic Cable HDR10.

This means that you could likely be able to run the cable along the baseboard without it being at risk of snapping. However, you do not want to have it bent so much that even a bendable cable could snap.

Fiber optic cables may to bend at almost a right angle

So, if you want to use your cable so that it is bent around the corner, you should make sure that it is not pulled too tight and that you have enough slack in the cable so that you are not forcing it into a right angle exactly.

Doing that could cause the bent portion to break easily.


Fiber optic HDMI cable may be a bit difficult to find online without having to sift through dozens of claims about why each product is the best.

So, our list of the top of the line fiber optics cable helps to narrow down the long list of available products to a few great options that are sure to give you the speed and reliability that you are looking for.

Whether you choose to purchase our top pick or want to find one that is not on this list, you have the information to be able to make an informed decision about which cable will work the best for what you need that is also in your budget.

Best Fiber 4K HDR HDMI Cable

  1. I got the Delong HDMI cable and it works well. It carries a 4k HDR signal from my computer in my office to my television in the sitting room without a problem. It is plug and play, but make sure you plug it in properly.

    Its been about 4 months since I began using the capable and I have not experienced any flickering, signal loss, or quality issues.

  2. I wanted a theatre setup that can play 4k videos on my Apple TV and Xbox One. I tried several 4k HDMI cables, but none worked. So I decided to get the Ruipro HDMI cable and it works well. It is a thin cable and its quite expensive, but it is definitely worth it.

  3. I have a 75-inch UHD Sony TV that is connected to a Marantz SR7011 receiver using an ARC. The HDMI cable I had used previously was a high-speed cable and it worked well, but I did not feel like I was getting the best performance out of my setup. So I went ahead and researched other HDMI cables and found a couple of them with fiber optics.

    The issue is that such cables are quite expensive and I did not want to spend a lot of money on a cable. So I gave this cable a try and when I received it, the first thing I noted was just how the thin the cable was. But I tested it to see whether it works as advertised and to my surprise it did. The picture quality and sound of my theatre system is outstanding. So if you are looking for a good HDMI 4K 60HZ HDR, this is it.

  4. I”m looking for a 50-foot 4k HDMI cable. I did some research and I found out that some of the best cables are Ruipro and Monoprice Slim Run. Since these cables are super pricey, I want to ask this:

    – Do they provide better picture quality than other standard HDMI cables?
    – Are they worth the price?
    – Are there inexpensive alternatives that can provide good picture quality?

    • It’s not so much about quality. Standard HDMI cables don’t work over long distances. That is why the fiber optic HDMI cables exist. It’s not about the cables working better, its about the cables working at all.

  5. I have been searching for what I can use to connect my computer so that I can use it with my LG CX TV which is in the next room. I’m buying an RTX 3080 graphic card. My PC has an HDMI 2.1 port as my TV.

    I have been considering the HDBaseT, but it seems that the expensive ones can only do 4K 60Hz maximum. I have not found an HDMI cable that can do 4k 120Hz.

    I saw a listing of the best fiber optic HDMI cables and there is the Ruipro 4k 120Hz, but it’s quite expensive. Should I go ahead and get it?

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

    • Ruipro offers 2 types of cables. There is the Ruipro 4k for the HDMI 2.0 and the Ruipro 8k for the HDMI 2.1. If you can install the cable easily, you can first try the 4k cable and see how well it works. And then probably upgrade to the 8k cable if you find it necessary. Both cables are expensive, but they work well with many setups.

  6. I have a question: I just bought a 4K TV and it is my very first. I’m wondering if the basic HD cables I have been using can work with the TV?

  7. Which is the best HDMI cable for the Apple 4K Television?

  8. How can you tell the difference between a regular HDMI cable and a 4K HDMI cable? I have a collection of HDMI cables, but I cannot tell which one is which.

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