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Best Full Motion TV Wall Mount

Best Full Motion TV Wall MountOnce you buy a TV, the next thing that you do is to decide which kind of TV Wall Mount will be suitable for your TV.

Getting a TV mount can be difficult for some people, especially because of the wide range of option in the market today.

It is even more difficult to get a full motion TV wall mount since most people do not know where to start.

Realizing how difficult and daunting getting the best full motion TV wall mount is, we decided to do some research on what to consider when purchasing this important TV accessory.

We understand that your TV is a great investment and you need to protect it. Besides protecting your TV, a full motion TV wall mount can also free up space while improving the overall design of your living room.

What is the Best Full Motion TV Wall Mount May, 2019

ModelTV Size:Max. Weight:Retractable:Tilt:Swivel:Price
Mounting Dream MD238032"-55"99 lbs3"-15.2"+5° to -15°±45°Check price!
Husky Mounts DA-45LM32"-55"99 lbsup to 15"15°130°Check price!
ECHOGEAR EGLF242"-80"125 lbs2.36"-22"15º130ºCheck price!
WALLI WL-FTM-123"-55"99 lbs3.2"-15"+15/-6°±90°Check price!
Everstone Mount-It! MI-319L42"-70"220 lbs2.25"-25.75"15°±90°Check price!

Mounting Dream MD2380 – Editor Choice for Medium Size TV

Mounting Dream MD2380 Review, Pros and Cons.

Mounting Dream MD2380Mounting Dream MD2380 is a special full motion TV wall mount that comes with two articulating arms that makes sure your TV gets the right and maximum support it requires.

This mount fits most of the 32 to 55-inch TVs that weigh up to 99 pounds with a maximum VESA of 16″ x 16″ mounting holes spacing.

It is constructed from solid metals that are convenient enough with the flexibility to offer you a more comfortable viewing.

It can be tilted up 5 degrees or 15 degrees down to minimize glare. Similarly, you can swivel your TV right or left based on your seating positions.

What’s more, you can pull this mount out to 15.2 inches and retract it back to 3 inches. This makes your TV set easy to move.

This mount is easy to install because it comes with an instruction manual and hardware in pre-labeled bags.

Instruction manual and hardware in pre-labeled bags

The +/- 3 degrees post-installation adjustment allows you to have a perfect TV leveling for a great view. The paper template makes the installation process even easier.

Retracts 3" low profile, Extends 15.2" from the wall, Tilt, Swivel and Rotate function

The robot welding technology makes this full motion TV wall mount sturdy and safe to hold your TV securely.

If you have a 32 – 55-inch flat screen TV that weighs not more than 99lbs, then we recommend Mounting Dream MD2380 TV wall mount for not only a safe and secure mounting but also a perfect viewing.

  • Sturdy and strong with robot welding technology
  • Two extending arms for better support
  • Reasonably priced

  • Limited arm extension to 16 inches
  • Doesn’t offer an appropriate stud installation compared to other models

Mounting Dream MD2380 TV Wall Mount Bracket for Most 26-55 Inch LED LCD OLED and Plasma:

How to install TV Full Motion Wall Mount Mounting Dream MD2380:

Husky Mounts DA-45LM – First Runners Up

Husky Mounts DA-45LM Revie, Pros and Cons.

Husky Mounts DA-45LMThis excellent full motion TV wall mount comes with a dual-arm heavy-duty steel articulator that can support up to 99lbs with VESA mount 400mmX400mm, implying that the distance between the mounting holes on the back of the TV do not exceed 16-inch horizontally and vertically.

As such, Husky Mounts DA-45LM can properly fit TVs that are from 32 to 55 inches.

It comes with a mounting wall plate measuring 17 by 9 inch designed to mount either on two wood studs or on a concrete wall. The lag bolts are also included.

The plate offers enough space that is convenient for easy access to cables and other devices behind the TV.

The safe locking mechanism allows the TV to mount without unlatching off the wall. This full motion TV wall mount can tilt down to provide a maximum viewing angle that minimizes glare.

It can also swivel right and left to allow you to place your TV on any wall in your living room but extend it up 16-inches while retracting it back flat to the wall.

Husky Mounts DA-45LM can also swivel right and left

When it is folded, the center of your TV will be just at the center of the mount’s wall plate.

This mount is made from heavy-duty steel metal that makes the entire mount unit sturdy and secure to hold your TV to the wall. What’s more, it is built to last to allow you to reap maximum benefits and value for your money.

It comes with installation manual and all the hardware that you might require to complete the easy installation process.

Installation manual and all the hardware

If you are looking for a durable and versatile full motion TV wall mount, you need not look further than Husky Mounts Full Motion TV Wall Mount. Moreover, you stand a chance to benefit from its lifetime warranty.

  • Easy to install with manual instructions
  • Durable with steel construction
  • Fits most 32″ -55″ flat screen TVs

  • Mounting screws might loosen on heavier 55-inch TVs
  • Hardware for studs are not sufficient enough

Husky Mounts Full Motion TV Wall Mount Fits Most 32-55 Inch LED LCD Flat Screen Up to VESA 400X400:


ECHOGEAR EGLF2 Review, Pros and Cons.

ECHOGEAR EGLF2Full motion TV wall mounting is definitely the best way to get the most out of your brand new large flat screen TV.

ECHOGEAR EGLF2 will help you achieve that.

It will not only keep your great investment safe but also significantly improve your viewing experience.

So, what is so special about this TV mounting model that makes it capable of enhancing your viewing experience?

This full motion TV wall mount is built from heavy-gauge steel that is strong enough to support TVs weighing up to 125 pounds. Most of these TVs range from 42-inch to 80-inch flat screen models.

The greatest benefit of this full motion TV wall mount is the extension from the wall that allows enough space to swivel the screen to face any seat in your living room. You can pull your TV out to 22-inches away from the wall for an ultimate viewing.

The greatest benefit of ECHOGEAR EGLF2 is the extension up to 22-inches

Moreover, you can retract it back to about 2.4-inches from the wall in order to attain the real slim shady look, unlike the picture you hung on the wall. With this, you can get excellent images even while seated in your favorite corner of your living area.

With up to 130 degrees of swivel, you can watch your TV from any angle or sitting position in your living room. You can either swivel it to the right or to the left, whichever is appropriate based on the seating arrangement of your living room.

ECHOGEAR EGLF2 has swivel up to 130 degrees

Nothing is so disappointing than a screen glare from a badly positioned new large TV. This full motion TV wall mount comes with 15 degrees tilting angle that will enable you to minimize or even eliminate your screen glare problems.

This mount allows you to tilt your TV screen forward in order to minimize glare from windows and lights for the optimum viewing experience.

ECHOGEAR EGLF2 is designed to accommodate nearly any VESA pattern

This mount is designed to accommodate nearly any VESA pattern and is compatible will all major TV brands such as LG, Sony, Samsung, and Vizio. With installation manual instruction, you can easily install this mount.

If you are looking for full motion TV wall mount for mounting your large and heavy TV set, you could consider ECHOGEAR EGLF2.

  • High-quality heavy-gauge steel material construction
  • Higher swivel angle
  • Greater extension of up to 22-inch

  • It is a bit expensive
  • Tilt needs loosening and then tightened after tilting

EGLF2-BK Installation:

WALI WL-FTM-1 – Best For Small TVs

WALLI WL-FTM-1 Review, Pros and Cons.

WALLI WL-FTM-1WALLI WL-FTM-1 is one of the most reliable full motion TV wall mount for small-sized TVs ranging from 23-55 inches flat panel display of up to 99lbs with VESA 100x100mm to 400x400mm.

This wall mount from WALI comes with fully adjustable +15/-6 degrees tilt that enables you to eliminate glare from the windows and lights.

Depending on the size of your TV, you will be able to attain a swivel of 90 degrees on either side.

This allows you to have a better viewing flexibility from whichever position you are seated in your living room.

If you have a small corner on which you intend to install this mount, the better. This is because this mount will help you save space that you don’t have. Its full-motion articulation arm will only allow a compressed length of 3.2-inches from the wall.

WALLI WL-FTM-1 can extend to a full length of 15-inches from the wall

However, it can extend to a full length of 15-inches from the wall. This will also allow you to have a better swiveling to any direction based on your sitting position.

The installation process of this mount is simplified since it comes with a manual instruction for reference purposes. Moreover, the 4 by 9.5 inches wall plate can be mounted first on any vertically placed wood studs, brick wall, or concrete wall.

The 4 by 9.5 inches wall plate

Be sure not to install it on a drywall alone. It also comes with bagged installation hardware for easy installation and compatibility.

If you are shopping for a full motion TV wall mount that provides maximum tile for excellent viewing flexibility and a great forward tilting angle that eliminates glare issues, then we recommend this mount to you.

Moreover, once you buy this mount, you also get a HDMI cable and a bubble level.

  • Great and flexible mount
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with a wide variety of TV models

  • Round nuts do not install securely
  • The standard mounting hardware is not adequate for larger TV models

Everstone Mount-It! MI-319L – Best for Corner Installation

Everstone Mount-It! MI-319L Review, Pros and Cons.

Everstone Mount-It! MI-319LEverstone Mount-It! MI-319L is a great universal TV wall mounting bracket that comes with adjustable arms that will fit most flat screen LCD/LED TVs perfectly ranging from 42 to 70-inches and up to VESA 850x450mm.

It can also support TVs weighing up to 220 pounds.

To derive optimal benefits from the TV mount, make sure you check the mounting holes pattern behind your TV, stud spacing, any possibility of blocked cable input, as well as TV weight before machining the final decision of buying.

This is the best full motion TV wall mount for installation not only in corners but also over fireplaces, inside a TV center, and on other places where ordinary mounts won’t install.

It is designed for 16-inch studs and can retract up to 4.5-inches from the wall while it can extend all the way to 26 inches, thus making it the longest extending wall mount in our review.

Everstone Mount-It! MI-319L can extend all the way to 26 inches

It features a swivel of 90 degrees to the left and right. This will allow you to have a wider range in order to settle for the best viewing angle depending on your sitting position. Moreover, it comes with a continuous tilt angle of up to 15 degrees upwards or downwards for better viewing angle and eliminating glare.

Everstone Mount-It! MI-319L comes with a tilt angle of up to 15 degrees

It also features a large open wall plate that is designed to ensure easy access to the back of the TV and cables. With the long extending arm and large swivel ability, this mount becomes ideal for corner installation.

If you are looking for a full motion TV wall mount for a heavy and large TV weighing more than 150 pounds but less than 220 pounds, we recommend this sturdy mount from Everstone as the ideal one to buy.

  • Great for corner installation
  • Ideal for heavier and larger TV models
  • Compatible with almost all TV brands

  • Poor quality construction materials
  • Easily sags when heavy TV models are mounted

What to Consider When Buying Full Motion TV Wall Mount – Buyer Guide

At the first look, you may see like all TV wall mounts are similar. However, they come fitted with features that make them different from one another. These features may include TV size compatibility, tilt range, and weight capacity.

It is always important to first buy your TV before thinking about the TV wall mount to buy so as to ensure a perfect match. This is because some mounts are only compatible with TVs up to a specific weight and size.

In order to find the best full motion TV wall mount, consider the following aspects.

Design Mobility

For full motion TV wall mounts, mobility is a must factor to look out for. You must consider to what extent, pan, and tilt the mount does. Full motion TV wall mount offers a wide range of viewing angles right from the setup.

How to choose full motion TV wall mount // Full motion TV wall mount buyer’s guide

Full motion mounts come with an arm option that extends the TV out from the wall than a normal mount would. This is ideal, especially if you intend to mount your TV in a corner or you need to have access to devices, cords, ports, or any device you intend to attach behind the TV.

Size of TV

Obviously, this is one factor that must be considered. Mounts come in wide ranges to handle a variety of TV sizes. Some can handle TVs of up to 98 inches while some can hold from 20 to 40 inches among other.

Apart from the size of your TV, also keep in mind that some full motion TV wall mounts fit curved TVs better as compared to others, even as they seem to be fading away.

Weight Capacity

TVs are gradually increasing in size of the screen yet they are becoming lighter than you might expect. For instance, a 55-inch flat screen LED TV on average can weigh between 50 to 75 lbs.

However, this will also depend on the brand and model. An affordable full motion TV wall mount comes with the capacity to support TVs of up to 75lbs while expensive ones could hold TVs of up to 165 lbs.

While out there shopping for a TV mount, the most important thing is to ensure you match the weight of your TV with the amount that the wall mount will be able to support.

Be sure to spare some weight since you may want to add some accessories that might pull the entire system down.

Vertical Movement

Full motion TV wall mounts come with a wider range of vertical movements. Some will only move as low as 11 inches vertically while others can move up to 29 inches at most.

How to choose full motion TV wall mount // Full motion TV wall mount buyer’s guide

The greater the vertical distance on the wall mount you intend to buy the better. Consider how much vertical movement you will require in order to get the TV to the appropriate eye level.


Different full motion TV wall mounts feature different swivel levels to the right as well as to the left. Some will feature a swivel of 15 degrees to either side while others can swivel between 30 to 60 degrees of range to allow for a wide selection of seating positions.

In order to get the right swivel angle, consider factors such as when you are watching your favorite program from the far side of your seating room or even preparing meals in a kitchen that is on the other side of the house.

Supposing you have open sight lines, you can easily swivel your TV appropriately to watch it while doing your kitchen stuff.


If you are going to mount your TV on a raised wall, the tilt is probably something to look for. The tilt will bring your TV down, especially when mounted over the fireplaces.

How to choose full motion TV wall mount // Full motion TV wall mount buyer’s guide

Even though it is a non-factor when it comes to full-motion mounts, it is not wrong to have a few degrees tilt angle just in case you will want to tweak the watching angle a bit.


When it comes to installation, some mounts can prove to be tricky. As such, this is not something you will want to fail in since it will compromise not only the watching experience but also the security of your TV.

How to choose full motion TV wall mount // Full motion TV wall mount buyer’s guide

However, some mount models come with post-installation adjustments to make sure the TV mounted is perfectly aligned.

Sturdy Construction

The TV mount you intend to buy is going to support one of your most expensive investments. As such, it is important to consider a strong robust constructed wall mount.

Sturdy full motion TV wall mounts feature a thicker metal that is fabricated from a single piece.


The cost of a TV mount you intend to buy will also play a great role in the kind of mount you will buy especially when working on a tight budget.

We recommend that you focus on models that come with the best features and specifications but at an affordable price.


As you can see, finding the best full motion TV wall mount that is right for mounting your brand new TV can be hectic. However, by following the buyer’s guide that we have provided, we hope that your search can be a little easier.

However, if you still have trouble finding the right full motion TV wall mount, then you might consider one from our review. The reviewed products are some of the best TV mounts that you will find on the market today.

You can also subscribe to our blog to receive an update whenever we post similar products or technologies in the future.

Best Full Motion TV Wall Mount

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