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Best iPad DJ Controller – Best Buyer’s Guide

Best iPad DJ ControllerAre you a novice looking to enhance your skills at DJing?

Or are you a pro looking for a controller to use at home to create mixes you can play at the club?

Or maybe you are looking to encourage your kid’s or teen’s interest in DJing. iPad DJ Controllers are the solution to all this.

They give you access to professional-level features right into your hands. They integrate with software that allow you to upgrade your skills if you are a newbie, and to keep practicing even if you are a professional.

A good iPad DJ Controller will even allow you to play professional-level mixes at parties once you get the hang of DJing. In this article, we will review 3 of the best iPad DJ Controllers available.

We will also review a short buying guide so you know which one will best suit your needs.

Top pick

Pioneer DDJ-400

  • Club-Style Layout
  • Beat FX Feature
  • PC Master Out
  • Easy Grab Handles
  • Rekordbox DJ’s Tutorial Feature

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With so many features put into one iPad DJ controller, it is easy to see why this is our top pick. With all the things that this product does, the only thing that it can’t do is purchase itself for you.

iPad DJ Controllers Comparison Chart

Pioneer DDJ-400

Numark Party Mix

Pioneer Pro DDJ-200


Pioneer DDJ-400

Numark Party Mix

Pioneer Pro DDJ-200


10.72 x 18.98 x 2.3 inches7.75 x 12.8 x 2 inches8.19 x 14.88 x 1.9 inches


4.63 lbs1.75 lbs

2.65 lbs

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3 Best iPad DJ Controllers (as of June, 2024):

1. Pioneer DDJ-400 iPad DJ Controller Review

Pioneer DDJ-400The first item on our list is the Pioneer DDJ-400 Controller.

Many DJs agree that this is the best iPad controller available.

It is compatible with the latest MacOS Sierra and Mojave, as well as Windows 7 and up.

With this controller, you can comfortably navigate your way through DJing if you are a beginner. This does not mean expert DJs cannot enjoy this controller though. It is packed with features suited for novices and experts.

Now let us get down to the system specifics. This controller is designed to mimic the controllers used professionally in the club. You can practice your DJing skills just as confidently as you would if you were a DJ in a professional booth.

Pioneer DDJ-400 Review, Pros and Cons

It comes with an in-built soundcard. You just plug the USB cable into your tablet or laptop and you are good to go. If you need tutorials to refine your skills, you get access to Rekordbox DJ tutorials.

The controller comes with a fader and a crossfader curve adjust, just like a very professional controller has.

You get up to 20000Hz sound frequency using this controller. The audio output is clear with no distortion. You can control the tempo using Beat FX, just like you would when playing as a professional DJ.

Pioneer DDJ-400 iPad DJ Controller

Via: @jorge_h_calderon

Optimized to enhance professionalism, this controller is highly portable. It has grab handles that make it easy for you to carry it from place to place. This feature comes in handy if you are playing at small gigs to test out your skills.

Main Features

  • Club-Style Layout Similar to that of the CDJ-2000NXS2 and DJM-900NXS2
  • Beat FX Feature
  • Rekordbox DJ’s Tutorial Feature
  • Rekordbox DJ Licence Key
  • PC Master Out
  • Plug & Play Connectivity Via USB Cable
  • Easy Grab Handles & Lightweight Design
  • Clear Audio
  • Frequency Range: 20 – 20000 Hz
  • Compatible with iPad OS, MacOS & Windows
  • Up to 20000Hz sound frequency
  • Has grab handles for portability
  • Compatible with iPad OS, MacOS and Windows
  • Gives player access to Rekordbox tutorials
  • Buttons arranged in a professional style to enhance practice experience
  • Lightweight and compatible

  • Professional layout might be confusing to complete beginners

2. Numark Party Mix iPad DJ Controller Review

Numark Party MixNumark gives you an iPad DJ Controller that is not only highly professional, but also very affordable.

It is a 2-channel DJ Controller. It is compatible with Windows, MacOS and compatible with most tablet OSs.

There are two 1/8 inch jacks for connecting to DJ headphones and mixers.

This Numark Party Mix controller has its buttons arranged in a professional way. It has two channels and two jog wheels. You also get a crossfader and pitch fader. These features give you the freedom to get the hang of mixing beats like a professional.

The controller has four performance pads that give you control over cue points like looping and playback.

If you are doing gigs at different locations, this controller is perfect for you. It is small and compact, and you can easily carry it from place to place and get a party started.

Numark Party Mix

Via: @sogzyuk

The Numark Party Mix comes with in-built integration to Serato DJ. This is a platform filled with features that will give you everything you need to play mixes professionally. You can even use your iPad to create an iTune playlist for your mixes.

Numark Party Mix Review, Pros and Cons

What’s more, the Numark Party Mix has 3 LED lights. These lights sync to the beat of your music, lighting up any room. The Numark Party Mix truly makes any jamming session into a true party.

Numark Party Mix

Via: @dennislucarelli0053_djset

Main Features

  • Party DJ Control System
  • Built-in Light Show Creates Party Atmosphere
  • Simple Plug & Play
  • On-Board Audio Interface
  • Cool Effects & Multiple Pad Modes With Looping & Sampling
  • Sync Buttons For Easy Mixing Control
  • 1/8-inch Headphone Jack To Preview For Cueing
  • Style Driven, Ultra-Portable
  • Serato DJ Lite Included
  • 3 LED lights auto sync with the music
  • Integrates with Serato DJ software for expert experience
  • Button arrangement mimics professional layout
  • Features two channels with four performance pads
  • Different jacks for connectivity to speakers and DJ mixers

  • Serato DJ software has to be bought after a month of use

3. Pioneer Pro DDJ-200 iPad DJ Controller Review

Pioneer Pro DDJ-200For this last DJ Controller we go back to Pioneer.

This time round, we have the Pioneer Pro DDJ-200.

Just like its name suggests, it will transform you into a professional DJ.

It comes with features that integrate with Windows and iOS. This way you can comfortably control it with your iPad.

You can access the music on your iTunes and mix them the way you want. You can also mix music that you stream on SoundCloud and Spotify.

The DDJ-200 is compatible with a number of phone, laptop and tablet apps. It gives you access to WeDJ features for free through your iPad.

Transition FX feature on WeDJ allows you to switch through tracks to create a professional sound on your tablet and iPhone.

It has 11 different professional styles that will make your track transitions smooth and professional. You also get access to Rekordbox DJ for tutorials on DJing so you can improve your skills over time.

Pioneer Pro DDJ-200

Via: @benjones_89

This DJ Controller is lightweight. It is easily portable so you can move it from gig to gig. You do not have to carry the speakers with you.

Pioneer Pro DDJ-200 Review, Pros and Cons

The integration with your iPad and iPhone means you can play your mixes right through your phone with the same level of power.

Pioneer Pro DDJ-200

Via: @aittpa

A feature called Phrase Sync gives you the ability to position two tracks for easy switching between. The transition will be so smooth, your listeners will not be able to tell the difference.

Main Features

  • Compatible Apps WeDJ, DJay, Edjing Mix & Rekordbox DJ
  • Free Use of All the Features in WeDJ for iPhone
  • Compatible Streaming Sites
  • Tutorial & Pop-Hint
  • Transition FX
  • Compact Lightweight Body
  • Phrase Sync Feature
  • Split Output
  • Compatible with iPad OS, MacOS & Windows
  • Integrates with tablet and phone apps
  • Uses Phrase Sync for easy transition from track to track
  • Allows access to music streaming sites for mixes
  • Access to WeDJ and Rekordbox DJ for professional features and tutorials
  • Lightweight and portable

  • Heavily relies on tablet and phone for output

iPad DJ Controllers Buying Guide

Software Integration

There is no use getting an iPad DJ Controller if it cannot integrate with software in your gadgets. The DJ Controller you get should give you access to features that will help you elevate your skills to professional levels.

This means you should have access to tutorials for creating good mixes, different mixing styles, and even be able to control the music you play through your gadget.

Software like Serato DJ, WeDJ, and Rekordbox DJ gives you access to professional-level features even when you are starting out.

You need to ensure whether access to this software is free forever or if continued access needs buying a license. This way you can prepare yourself financially for the costs so you are not disillusioned.


An iPad DJ Controller should give you the same feel as an actual controller would. This makes it conducive to use whether you are a novice or an expert just creating mixes at home.

The arrangement of the control buttons should mimic the design of normal controllers. You also need to get one that has features like jog wheels and access to at least two channels.

Pioneer DDJ-400 iPad DJ Controller

Via: @jimhouse400

Further a good iPad DJ Controller will not be toy sized. It will give you enough space to learn the controls so you can upgrade your skills to professional levels.


The whole point of an iPad DJ Controller is to give you the benefits of a professional controller without the burden. This means you will not need a number of people or a car to move your system from place to place.

A good DJ Controller will have handles to make carrying it easier.

This way you can move it from the house to the yard for an afternoon jam session. You can also move it from place to place within the house so you can create your mixes in the comfort of your room.

Best iPad DJ Controller are highly portable

Via: @pioneerdjhrvatska

And if you are playing a gig, whether it is a kid’s birthday party or a small corporate gig, then you should be able to handle the system by yourself without breaking your back.

Final Verdict

If you are interested in DJing, then DJ Controllers are a must-have. Modern ones have all the perks of the analog ones with the addition of integration with modern software.

This way you have more control and can create and access music and mixes through your phone, laptop and tablet.

iPad DJ Controllers give you access to features like Rekordbox DJ and WeDJ for advanced features that professionals use. You also get access to tutorials so you can slowly up your game in DJing.

Add to that the fact that iPad DJ Controllers are highly portable.

This way you can perform at gigs once you get the hang of mixing and get paid to do it. So what are you waiting for? Pick one of the iPad DJ Controllers listed above and get to mixing.

Best iPad DJ Controller

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