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Best Ipad Mic Stand Mount: The Best Way to Spice up Your Performance

Best Ipad Mic Stand Mount 2018The iPad turned out to be a revolutionary invention in the world of music.

More and more people are gravitating towards the iPad, leaving the MP3 player and the Android tablet in the dust.

However, listening to music through your headphones are slowly phasing out and people are using speakers instead.

The best iPad mic stand mount 2024 does stand out as one of the best ways to connect your iPad and listen to the music pulsing through your home.

However, finding these products can be rather daunting, especially if you are new to the Apple scene.

Fortunately, we have done some in-depth research and numerous test to find out exactly how the iPad mic stands works. In this article, you should be able to find the ideal product that meets all of your needs.

Top pick

ChargerCity MT CLMT5+SW15+HLD5

  • Universal 7″ to 12″ Screen Size
  • Setup mode Landscape and Portrait
  • 360° Rotation Lock C-clamp

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We’ve tested 4 Ipad mic stands mount and the winner is above!

Ipad Mic Stands Mount Comparison Chart

ChargerCity MT CLMT5+SW15+HLD5

ChargerCity MT CLMT5+SW15+HLD5

Hercules DG305B

Hercules DG305B

K&M Stands 19714

K&M Stands 19714



Screen Size

7" - 12"

7" - 12.1"

for iPad Air, iPad 5th or 6th generation

7" - 12.1"

Setup Mode

Landscape and Portrait


Landscape and Portrait

Landscape and Portrait







1.3 pounds

1.1 pounds

1.3 pounds

13.8 ounces

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4 Best Ipad Mic Stands Mount (as of July, 2024):

1. ChargerCity MT CLMT5+SW15+HLD5 Ipad Mic Stand Mount – Mic Stand Holder That Perfect for Any Ipad Size: Air, Pro, Mini Review

ChargerCity MT CLMT5+SW15+HLD5The ChargerCity MT CLMT5+SW15+HLD5 has stood out for the functionality and the design.

It is constructed from durable alloy aluminum and this makes it much more durable than some of the others.

It can also be set up in a moment once you understand the parts and you have the assembly done correctly when you receive it.

The stand is fully adjustable and it can also be mounted to virtually any surface that you choose. That makes this stand one of the best for Ipad Pro.

Since it does not have many things in your way, you are still left with a clear and effective view of the audience.


We have found this to be effective for interacting with them and building popularity. Additionally, it is also compatible with virtually any device that you have. The tablet will be clamped into place and protected if the stand should fall or tip over.

The main feature we love is the durability factor. When you are looking for something that will last a couple of years, this is one of the best stands.

To maximize your viewing ChargerCity manufacturer made this stand with rotation C-clamp that can be locked if needed and an adjustable arm which can be adjusted by length from 6 to 10 inches.

ChargerCity MT CLMT5+SW15+HLD5 Review, Pros and Cons. Check our Editor’s Choice 2018

Do not worry about its being heavy, because aluminum Alloy construction makes this stand lightweight but strong.


As it is made of adjustable aluminum, the bracket of this stand can be attached to any type of mic stand diameter. A wide clamp will help you with a specific diameter.

There are 4 different legs made of plastic. You can choose some of them to use or use all of them. The biggest ones are designed for handling large devices accordingly.

The brackets distinguish the quality and flexibility, its fine design makes this stand special.

You can configure the bracket in many places to have the angle you like. Simply tinker with it to get the fight fit for you. If you want to release your device, apply a bit pressure downwards.

The only real downside we could find is the time it takes to effectively set up.

In terms of the price, this tablet holder is really affordable and many bands have dedicated some funds to buying one for the entire band.

If you are a fast and active stage performer and you need something that will take some of the abuse on the stage, this is definitely one of the best options. We highly recommend it for bands and singers.


Thanks to its versatility, this IPad mic stand mount is favored by a lot of customers. Large and small tablets can be used – there is a large variety of ways on how this stand could be configured and could handle any device!

Not only all IPad series (Include Ipad Pro, but except IPad 1) can works with this stand, but also many Android-based tablets are compatible with it. Such as Google Nexus (7,8,9,10,11), Asus, Acer, Toshiba, Lenovo, Playbook, Surface, Blackberry and even more!

Dropping it from the stage and even being kicked by amped-up guitar players do not seem to make much of difference when it comes to the stand lasting through a show.

We recommend testing this mic stand out before your show in order to be sure that everything works in a proper way.

Main Features

  • Innovative, Multi Joint adjustable base up to 2 inches
  • Universal 360° rotating Spring Loaded Adjustable Holder
  • For any tablet 7 to 12 inch screen with or without a case or skin
  • 4WAY Adjustable aluminum Interchangeable arm (Adjust arm length from from 6 to to 10inches)
  • 360° Rotation Lock C-clamp
  • Aluminum Alloy construction Clamp Mount: lightweight and strong
  • Compatible with iPad 6 5 4 3 2 Pro Air Mini Galaxy Tab Pro Surface Pro (Surface Book Tablet ALSO) Google Nexus 7 8 9 10 11 12.2 inch Tablet ASUS Transformer Prime MemoPad VivoTab , Acer Iconia, Toshiba Thrive Excite Lenovo IdeaPad, Blackberry Playbook, Surface and more…
  • Included with the holder are 8 support legs (4 short and 4 longer versions) that can be inserted on the top and bottom of the holder and can be easily adjusted in order to keep any side buttons and ports unobstructed
  • Extremely durable
  • Can be mounted anywhere
  • Reasonably priced
  • Offers a great view of the crowd from any angle

  • The setup takes some time

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2. Hercules DG305B Ipad Mic Stand Mount – Best Universal Stand Review

Hercules DG305BNext, we have the Hercules DG305B.

If you are looking for a versatile tablet holder, this is the product to buy.

This one is slightly smaller and still made from decent materials.



One thing that makes this stand fantastic is a clamsheel and swing bolt design of attaching the holder to the mic stand. You can adjust it fast and easy. It is very stable.

The tablet holder is designed specifically to accommodate virtually any tablet and it fits in with clamps. This means that your tablet will be securely protected should the stand fall over from the stage.

As for packaging there is a mic stand adapter, a clamp and a suction cup attachment.

Hercules Tablet Holder DG305B

Via: @divamusic.id

Adjustment and installation

While installation you must snap the ball into the socket so that the ball and socket connection has to be seated properly.

Setup is quite easy and while it might not be as adjustable as the previous one on the list, it still offers decent adjustment to give you a clear view of the fans. Only X and Y directions of moving of this stand.

Hercules DG305B Review, Pros and Cons. Check our Best Universal Tablet Holder 2018

Since it has been constructed from molded plastic, it is really lightweight, making storing and traveling a little easier. This should also help you with the assembly on the stage.

Nevertheless, the plastic design also comes with a downside and this is the durability. When looking at the mounting stand, it does look solid, but after a few bumps, it might break.

It is not ideal for performers who put a lot of strain on their equipment but should still hold up for the up and coming performer strapped to a budget.

If you are strapped to a tough budget, this will definitely be one of the products to consider. It is really affordable and offers decent value for this price.

While we don’t believe it is the best option on the market today, we still recommend it for those with different tablets. It really does accommodate any tablet.

Hercules Tablet Holder DG305B

Via: @skyline8414

Main Features

  • Suitable for 7″-12.1″ tablets with the measurement up to 235 mm width and 280mm height
  • 360 degrees ball-joint design
  • Suction cap is included for desk top use
  • 3-way adjustable holder is easy to use and folds into a minimal, compact size
  • Fully-covered one-piece clamp fits 15.8-25.4mm (0.62-1″) round tubes and 19mm (0.75″) square tubes
  • Load capacity: 5 kg (11 Ibs..)
  • Weight: 0.49 kg (1.1 Ibs..)
  • Accommodates any tablet
  • Reasonably priced
  • Lightweight and easy to setup
  • Mounts to any surface

  • Lacks overall durability

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3. K&M Stands 19714 Ipad Mic Stand Mount – Best For iPad Air Review

K&M Stands 19714The iPad Air is one of the latest developments and the tablet world.

It is much lighter and slimmer than most of the other older iPads on the market today.

The K&M Stands 19714 has been designed specifically for the iPad Air, making it ideal for setup and keeping the iPad protected from damage.

What makes this holder so special is that it can be attached to any microphone stand you have. It comes with durable and solid clamps.

The holder is really unique and it can be lifted to your desired height. This makes it ideal for taller users as well.

K&M Stands 19714 Review, Pros and Cons. Check our Best For iPad Air 2018


After testing it, we found that your iPad can easily be clipped into place and removed once you are done. Do it tight but secure. You should remove any cover of your IPad first.

Slide in one direction and then reverse the process to remove it. Don’t press too much! You may pick up a separate clamp mounting unit and fix a short gooseneck on it to support the IPad mount.

Note that your IPad Air 2 will rattle a bit in the mount. Don’t worry, it happens because IPad Air 2 is a bit thinner than the original one (6.1 mm and 7.5 mm).

Since the product is only made for the iPad Air, it might not be functional for everyone with different tablets.

If you do not have an iPad Air device, you should upgrade to one of them and find out how lightweight and simple they are to use. Nevertheless, it can be a really expensive upgrade to make as well.

For the price, we would definitely recommend it to anyone with an iPad Air. There is no a mic stand mount included. If you want such a thing, you should choose a pricier version.

It is really durable and also includes a 90-degree tilt to make it much more functional on the stage.

Additionally, those who are looking to mount the holder in intricate places should consider adding the affordable On Stage MSA9508 Posi-Lok Sidemount Boom for a better experience.

Main Features

  • iPad Air holder attaches to standard microphone stands
  • 5/8″ thread adapter
  • 0 to 90 degree tilt
  • iPad Air easily clips in or out for transport
  • The iPad Air switches rapidly between the vertical and horizontal format without slipping
  • Includes 5 year warranty and built to our exacting standards
  • Designed and manufactured in our environmentally “green” factory
  • Decent durability
  • Easy insert and removal feature
  • Reasonably priced
  • Really simple setup

  • Does not hold other tablets

iPad Air Mic Stand Mount 19714

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4. IK Multimedia IKLIPXPANDIN – Best Ipad Holder For Performers Review

IK Multimedia IKLIPXPANDINLast but certainly not least, we have found the perfect product for those in need of some versatility and adjustability.

The IK Multimedia IKLIPXPANDIN is made from molded plastic and it can take virtually any device that you have.

This universal mounting makes it perfect for large bands with different tastes in their tablets. Supporting a lot of tablets with 7” to 12.1” sizes of screen.

It can be mounted with real ease as well. Yes, you might need to take some time to fully assemble it, but once this is done, the mounting should be a real breeze.

IK Multimedia IKLIPXPANDIN Review, Pros and Cons. Check our Best Stand For Performers 2018


The smart bracket design also means that your tablet will be much easier to operate. When you need to access the sound buttons, it is now possible without stopping the show.

Another design feature is the buttons and ports of your tablet will not be damaged by obstruction.

Because of rubber padded base, your table will securely be supported with no scratches and spots.

On the downside, the clamps might drop the tablet when they are not locked into place for your tablet.

The mic stand also lacks some durability and should not be used as battering rams as many hardcore musicians like to do with their equipment. We have found that if you look after this tablet, it will also look after you.

To turn your tablet sideways, turn the stand and rotate it easily. Now you can enjoy using your tablet in any position!

The price is around the same reasonable price you would expect for most of the tablet mic stands. This does make it an affordable option for those with numerous different tablets. However, it does not really hold the iPad Air and you might need a different holder.

It is worth keeping in mind that those who use their mobile devices should consider the smaller IK Multimedia iKlip Xpand Mini universal mic stand, as it is compatible with most smartphones.

Main Features

  • Universal expandable microphone stand mount for all tablets and iPad models and generations
  • Expandable arms can hold all popular tablets sized 7″ to 12.1″
  • Smart bracket design leaves buttons and ports free from obstruction
  • Ball joint global positioning system provides easy adjustable viewing angle and free rotation between portrait and landscape orientations
  • You can even use it without removing the protective case of many of your favorite devices
  • Patented expandable holding bracket that utilizes an expansion “memory” bracket which allows you to quickly and easily mount an iPad — or similarly sized tablets — to a microphone stand
  • Its rubberized “Gorilla Grip” backing ensures a firm grip of the device that neither scratches nor mars your tablet’s surface
  • Adjustable mic stand clamp can be mounted on a vertical pole or horizontal boom with a diameter of up to 1.2″ (30mm)
  • Universal Tablet fit
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Easy assembly and setup
  • Lightweight

  • Lacks durability
  • Flimsy hold on devices

iKlip Xpand universal mic stand support for iPad and tablets

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Who Is It Designed For

There are many people walking around with an iPad. Many of them have become used to listening to music from the onboard speaker, or simply using headphones.

However, the iPad is so much more functional and with one iPad, you can easily start a party and have it blow up with your favorite music tunes.

The iPad has been designed for those who love music and even those with business ventures. It can store numerous tracks and even be connected to the Istore. This means that you have any song at your disposal.

Many of the top DJs also cruise around with the iPad, as it makes life so much easier when it comes to plug and play.

Here are a couple of reasons to consider buying the iPad Mic Stand Mount:

  • Entertaining guests at a party
  • Recording new tracks as a musician
  • Setting up a local karaoke night at the club
  • Bands and singers who are performing
  • To ensure you have the notes ready for your guest speaking appearance
Whether you fall under these categories or not, the iPad mic stands mount is an essential tool to have when you are in the music business. These stands can make all the difference to performers and allow them to see the schedule of songs as they perform.

Some comedians have also resorted to using these stands as a way to entertain fans and guests at stand up comedy shows.

How We Tested The Efficiency Of The iPad Mic Stand

The iPad mic stand is a revolutionary new invention and we simply could not just waltz into a store and find one. To find out whether these products do work, we set up one of the mic stands at a local karaoke bar.

The bar was dressed out for the karaoke scene and instead of running the words from the large screen; each person had their own iPad to look at the words as they perform.

People seemed to enjoy using the mic stand much more. The ability to sit on the bar stool and play your very own guitar whilst singing from the iPad is something that many people enjoyed.

How to choose Ipad mic stand mount // Ipad mic stand mount buyer’s guide

It also gave them the feeling of being a performer and this inspired some to go all out. Since some of these stands also include the iPad charger, you need not even worry about the battery dying.

Some of the bar people even suggested that the stands should become a staple in the bar. This means that the bar can potentially fill up the bar, leading to more profits on the next karaoke night.

It also works great for recording artists as they have direct access to the cords they need to play and lyrics of songs.

How To Pick The Best IPad Mic Stand Mount

Since these iPad Mic Stand Mounts are rather unique, it can be really daunting to find the right one. Fortunately, we have made some headway and with some expert help, we managed to track down the key features you need to consider.

Here is a small breakdown that should help you when it comes to choosing the best mount.


Once you start shopping around, you will find two different types of IPad mounting stands. These stands are either dedicated for the iPad only or they can be universal for all of your other Android tablets as well. Choosing the right one will be entirely up to you.

However, here are a couple of recommendations when making a decision:

  • Dedicated iPad Mount: The dedicated IPad mounting stand is designed for iPad only. It only fits the IPad and it can be used for charging as well. However, this mounting stand is mostly recommended for the die-hard Apple fans and you might not make any friends with people who love Android devices as well.
  • Universal Tablet Stand: The best thing about this stand is the ability to accommodate everyone. If you have a universal tablet stand set up in your bar, people can bring their own tablets. These stands are a little more functional and they are designed to accommodate the majority of the public.


These stands are generally mounted to something stable and solid. However, the thing they are mounted to might be in your way. To ensure that this does not become too much of a problem, you should look for the adjustability factor.

Finding a great stand with 360-degree adjustability will ensure that it can be mounted virtually anywhere without much troubles.


Durability is not something we always keep in mind when looking for an iPad mounting stand. However, these stands can easily tip over and fall from the stage. Should this happen, you need something durable to withstand the fall.

If possible, it should also be able to keep the tablet or iPad protected from serious damage.

In our search for the ideal iPad mounting stand, we took durability very seriously. Aluminum Alloy is not only durable but lightweight as well. This means that when it is transported, you should not have too many problems finding space.


Does it take really long to set up when you are only limited to time? As a performer, time is money and the longer the setup takes the more money you can possibly lose.

When choosing a decent stand, it is important that you consider the time it takes to be set up. Having something that is really easy and simple to set up could make all the difference when you are in a rush.


If you are buying a more expensive tablet holder, the warranty is also important. Since they are expensive, you would like to be protected from damage and any defects.

How to choose Ipad mic stand mount // Ipad mic stand mount buyer’s guide

The manufacturer will generally indicate the warranty to ensure that you do get the best possible value for your money.

Benefits Of Choosing The iPad Mic Stand

There are a couple of benefits that you can expect to have when choosing one of these mic stand mounts. After using a couple of them over some time, we have decided to list the benefits, enabling you to see how much it can change your life if you do make the investment.

Here are a couple of benefits you can expect:

  • Faster setups: You will find that setting up for your concerts as a band or a singer will be much faster. As we have already mentioned, for a singer time can be money. This is especially true if you are performing multiple gigs in one night.
  • More functionality: Should you want to wow the crowd with something that they might not expect, the stand enables you to have fast and easy access to your tablet. You can switch up playlists and even control the sound, making it possible to give them a once in a lifetime experience without doing too much effort.
  • Your tablet will be protected: While it might be cheaper to use a normal table for your IPad, the party does often get out of hand. When this happens, it is much better to have your iPad locked into place. Most of these mic stand mounts also include secure clamps to keep the tablet in the right position.
  • Once off investment: The best thing about using a universal stand is the fact that is is a once-off investment. Should you upgrade your tablet and choose a new product, your tablet stand will still work. This will save you a couple of bucks as a musician and help you to look more professional as well.

Which One Of These iPad Mic Stand Mounts Will You Choose?

Now that you have a better understanding of the best product, you should never need to use the tabletop for your tablet ever again. These mic stands are highly recommended and they offer the best in terms of durability and versatility.

We would definitely recommend them to any performer, musician, or band.

We would like to thank you for reading this article and encourage you to share some of your thoughts on these stands. Let us know in the comment section which ones you have used before.

We would also like to know if you have used any other mic stands that we might have missed in our search for the best options.

Best Ipad Mic Stand Mount 2018

  1. That’s a really nice review, full of really great advices. Best thing is you chose the one I had in my wish list as the best one. It’s exciting to have someone knowledgeable validating your decision/opinion. Thank you Little Antony. Great job, everyone.

  2. Great information, thank you.
    Do any stands have a “goose neck” to bring the tablet closer to your face?
    (For I pad pro)

  3. I have a 12.9-inch iPad Pro and I wanted a stand mount for it so I decided to get the Charger City iPad stand even though I was not too confident about it. Plus I was unsure about the diameter measurements of my mic stand, and I figured if it did not work, I could just return it. But I was surprised by the versatility and quality of the bracket. It is well-made, sturdy and you can configure it in many different ways.

    I had a bit of a hiccup with the device but not because of the fault of the device, I had positioned it the wrong way which made it difficult to release. But I repositioned it correctly. Ultimately, this is a stand I would recommend to anyone looking for a hight-quality, sturdy stand that can hold your iPad to your mic stand.

  4. I plan on using a double X-stand to hold by Korg Kross 2 88 keyboard. I also plan on placing a desk next to it, not parallel to the stand but in an L-design where I will place my office supplies and laptop.

    So I want to use my iPadpro as well, but I want to place it in front of me when I’m performing. Since it is not possible to mount an adapter on my double X-stand, I need an iPad holder. I have looked for one online, but I cannot find one that meets my needs. Any recommendations?

    It is a second-generation iPad Pro, 12.9 inches, therefore its larger and heavier than a regular iPad. And I can only find a holder that can hold regular sized iPads ( In general, 9 to 10 inch tablets).

    Any advice?

    • I believe you can find tablet holders that clamp onto a mic stand and that you can adjust to accommodate tables of varying sizes. Alternatively, if you do decide to use a different stand instead of the double X-stand, I recommend the K&M tablet holder.

  5. There is a variety of tablet holders available, however, many of them are not stable and make viewing difficult while singing. It could be a design flaw, not sure. I have a straight stand on which I have mounted a mounting device to hold my iPad. It is stable and I can place my iPad in a position that makes viewing easy while I’m singing.

    The K&M KM19714 stand I use is well-designed and it definitely meets my needs

  6. I do live performances and I have decided to buy an iPad which will be helpful during performances. And I need a good mount or adapter for a straight stand. Some mounts that I have seen with a lot of positive reviews include the Peavey Mounting System, IKLIP 2, and GigEasy. Can any one tell what there their experiences with these mounts or other mounts.

  7. I’m looking for a holder that I can attach onto the rod of the mic stand, not at the top of it. The iPad I have is old school and not as big as the iPad Pro or as small as the iPad min. So I’m looking for something compact that can fit easily in the pocket of a gig bag.

    Thank you.

  8. I got the Hercules holder and I’m happy with it. It has been 8 months since I bought and I use regularly and it still works well. I able to fit a 12-ich iPad Pro on the holder without a case. But if you have a regular 9-inch or 10-inch iPad, you can fit it on the holder even if it has a beefy case.

    The Hercules holder works better on a stable and heavy mic stand. It is easy to adjust. And although pricey, it is compact and extremely durable.

  9. I have noticed that a number of my fellow musicians use attachments that allow to a tablet or iPad on a mic stand. Does anyone know of an attachment that can allow me to mount my tablet onto my keyboard stand. I have a platform and an X stand.

  10. The K&M Stand 19714 iPad holder is ideal for iPad Air 1 but not 2. This is owing to the fact that the Air 2 is a bit slimmer than the Air 1, so it is going to be less secure and steady.

    But don’t fret, if you have an iPad Air 2 and you want to use a K&M stand, the company has a similar mount specifically for the Air 2 19717 model. You might not find it on Amazon, I did not, I bought mine online from a music retailer.

    The reason I gave the holder 5-stars its because its a great mount.

  11. How can I mount my iPad onto my keyboard stand?

    • You can get an iPad holder that you can attach to your keyboard stand. I would recommend the VElCRO iPad holder. Even though it might not fit properly, it is goings to keep your iPad in position.

  12. I bought the Hercules iPad holder. It is well-designed, but wobbles a bit, which is a bit worrying given that its holding an expensive device. But aside from that I’m happy with my purchase and I recommend it.

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