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Best Quad Monitor Stand – 2024‘s Review’s and Buyer’s Guide

Best Quad Monitor Stand 2018You’ll agree that having many monitors on your desk make it look messy.

It also inconveniences you, and cause back and neck pains.

So, the best solution to that is to get the best monitor stand for 4 monitors.

But, what really is the best monitor stand for four screens? Tune in while we unfold the best collection following our tests.

Well, there is a broad range of monitor stands. As a result, it can be overwhelming to pick the best quad stand hence we are here for you. We include an in-depth buyer’s guide to make your purchases effortless.

Now let’s review the best quad monitor stands 2024.

Top pick

Planar Large Quad Monitor Stand

  • Max Weight of 26 lbs Per Display
  • Cable Organizer & Free Standing
  • Vesa Compatible 75 x 75, 100 x 100 and 200 x 100

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We’ve tested 5 quad monitor stands and the winner is above!

Quad Monitor Stands Comparison Chart

Planar Large Quad Monitor Stand

Planar Large Quad Monitor Stand

DoubleSight Displays DS-430STA

DoubleSight Displays DS-430STA

Stand Steady MM4CLBL

Stand Steady MM4CLBL

Mount-It! MI-784

Mount-It! MI-784

MonMount LCD-2020B

MonMount LCD-2020B

Arm Capacity

26 pounds

22 pounds

17.6 pounds

22 pounds

16 pounds

Fits Screen Size


up to 32"



up to 27"








from -15° to +15°

from -45° to +45°

from -45° to +45°

from -15° to +15°








Base Type

Free Standing Base

Free Standing Base

Grommet Base or C-Clamp Base

Free Standing Base or Grommet Base

C-Clamp Base

Vesa Compatible

75 x 75, 100 x 100 and 200 x 100

75 x 75 and 100 x 100

75 x 75 and 100 x 100

75 x 75 and 100 x 100

75 x 75 and 100 x 100

Cable Management







23.2 pounds

28 pounds

15 pounds

21.3 pounds

20.5 pounds

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5 Best Quad Monitor Stands (as of April, 2024):

1. Planar Large Quad Monitor Stand – Editor’s Choice Review

Planar Large Quad Monitor StandPlanar Large Quad Monitor Stand has a great quality design and performance.

It is best-suited for professional gamers, programmers, and others who use many monitors.

As in the name, this is a large monitor stand to hold four monitors.

The vertical bar from the base measures 14 inches – a convenient height for your right posture.

Viewing multiple monitors has never been this easy. You can say goodbye to neck pains and eye strains that have troubled you before.

Screen size and weight limit

This editor’s choice lives to its expectations. We chose it based on its broad range of features and unparalleled performance. It supports a wide range of monitors sized from 25 to 32 inches. Well, that’s the higher range of high-end monitors. Sorry if you have smaller monitors below 24 inches.

Planar Large Quad Monitor Stand Review, Pros and Cons. Check our Editor’s Choice 2018

With regard to the weight limit, it holds up to 26 pounds per arm. So, in total it holds 104 pounds. That is a huge weight that needs a sturdy desk to put this freestanding quad monitor stand.


What is also impressive is the flexibility of the stand. It swivels at +/-20 degrees while tilting up and down at +/-15 degrees. All these adjustments give you the freedom to align the monitors with your posture. If working in a group, anyone can adjust the arms individually.

Installing the stand is a walk in a park. It is VESA compliant with standard mounting dimensions. So this shouldn’t be difficult at all to ace it. We’ve seen how other customers express their satisfaction and ease of installation. It seems that even the beginners can excel.

The product comes with the installation manual which should be easy to understand.


The good part is that this quad stand is a standalone design. It means you need no extra tools to install. All you need is to mount the monitors only. Adjust the stand and its arms before you mount the screens. It can feel very heavy to achieve that afterward.

Thanks to the cable organizer which helps hide cables. That’s an added advantage for anyone striving for a clear workstation.

Main Features

  • Supports screen size from 25 to 32 inches
  • Each arm supports weight up to 26 pounds
  • VESA compliance
  • Swivel side to side +/-20 degrees
  • Tilt up and down +/-15 degrees
  • Cable organizer
  • It is fully adjustable
  • Made of quality materials
  • Freestanding design, ease of installation
  • Supports large monitors
  • Hides cables for a clear workstation

  • Supports screen size from 25 inches, so smaller monitors are at a disadvantage
  • It is relative expensive

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2. DoubleSight Displays Freestading Monitor Stand for 4 monitors DS-430STA —  for Big Screens (Up to 32”) Review

DoubleSight Displays DS-430STADoubleSight Displays DS-430STA lives up to its promises. Our tests have proved that.

It is a freestanding quad monitor stand best-suited for monitors up to 32 inches.

That’s the same capacity our editor’s choice has.

Overall, the stand has great features. You can adjust it with ease to your comfortable viewing angles.

It swivels up to 90 degrees and tilts 45 degrees forward and black. These are the features that made us select it for you.

DoubleSight Displays DS-430STA Review, Pros and Cons. Check our Best Freestanding Quad Monitor Stand for Big Screens (Up to 32”) 2018

If assembling the stands stresses you, you are safe with this fully-assembled stand. That makes it simple to install it and then get going. Although it is a freestanding design, you can have clamps or grommets to fasten it. If you look at that base, there are holes that allow extra fastening to the desk.

Furthermore, the stand is VESA compliant. So mounting your screens shouldn’t be a hard thing. For monitors with 100 x 200mm, there is a conversion bracket.

Thanks to the sturdy design of the base. It gives a proper balance to the stand and monitors combined.

You may also consider the Cable Matters Mini DisplayPort. It’s a convenient cable to connect mini display port to the monitor with a display port. The cable transmits audio or video from computer to the monitor.

Main Features

  • Supports monitors up to 32 inches
  • VESA compliance
  • Conversion bracket for 100 x 200mm monitors
  • Fully adjustable sideways and height
  • Freestanding design
  • Easy to adjust
  • Easy to install this freestanding design
  • It has a sturdy base design
  • Supports large screens

  • Proper alignment of monitors is a challenge

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3. Stand Steady MM4CLBL Quad Monitors Stand – Best Stand with Clamps Review

Stand Steady MM4CLBLWith Stand Steady MM4CLBL, you can enjoy viewing your monitors in any position.

Gone will be the traumatic neck pain and shoulders’ pain.

This will also boost your productivity because you can swap screens in a blink of an eye.

Supporting monitors from 13 to 32 inches, the stand makes it easy to fit your existing screens.

It is also VESA compliant, so mounting should be easy.

tand Steady MM4CLBL Review, Pros and Cons. Check our Best Quad Monitor Stand with Clamps 2018

But, if you have different dimensions, you may consider the VESA 200mm X 100mm Universal LCD LED Adapter. The adapter makes it easy to install 200 x 100mm monitors that are not VESA compliant.

This stand is not a freestanding design, so you might need some handy work to fasten it. It comes with 4 clamps to make the installation easy for you. If you have a pre-drilled desk, that is great.

We have warned before that you must beware of setting up the stand on a glass desk. You need a sturdy table with quality materials.

Referring to adjustability, it tilts at +45 & -45 degrees. Also, it rotates -90 & +90 degrees and spin 360 degrees. To position to your eye level, the height adjusts from 3 to 35 inches.

This quad monitor stand is a hassle-free buy. It comes with cable management system to hide your tables. No need to see the cables lying around. Note that you may use either the clamps or grommets to secure the stand. Clamps are the best options if you need some flexibility.

While making your purchases, how about buying the Logitech MK520 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo? It provides you an encrypted connection and long-life battery. The setup is also easy.

Main Features

  • Arms support 17.6 pounds each
  • Fits monitors from 13 to 32 inches
  • Tilt -45 to +45 degrees, spin 360 degrees, and rotate -90 & +90 degrees
  • Comes with clamps
  • Height adjusts from 3 to 35 inches
  • Cable clips for cable management
  • VESA compliance
  • Full adjustments
  • Supports larger monitor sizes
  • Cable management to clear tables
  • VESA compliant

  • Weight limit of 17.6 pounds per arm not the best
  • Use grommets or clamps, so freestanding design lovers are in for a challenge of installation

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4. Mount-It! MI-784 Monitor Stand – Best Stand for Small Screens (up to 24”) Review

Mount-It! MI-784If working in computing environments, this Mount-It! MI-784 could be the deal.

It has both the economic and aesthetic appeal. And it is dependable to hold your monitors tightly.

Although it has a sturdy base design, you can fasten it with grommets.

The stand can mount up to 22 pounds per arm. That’s a great deal, isn’t? On the other hand, it fits screens from 13 to 24 inches. That’s most of the mid-sized monitors.

Having this monitor clears your workstation. It gives your workspace this professional appeal with the cable management system. Overall, the monitor stand is one of the best fully-adjustable mounts on the market.

Mount-It! MI-784 Review, Pros and Cons. Check our Best Quad Monitor Stand for Small Screens (up to 24”) 2018

It swivels at 360 degrees, rotates 360 degrees and tilts +/- 15 degrees. Also, the height can adjust with ease to align the monitors with your convenient posture. Bye to your neck strains.

We have no doubt the stand will integrate well with your office furniture. Thanks to its premium quality steel and aluminum.

It shouldn’t take you too long to install the stand. The package comes with the installation instructions. Moreover, the stand is VESA compliant.

If you use Acer monitors that are not VESA compliant, buy the VESA Mount Adapter Bracket for Acer Monitors. We know how popular they are while some do not match VESA measurement patterns.

Main Features

  • Supports screen size from 13 to 24 inches
  • Weight limit up to 22 pounds per arm
  • Swivels 360 degrees, rotates 360 degrees and tilts +/- 15 degrees
  • Made of aluminum and steel
  • VESA compliance
  • Fully adjustable
  • Quality materials
  • Heavy duty weighted metal base
  • Supports up to 22 pounds per arm

  • size of 24 inches excludes many larger monitors

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5. MonMount LCD-2020B – Best Cheap Quad Monitor Desk Mount Stand with Clamps Review

MonMount LCD-2020BIf you’re a color-obsessed person, then this monitor stand could be yours.

Weighing 22 pounds while holding up to 16 pounds per arm, it’s an unbelievably low-cost stand.

Whichever color theme you have, the stand can integrate well. It does not compromise the elegance of your décor.

The stand MonMount LCD-2020B provides you the freedom to align 4 monitors up to 27-inches. Not only that.

You can also adjust them to your liking. Move arms up, down, left or right to let go of posture-related strains.

MonMount LCD-2020B Review, Pros and Cons. Check our Best Cheap Quad Monitor Desk Mount Stand with Clamps 2018

Given this versatility, we’re convinced that MonMount Quad LCD Monitor Stand is one of the best products. Its low price can deceive many thinking it might perform less. However, during our tests it also fared well hence we chose it.

The stand installs with ease using clamps. No need for grommets which may prompt drilling the desk. Furthermore, the design is made with quality construction.

It will last long with its die-cast aluminum. All mounting hardware is included so no need for extra purchases.

To hold your keyboard and mouse well, we recommend the 3M Keyboard Tray. This product stores under your workstation. It can swivel, tilt and adjust to your liking. Not a product to overlook.

Main Features

  • Supports monitors up to 27 inches
  • VESA compliant
  • Die-cast aluminum construction
  • Weight capacity of 16 pounds each arm
  • Full adjustments
  • Clamps with ease, so no drilling
  • Adjust to your desired position
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Affordable

  • Weight capacity on each not the best

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Who are in need of the best quad monitor stand — Buyer’s Guide

Gamers, programmers, and other corporate professionals oftentimes use many monitors. Lining them up on the desk consumes lots of space. So, how do you solve this? It’s simple.

Get the best quad screen stand and de-clutter your desk. The desk will remain clear to hold other stuff. But, that’s not all…

Oftentimes, we suffer from back and neck pain due to inconvenient viewing positions. Our eyes get strains due to these unfavorable positions. How do we then prevent this?

The best solution to this is to get an adjustable multi-display stand. It helps align the monitors by rotating, tilting or swiveling. Also, it gets simple to adjust the height to match with your eye level.

Other options to consider: In some cases, you may need two dual monitor stands on a single large desk. That happens in a cooperative environment with two professionals each having two screens. In such cases, we would recommend the VIVO Dual LCD LED Monitor Desk Mount. It is one of the top-rated dual monitors stands with great features. You can also choose for six monitor stand

If you want only the quad monitor stands then it is fine, continue shopping. It’s undeniable that these quad monitor mounts offer the great convenience. Not only will you view with ease, but will also improve productivity.

How we tested these quad monitor stands

Have you ever bought a TV without testing it? Not a great feeling at all hence you won’t bother. The same applies with the monitor stands. You never know if it works for real or the seller deceives you.

For your convenience, we play an important role to test these products. Our team goes to certain electronics’ store to ask for permission to test these stands.

What we do is that we mount the stands on top brands. By following the manufacturer’s stated features, we configure the settings. For instance, we tilt, swivel or rotate to the specified angles.

There is a list of features to look for. These include adjustability, strength, quality materials, weight limit, and overall design. After testing them, we pick the best and review for you. So, all our products have gone through a rigorous test because we value your money.

Value section (How we picked)

Before we proceed with our reviews, let’s digest the most important features of these stands. We will also answer some common questions about the products. This will help boost your confidence when making purchases.

How to choose quad monitor stand // Quad monitor stand buyer’s guide

What are the advantages of quad monitor stands?

  • Align 4 monitors in a better position with your eyes
  • Prevent eye strains, neck, back and shoulder pain
  • De-clutter your workstation
  • Improve productivity
  • Enhance a co-operative environment
  • They are flexible and adjustable

What are the disadvantages of quad monitor stands?

  • They are often expensive
  • Lots of work to install if you’re a beginner

How to install the quad monitor stand?

Given the installation manual, it should be easy to get started. Watch this YouTube video to get a glimpse of how to install this product. The demonstrator installs a quad monitor stand, which can be helpful to you.

Before installing the stand, ensure that you have the right tools. Both the monitor and the stand must follow VESA (Video Electronics Standard Association) standards. If not, then find the VESA adapter (More info how to mount non-Vesa monitor —here). It’s important to verify this compliance before making purchases.

Also, make sure the desk is sturdy enough to withstand the monitor and total weight. A weak desk can damage your expensive monitors. Make sure the desk is not hollow, and it is not a weak glass. Again, for stands that mount with grommets, you may need a desk that has pre-drilled mounting holes.

Also important is how you manage your cables when installing these monitor stands. Leaving the cables lying around makes it hard to work on your workstation. Some products come with an advanced cable management system. It helps declutter your desk.

Things to look for when buying quad monitor stands

To make sure you do not regret your purchase, choose the product according to its best features. Like we did in our tests, it is important to consider these features. These include the adjustments, weight limit, VESA compliance, build-materials, and overall design.


The convenience we like about these monitor stands comes with their adjustability. It is the ability to configure the monitors to our custom positions.

Each stand may come with its adjustability features. Some, for instance, rotate 360 degrees while others at 180. They also tilt and swivel at different angles.

Also, height adjustability is important. It will help you adjust to your eye level so you can avoid bending your neck up. This is the feature we’ve looked at when choosing these products.

Weight limit

Beware of breaking your beloved monitor stand by installing overweight monitors. Each arm is designed to hold a certain weight limit. So, stick to it to prevent any damages to the monitor and the stands. In our products, we’ve highlighted the weight limits for each arm.

Coupled with this weight limit is the screen size. Most monitor arms hold up to 32 inches. Make sure you measure your monitor or consult the user manual before buying the stand.

VESA compliance

We have already touched on the feature of VESA compliance. To avoid mismatching monitors and stands, ensure that there is VESA compliance.

How to choose quad monitor stand // Quad monitor stand buyer’s guide

The normal dimensional patterns are 75 x 75mm, 50 x 50mm and 100 x 100mm. With products that do not meet these standards, there are often VESA monitor adapters. All our reviewed products are VESA compliant.

Overall design

These quad monitor stands come in different designs. While other stands have wall mounts, it’s rare to get wall-mounted quad monitor stands. We attribute this to the overweight of the monitors and the stands. So, many are desk-mounted. And the desk-mounted ones can come with grommets or clamps.

With clamps, it’s easy to clamp and get going. Moreover, clamp-mounted stands are mobile in that you can move and clamp onto another desk. And with grommets, you have to drill a table to fasten them unless it’s predrilled. This makes it more stable.

The other design is a freestanding mount. Often, this one has a strong base that can withstand the weight put on it. There should be the rubber under the base to protect the desk against abrasions.

Build materials

Different materials make up the design of these stands. Some are made of aluminum while others with chrome or steel. The combination of these metals is also the best. You have to assess the quality of the build materials on these stands..

Amongst others, they must be corrosion- and water-resistant. Also, what’s important is for the materials to match with the ambiance of your office. You do not need a stand that compromises the aesthetic appeal of your office or the monitors.

Cable management

Without proper cable management, cables will clutter your workstation. Look for the products that have the best cable management system. They hide the cables to keep the desk clear. Also, look for the stands that have USB cable or audio ports. They will give you a complete experience of working with four monitors.


Now coming to the most sensitive and deceiving part. The fact is that the quad monitor stands are expensive. As a result, many people opt for the cheaper ones.

Our advice is that you must prioritize the features over the prices. At the same time, do not be fooled by lower prices and then conclude the product is mediocre. Others are way too expensive, but provide the best value for money.

Wrap up!

This marks the end of our in-depth review. We have provided only the best that have undergone testing. It’s time to optimize your viewing experience with these quad monitor stands. We noticed how straining for many professionals to view monitors at inconvenient levels. They end up struggling from back and neck pains.

Amongst others, our editor’s choice Planar Large Quad Monitor Stand tops. It comes with great features despite its expensive price tag. Advanced professionals with advanced computing applications can benefit from this quad stand.

Best Quad Monitor Stand 2018

  1. The DoubleSight Dual Monitor stand is well-made and sturdy. It comes fully assembled. You also get all the hardware you need to mount the bracket and the mount. Once mounted, you’ll see that its very adjustable. One issue I had was with the brackets though was that one of them did not properly support my TV at the angle I want. I had to pull some tricks here and there to keep it at the angle I want.

    So although the stand is stable, the vertical adjustable part of the stand has a wobble. But if you don’t touch the TVs, its okay. Overall, the stand looks great. It has a great finish. I’m happy with my purchase.

  2. I am thinking of buying a quad monitor, but I don’t know how to set it up. I plan on getting three 25-inch monitors and one 34-inch monitor. One is to go above on a separate arm, so I can adjust it downwards. Is there a better way I could set it up?

    • It all depends on the mount. I would recommend getting a tall stand with an articulating spring arm for the 34-inch and triple stand for other three 25-inch monitors. So the tall stand should have adequate height such that the lower monitors will not impede on the movement/adjustment of the monitor that is above them.

  3. I love reading the reviews of a product before buying it. So here is a short review of the Mount-it Quad Monitor Stand.

    It works well
    It is well-built and sturdy
    Looks durable
    It has cable management
    It’s height adjustable
    Its affordable

    The design of the mount does not allow for monitors of different sizes to align properly
    The cable management is not so great

    So would I recommend this mount stand? I would if you don’t need the monitors to be aligned, but if you do, I suggest you get a different mount.

  4. I’m looking for a mount that can hold a 34-inch monitor, two 27-inch monitors, and a 24-inch monitor. So four monitors in total. I want to set it up where one monitor is overhead and the rest are at the bottom. But I’m an unsure what mount is the best, most affordable and most reliable to hold all that weight.

    Any suggestions?

  5. The Large Quad Monitor stand by Planar is quite sturdy. The only issue I had with stand is the VESA specs. The VESA holes are not as advertised. When I got the mount, I realized the VESA holes are rectangular and large, and not small and star shaped as seen in the product pictures. Besides that, its a great mount.

  6. How do I unmount a 27-inch monitor from its stand? I have searched the internet for an answer with no success. Can anyone offer some helpful information on how to do it?

    • Check to see if there are push buttons to free the stand cover. If your stand does not have these buttons, check if there are plastic panels. If your has panels instead of button, just pop them off to see the VESA screws that hold the stand to the monitor. You don’t need to use force to remove the panels. They have little tabs on the sides that don’t require much effort to come loose.

  7. I bought the Mount-it Quad stand to mount 4 monitors, and I was impressed with just how sturdy the mount it as well as the versatility of its holders. The holders adjust easily. So you can tilt and turn the monitors with ease.

    The product comes with a wrench for installation, which is large, making it easy to work with. The cable management is also great.

    The only problem, in my opinion, is the size of the base. Its quite massive and takes a lot of space. I have seen similar models with much smaller bases. But despite the size of this one, it does add to the stability of the stand, so its not all that bad.

  8. Got the MonMount LCD mount stand and its great. You can turn and tilt it. And it stays in position once adjusted. The only issue is that since its mounted on the wall, I had to drill large holes to mount it properly. It was not a big deal though. All in all, it works well. It is easy to install and the installation instructions are clear and easy to understand.

  9. Is there a way I can mount a monitor that does not have holes onto a stand?

    • There is no safe or even practical way you can mount a monitor that don’t have VESA holes. Some monitors are simply not designed to be mounted. If you really want to mount a monitor onto a stand, get one that has VESA holes. Also, ensure that the mount has the same VESA specs as the monitor, that is, if you decide to buy one that has VESA mounts.

  10. I recently bought a 32-inch Samsung Ultra-Slim LED curved monitor and it took a lot of space on my desk. So I decided to buy a quad monitor stand that can hold 32-inch monitors. After doing some research, I realized there were not many options available. And the one that had the most reviews was super expensive. So I decided to buy the Mount-it mount stand (I took a leap of faith on this one) because it was within my budget. And I’m happy I did. It was easy to set up and I have not experienced any problems so far and its being 6 weeks since I started using it.

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