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Best Single Monitor Stand – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide for 2023

Best Single Monitor Stand 2018Are you bothered by a cluttered desktop or uncomfortable monitor-viewing posture? Or, perhaps you want to adjust the monitor for your co-workers?

The best single monitor stand can rescue you in such cases. Monitors come with built-in stands or poles.

However, they are insufficient to afford you the best viewing angles.

Let alone full articulation, they do not match the adjustability of monitor mounts. After a lengthy research, we brought you the best products on the market.

Top pick

AmazonBasics K001387

  • Supports up to 32 inches and 25 pounds
  • Tilt Range 70° Back & 5° Forward
  • Grommet or C-Clamp

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We’ve tested 5 single monitor stands and the winner is above!

Single Monitor Stands Comparison Chart

AmazonBasics K001387

AmazonBasics K001387

Attollo Desk M103

Attollo Desk M103







Arm Capacity

25 pounds

17.64 pounds

22 pounds

17.6 pounds

17.6 pounds

Max Screen Size













70° back and 5°

from -85° to +60°










Cable Management






Desk Clamp

Grommet or C-Clamp

EZ Clamp

Sturdy Steel Base

Grommet or C-Clamp

Grommet or C-Clamp

Vesa Compatible

75 x 75 and 100 x 100

75 x 75 and 100 x 100

75 x 75 and 100 x 100

75 x 75 and 100 x 100

75 x 75 and 100 x 100



High Grade Steel

Sturdy Aluminum Steel

High Grade Steel & Aluminum

High Grade Steel


7.8 pounds

7.25 pounds

7.85 pounds

7.5 pounds

9.59 pounds

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5 Best Single Monitor Stands (as of October, 2023):

1. AmazonBasics K001387 Single Monitor Stand – Editor’s Choice Review

AmazonBasics K001387Starting off our list is the product we deem the best of them all.

That is, the AmazonBasics K001387.

What really inspired our choice?

Could it be its aesthetic colors or its aluminum construction? Well, there’s more to that.


This product excels in its adjustments. You can enjoy viewing your screen in many angles to prevent uncomfortable postures. No need for tools to adjust it.

The arm can extend to adjust to a desired height position and can retract. The tilt ranges from 70 degrees backward and 5 degrees forward. Although the forward tilt angle is not really one of the best, the backward tilt tops.

With this stand, you can extend the screen outward to 25 inches. The stand is 13 inches high, which we think everyone will love. You can also enjoy a portrait or landscape view.

Best Use

Because of its performance and design, the stand may be suitable for office or home use. It can match with lots of other furniture because most people are concerned about that.

If you have a cluttered desktop, then this monitor stand can come to your rescue. It holds monitors up to 25 pounds, which is one of the highest weight capacities on the market.

Any monitor up to 32 inches can fit with ease. It doesn’t matter which brand it is.


Everyone wants a product that installs with ease without spending too much on technicians. Most of our household gadgets are DIY-compatible. This monitor stand, too, is effortless to install.

Unfortunately, it is not a freestanding design if you were looking for a mobile stand. Nonetheless, its grommet or c-clamp installation is still effortless to handle. The c-clamp fits from 0.4 to 2.4 inches of the desktop thickness.

The aluminum base gives the stand a solid ground to secure your monitors. Also thanks to the cable management system which de-clutters your desktop.

Our choice is VESA compliant, with 100 x 100mm and 75 x 75mm dimensions. And so this should be even easier to mount the screen provided they match.


If there’s anything we would raise our concerns for, it should be the lack of color variance. The stand comes in a black finish only. So, if you are not someone who’s fond of this color then we are sorry. But, black matches with lots of colors.

You can ignore the color and choose based on its performance.

AmazonBasics K001387 Review, Pros and Cons. Check our Editor’s Choice 2018

Apart from this downside of color variance, the design of this single monitor stand stands out from the crowd. It has a full-articulating arm that can be configured in many directions. The base is strong and the pole is also strong.

What else is worth your attention? Oh, lest we forget, the mount comes with the aluminum construction which extends its durability. Aluminum is a lightweight metal. You’ve probably witnessed its prevalence in today’s cars.

The other downside could be the price tag. It costs close to $100, a price many would be discouraged to opt for. However, noting from the performance, design and quality of this stand, we would recommend to anyone serious about investments.

The manufacturer backs the product with a 1 year warranty. We wish this could have been at least over 5 years.

Main Features

  • Supports up to 32 inches and 25 pounds
  • Installs with a clamp
  • VESA compliant
  • Tilt backward 70 degrees and forward 5 degrees
  • Made of aluminum
  • Fully adjustable for multiple viewing angles
  • It is durable with aluminum construction
  • All hardware components for installation included
  • Portrait or landscape view

  • It is expensive
  • Forward tilt angle too little

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2. Attollo Desk M103 Single Monitor Stand – Best Heavy Duty Arm Review

Attollo Desk M103Appearing in black and silver, Attollo Desk M103 could be a great addition if you have shiny ambient theme.

The stand looks so aesthetically pleasing from a distance. You can use it as a décor too on your desk.

Appearance side, this monitor stand performs well in holding different brands of monitors up to 30 inches.

What we liked more is how it manages AV and power cables. No more dealing with lots of cable roaming on your desktop, thanks to the integrated cable management.

Also, the stand is flexible and adjustable. It swivels at 360 degrees, an angle that is rare in other monitor mounts. It pivot at 180 degrees and tilts from +85 to -60 degrees.

The pole is 15.75 inches high. That is a great height for most adults viewing TVs at home or for gamers.

Attollo Desk M103 Review, Pros and Cons. Check our Best Heavy Duty Single Monitor Arm 2018

Installing this stand is also effortless. It is also not a freestanding design, but an easy to install design.

It clamps to the back of your desk and comes with a detachable VESA plate. No need to purchase additional mounting tools because everything is included.

For accessories you may consider getting the Standing desk riser with sliding keyboard tray if you don’t have any. It gives you an additional compartment for the keyboard and mouse.

Main Features

  • High grade steel construction
  • Supports from 13 to 30 inches
  • Swivels 360 degrees, pivot 180 degrees and tilts +85 to -60 degrees
  • Clamp installation
  • Weight capacity of 17.64 pounds
  • Built-in cable management
  • Durable steel construction
  • Fully adjustable
  • Simple installation

  • Not freestanding, and so mobility is a disadvantage

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3. VIVO STAND-V001P Single Monitor Stand – Best Freestanding Stand Review

VIVO STAND-V001PHooray! Here’s a freestanding VIVO STAND-V001P you’ve probably been looking for.

Freestanding monitor stands are so effortless and marvel to have.

Besides, VIVO is a big brand, renowned for its broad range of quality monitor stands.

From single to multi-display mounts, the brand enjoys some dominance in the market.

This stand is not only affordable, but also performing so well. It tilts at 45 degrees and rotate at 360 degrees to the comfort of your co-workers. That’s a great tool to increase productivity with.

VIVO STAND-V001P Review, Pros and Cons. Check our Best Freestanding Single Monitor Stand 2018

It can also swivel at 45 degrees, thus reducing glares and light reflections. These adjustments also help in enhancing your viewing comfort.

If you have a screen ranging from 13 to 32 inches, this stand could be your best buy. It supports up to 22 pounds on the arm. Do not exceed this!

We won’t reiterate the ease of installation because the stand is itself self-explanatory. Simply mount the monitor using the VESA plate and get going. No need for grommets or clamps.

Also noteworthy is the cable management which clears your desktop. All in all this stand is a best buy. If you are tight on a budget there’s no excuse to get this mount.

To make your connections a cinch, consider the AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable. It can enable you to share internet connection without the need for an Ethernet cable.

Main Features

  • Supports from 13 to 32 inches
  • Weight capacity of 22 pounds
  • Tilts at 45 degrees
  • Rotates at 360 degrees
  • Freestanding design
  • Very affordable
  • Great angle of rotation
  • Full adjustable
  • Supports large screens

  • Swivel angle of 45 degrees not the bes

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4. WALI GSDM001 – Best Gas Spring Stand For One Screen Review

WALI GSDM001Among others, a 10 year protection caught our attention in this WALI GSDM001.

Feature-wise, it supports up to 17.6 pounds, which is not bad too.

But it is lacking compared to high-end mounts.

The screen size supports is 32 inches.

This brand is also popular with its high-quality monitor mounts. From durability, design and functionality, it performs well.

The tilt angle stands at -35 to +35 and swivels at 90 degrees. It also rotates at 360 degrees, which is a full rotation popular in high-end monitor stands.

You will be able to adjust the height to 23.62 inches and extend the arm to 18.34 inches. Thanks to the efficient gas spring the stand has.

WALI GSDM001 Review, Pros and Cons. Check our Best Gas Spring Stand For One Screen 2018

Installing the mount is also effortless. It comes fully-equipped with mounting hardware. And you have the choice between the c-clamp and the grommet. The user manual is also provided to make your installation easy.

In case your monitor is not VESA compliant, you may consider purchasing the Vesa 200mm X 100mm Universal LCD LED Adapter Plate. It is a durable adapter made of steel alloy.

Main Features

  • Supports up to 17.6 pounds and 32 inches screen size
  • Tilt +35/-35 degrees
  • Swivel +90/-90 degrees
  • Rotates 360 degrees
  • VESA compliant
  • 10 year protection
  • Fully adjustable
  • Affordable
  • Durable mount

  • Supports less weight

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5. VIVO STAND-V001T – Best Desk Mount Single Monitor Stand With Clamps Review

VIVO STAND-V001THere we are again with the VIVO brand.

We found many VIVO products of premium quality and chose these ones.

This model, VIVO STAND-V001T, supports up to 32 inches and 17.6 pounds of weight.

As in the name, it is extra tall for those enjoying higher viewing positions.

You only need a c-clamp to install it and it supports up to 3.5 inches thick desks. If you want a more stable installation you can also opt for grommets.

VIVO STAND-V001T Review, Pros and Cons. Check our Best Desk Mount Single Monitor Stand With Clamps 2018

This extra tall feature lies in the 31-inch of the center pole that can adjust the monitors at higher positions.

Unlike many in this list, this brand swivels at 360 degrees and rotates at 360 degrees. These are higher angles seldom seen in other mounts.

It also tilts at 45 degrees. Whether you prefer landscape or portrait, the monitor stand could be the best purchase for you.

It is VESA compliant with 100 x 100mm or 75 x 75mm mounting holes. We also liked its built-in cable management. No more clutter of cables on your desk.

We would like to recommend the The Anchor – Under-Desk Headphone Stand Mount to hold your headphones out of sight. Combine this with the cable management then you have more space for your important documents.

Main Features

  • Supports up to 17.6 pounds
  • Screen size from 13 to 32 inches
  • Center pole is 31 inches high
  • VESA compliant
  • 360 degrees rotation and swivel. Also tilts at 45 degrees
  • C-clamp on desks up to 3.5 thick
  • Integrated cable management
  • Manages cables using integrated cable management
  • Swivels and rotates at higher angles
  • Center pole is high enough at 31 inches

  • Not a freestanding design

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Who are in need of this and who are not?

In most cases monitors consume a lot of desktop space. You end up not being able to open your important documents because the desk is cluttered.

The single monitor stand can clear up your space. These monitors come with a broad range of features that outsmart your built-in stands.

Firstly, the built-in stands seldom adjust to desired viewing angles. Height adjustments, swivels and rotations are an advantage with the stands we reviewed in here.

Furthermore, these monitor stands are good from a health viewpoint. For instance, they help improve your viewing posture and prevent back injuries. You’ll also say goodbye to eye and neck strains.

Moreover, the stands help boost productivity at work. If you’re working with co-workers on a single monitor, you can tilt it to the convenience of others. Are you convinced already?

If you have multiple monitors, you may also consider dual mounts or quad monitor stands. VIVO brand never disappoints with a broad range of quality monitor stands. We recommend the VIVO Quad LCD Computer Monitor Mount.

How we tested?

A great satisfaction comes from knowing that the product has undergone tests. In our quest to provide the best single monitor stand, we have gone to the nearest dealer. It wasn’t that difficult at all because it took only a day to complete the tests.

How to choose single monitor stand // Single monitor stand buyer’s guide

How did we achieve that? Well, every stand comes with its claims. We wanted to prove or disprove these claims. In others products, we realized that they do not hold the weight capacity that the manufacturer states. All our chosen products live up to their claims.

Among others, we tested how adjustable the stands are. We took into account the tilt ranges, swivel and rotation angles.  Also, we tested the ease of installation and VESA compatibility. All these features are important to ensure that you have the best product.

Best Single Monitor Stand – Buying Guide

Let’s consider the best features to look for. The monitor mounts come in a myriad of features. That being said, it’s important to ascertain that you’ve chosen the best for your convenience.

What questions do you usually ask yourself before buying electronic equipment? While picking, we asked ourselves these questions:

  • Does the monitor arm have VESA compatibility?
  • What angles does it rotate, tilt or swivel?
  • Is it a freestanding design or not?
  • How easy is the installation? Does it use grommet or c-clamps?
  • What is the maximum screen size it supports?
  • What is the weight capacity of the arm? And many more questions…

Let’s answer them while helping you make an informed decision.

Does the monitor arm have the VESA compatibility?

If you are new to mounting electronics, you might be surprised that what VESA is. It’s also called Flat Display Mounting Interface. But the common name is VESA. These are universal standards for mounting electronics.

Knowing that your monitor supports VESA standards helps with the ease of installation.

The VESA mounting patterns often include 75 x 75mm, 50 x 50mm and 100 x 100mm. If a certain mount does not support VESA dimensions, you might have to purchase adapters.

And this is an extra cost you wouldn’t want to incur. We’ve played the big part on your behalf. All our chosen products are compatible with VESA. If you have non-vesa monitor you would know How to install non-VESA monitors

How adjustable the monitor mount is?

One of the main reasons that you’ve decided to buy a single monitor stand is adjustability. You’ll be able to adjust the height, or tilt forward and backward. Different stands come with varying adjustability points.

Others adjust with ease from the center pole to align with your preferred position. Some have gas springs for full articulation of the arm. In actual sense, you can adjust the monitor to any desired position allowable.

Take note of the different angles and heights that the mounts are capable of. The tilt range is also of great importance. The larger the angles the better. Also, the best monitor stands can rotate to a landscape or portrait view.

Which do you love most? Well, that’s a matter of preference. Most of these mounts can rotate the monitor at 360 degrees.

Is it a freestanding design?

What do you understand about a freestanding design? This is the design that needs no extra reinforcement for it to stand firm. Many modern mounts come as freestanding designs. Of course, this has lots of benefits.

Firstly, freestanding designs are easy to move around. They are also easy to install. So you do not need additional screws or clamps. Moreover, they minimize the damage on your desk that you otherwise have had you opted for grommets.

How to choose single monitor stand // Single monitor stand buyer’s guide

However, these positives about freestanding designs do not negate the importance of c-clamps and grommets. If you are never going to move your monitor, then opt for grommet installation.

It would be great if the desk has pre-drilled holes. Also, we advise against using glass desktops to install these mounts.

C-clamps are also good for the stability of your monitor mounts. Check the height of your table and that of the clamps to ascertain compatibility. You can still move the c-clamp around from one table to the other. The choice is yours!

What is the maximum weight and screen size that a monitor stand can hold?

Monitors are expensive, and so you wouldn’t risk it to fall by exceeding the weight capacity. Each monitor stand comes with its weight capacity, and we have indicated this in all the reviews. Please beware of exceeding this limit.

It guides you about the typical weights to mount on the arm.

Note that the monitor also exerts the force on the center pole and the base. A bulky weight can break the mount.

Also worth noting is the screen size. Some can hold from 13” to 32”. Check that as well by first measuring your monitor or referring to the user manual. Then you will know that you bought the right monitor stand.

Single monitor stands in general holds larger screen sizes than multiple-display mounts because the screens are not piled.

What is the best way to use the single monitor stand?

The best way is to take a good care of the stand. For instance, do not exceed the weight and screen size capacity. Avoid installing the stand on a weak desk, especially the ones made of glass.

Upon receiving your package, make sure all the components are included. You need the user manual to be able to install the product with ease. From what we have seen in our tests, you do not really need a technician to install the stands. It’s an effortless task if you are hands-on.

What are the advantages of using single monitor stands?

They make viewing monitors simple. No more bending your neck or your back to view an inconveniently aligned monitor. You have lots of options with these stands to adjust to your preferred position. Just choose the one with desirable angles.

If working in a group, monitor stands make collaboration an absolute breeze. You can tilt or rotate the screen to the attention of any colleague.

Wrap up

We have come to the end of our comprehensive review of the best single monitor stand. Although all these mounts are carefully selected, our editor’s choice remains the top.

AmazonBasics K001387 is expensive, but offers the best investment. It can enhance your viewing positions and thus boost productivity in your office.

Start today saving for the best single monitor mounts. These mounts surpass the built-in monitor stands that come with your screens. They are adjustable and very convenient.

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