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Best Top TV Mount Review

Best Top TV Mount ReviewThis article includes a list of the best TV mounts available today.

So, you are the one who is looking for a durable and user-friendly mount.

It is the most convenient option for many people to attach the TV on the wall with the following equipment because of lack of space in the room, curious children or simply they find it trendy.

No matter what the reasons are, you want to have it to meet your personal needs.

Everything seems very simple, right? Still, you can face a few moments that are important for consideration. In the beginning, it’s necessary to know what exact type of mounting you want to apply: tilted, fixed, or full-motion mount installation.

A tilted mount implies the possibility of moving your TV screen up and down. Concerning a fixed position, you should determine the exact place for bracket fastening as it will be fixed without any possible movements and changes.

And the last one mount type is definitely for those who prefer to change the viewing positions. All of them are good in their own way, but as you see, they have different purposes.

Review of the Popular TV Mounts

Most commonly, all advanced TV sets available on the market are too heavy and with a wide flat screen.

Of course, you can try and find something of a smaller size, but as statistics show, most people prefer the first variant. It is nice that you can select any type and construction of the TV mount today and cope even with a giant screen.

Hundreds of recommendations on the Internet concerning choosing the proper model and the ways of secured installation can bewilder everyone.

If you do not know anything about the material of your wall and cables inside of it, you can choose one more type of TV mount, namely a universal TV stand with a special base.

When each of the offered variants is still problem making for you, pay a professional who will provide qualified help with your television mount fixing, universal stand, and long cables. Well, that’s up to you.

Before starting the review of the most popular TV mount models, you should also remember that not all of them come with the special hardware to correspond to the standards of VESA size.

It is a paramount issue for TV owners as well as the matter of port access. For this reason, it’s better to buy the television with its special port.

Let’s check the best-rated television mounts on the Internet at reasonable prices.

TV Mounts Comparison Chart



  • TV Size: 37"-55"
  • Max VESA: 400X400mm
  • Support Weight: 88 lbs
Check Price


  • TV Size: 27"-55"
  • Max VESA: 400X400mm
  • Support Weight: 88 lbs
Check Price

Atlantic 63607232

Atlantic 63607232
  • TV Size: 40"-70"
  • Max VESA: 600X500mm
  • Support Weight: 132 lbs
Check Price

3 Best TV Mounts (as of October, 2023):

1. PERLESMITH PSTVS04 – Best Stands For 37-55 inch Televisions Review

PERLESMITH PSTVS04It’s important to point out that the size of the following device, PERLESMITH PSTVS04 Universal TV Stand, is very popular today, but you should remember about the mounting hole, which must be no more than 16 inches, less is ok as well.

The design of this bracket is universal; it can fit 37-55 inch flat-screen televisions.

Major benefits of such a TV-based stand:

  • You can adjust the height the way you wish. That’s a universal thing today. The installation itself generally takes 15-20 minutes, and you can choose 2 variants of fastening TV brackets, including 3 options for height consideration to be appropriate for various television sizes or applications
  • User-friendly setting. The availability of very simple service instructions to make the process of installation easy and fast for everyone. All the fittings are provided together with the item. In this way, this universal stand with a base to mount the television and additional components can meet your requirements and firmly carry your TV set on any table or desk. Forget about installation challenges with it

PERLESMITH PSTVS04 Review, Pros and Cons

  • High-level safety and security. This kind of TV bracket complies with all contemporary brand TV sets. Moreover, your living room or bedroom will get a new interesting look due to the black tempered glass of the base. At the same time, you should not be concerned about security and steadiness as everything is envisaged
  • Exceptional service of international standard. The product makers care about every customer and are very friendly when it comes to some product matters or questions about its installation. Generally, the clients do not have any problematic situations as they get all the essential mounting hardware for an easy and quick setting. When something goes wrong, and you have any challenges, tell the service about it
By the way, this mount option is a nice solution for those who find holes drilling in the wall something unacceptable.

Good quality and sturdy material of the following TV mount stand has been approved by a great number of customers. According to their testimonials, this piece looks wonderful, especially for small space rooms. It’s a great deal for an affordable price.

Main Features

  • Universal Design
  • Durability & Safety
  • 2 Options Of Mounting TV Bracket
  • 3 Sets Height Adjustment
  • Safety Lock
  • Cable Management
  • Black Tempered Glass
  • 15-Minute Installation
  • Support Weight Up To 88lbs

2. FITUEYES TT105201GB –  Best Stand For 27-55 inch TVs Review

FITUEYES TT105201GBThis option suits both very large televisions and those of a smaller size.

It may seem that the last will have additional clearance, allowing you to put some stuff underneath the stand.

What are the real benefits of this FITUEYES TT105201GB Universal TV Stand?

  • You can decide yourself what height to choose as there are 6 positions available to be suitable for different screen sizes or extra devices
  • Safe and secure construction that can hold up to 88 lbs. It has four rubber pads to prevent your TV from slipping and make the stand even more stable
  • It’s very easy to install it yourself without any external help. Moreover, the item includes the required guide with very detailed instructions concerning the installation. You will cope with this simple matter in 15 minutes
  • It has a lifetime guarantee. Besides this fantastic warranty, you can also try their great service if you have any questions. The installation is usually simple and convenient because of the typical hardware for mounting

FITUEYES TT105201GB Review, Pros and Cons

The stand will carry your television perfectly in position. It has great quality, heavy construction, and a nice look.

All the necessary tools are included for clear assembling.

One hundred percent that this TV mount will stand forever if only you decide to change it one day.

Main Features

  • Universal Design
  • 6 Sets Height Adjustment
  • Black Tempered Glass
  • Safety Lock
  • Cable Management
  • 4-Coner Non-Slip Rubbers Pad
  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • Support Weight Up To 88lbs
  • Lifetime Warranty

3. Atlantic 63607232 – Best Budget Option: Base Mount For TVs Up To 70 inches Review

Atlantic 63607232If you adore very large TV screens, this budget variant will be an ideal solution.

Why do many customers find this Atlantic 63607232 Table Top TV Stand a great decision?

  • It is height adjustable as many other resembling constructions. It is specially designed to carry extremely heavy televisions up to 132 lbs. The maximum possible TV set that will fit this mount is up to 70 inches
  • Having a small dresser or table, you can still apply this durable base mount
  • Attractive plastic covers will perfectly fit in any interior, and the specially covered base will protect your surface from any undesirable damage
  • VESA 600mm x 500mm

Atlantic 63607232 Review, Pros and Cons

Your television will usually be in the right position with this tabletop TV mount.

The holding system is extremely durable and stable as it is made of metal.

It has obvious benefits in comparison with many other TV mounts and also attracts customers due to its reasonable price and good looking design.

Main Features

  • Durable Sleek Design
  • Height Adjustable
  • Decorative Plastic Covers
  • Felt Pads To Protect Furniture
  • Heavy-Gauge Steel Construction
  • Durable Coated Finish
  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • Support Weight Up To 132lbs

Learn How to Choose the Best TV Mount

The variety of high-definition TV sets currently is fantastic, which gives you more options to choose interesting models and the screen of any size you want. They are ideally flat and can be easily mounted on the wall in your abode.

New interior trends lean towards a lot of space, which can be saved thanks to modern TV mounts. Giant television stands are not popular anymore; they actually and visually take plenty of living room space collecting dust.

Also, every TV mount is of different quality levels and prices. Consider the following things before you decide to buy a television wall bracket.

Look Over Your TV Set’s Technical Features

Find a wall mount that complies with the proper features of your TV. These special constructions are created in accordance with diverse television sizes and weights.

It is very important to be aware of your potential wall mount capacity because if you have a 50-inch television and you purchase some bracket that supports TV sets up to 34-inch, unfortunately, it can come to a sticky end for your expensive TV.

Look over the specifications one more time to secure from undesirable circumstances.

Consider The Function Of Your Mount: Fixed Or In Motion

Think about moving options of your TV mount if you have any screen position preferences. Mounts can be fixed or swivel.

Having a big spacious room with few sitting areas, it makes sense to have a swivel mount. In such a way, you can direct the screen to different directions in keeping with versatile social demands.

Choose The Best Method For TV Mounting

There are two types of mounting methods, the first is when the TV set has been hung very close to the wall reminding a certain frame, and with the second one, your television will be placed a bit far from the back surface. Choose the best variant for your home.

Best Method For TV Mounting

Take Into Account UL Approval and Price

Consider only tested TV mount models with specific requirements to guarantee safety for your home and television itself. A price is also one of the topical issues.

If you have an expensive TV set, it is reasonable to focus on the average or high price range to get a good quality of the equipment. Research many variants not to overpay and avoid those mounts made of cheap materials.

One More Great Tip Concerning The Wires

Once the TV set has been installed on the wall, it’s time to think about the cables and wires from different additional devices like HDMI cable, player, or DVD wires, which are very visible. You can buy some special devices, for example, tubing to hide the cables and perfect the view of your system.

All recommendations are based on the real statistics, feedback, and items available in the most popular shops to help TV owners place their home devices in a convenient and secure manner.


Which TV Wall Mount Is Best?

There are too many options currently, and all of them are of good quality. So it’s incorrect to highlight separate models as a lot depends on your TV set parameters, room size, and individual preferences. Still, the mentioned above variants of TV stands are good for consideration.


Is It Good To Mount a TV On The Wall?

Again, it’s an individual choice of every person. In general, there is nothing bad about the idea of mounting a TV on the surface. One of the obvious advantages is that it gives more free space for your floor and room. It is essential to make a plan in your head of proper position and installation.

Is It Safe To Wall Mount a 65 inch TV?

Everything is possible; the only thing is to be confident that your wall and the TV mount construction are durable enough to hold such a huge television.

Can All Smart TVs Be Mounted?

Today you can discover that the majority of flat TV sets are suitable for wall mounting. Please, ask about it before buying the TV. One more important nuance here is to be aware of the VESA option. You can find it on the television itself or the manual.

For example, “VESA 65” means that the same number should be indicated on your mount.

Now you know how to choose the best TV mount for your home, depending on the many factors described above. Many TV retail shops, as well as famous online platforms, offer to purchase both a TV mount and an installation service.

However, as you can see from the review, there is an abundance of constructions that you can install yourself without any hassle and troubles. Read the manual carefully and try it.

Determine what exactly a TV mount can fit your budget, television, and room. You will certainly find the best solution for your flat-screen TV to enjoy watching every day.

Best Top TV Mount Review

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