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Best Triple Monitor Stand – Top 5 Multi-Display Monitor Mounts in 2024

Best Triple Monitor Stand 2019Whether you’re playing online games or working, multiple monitors can be a challenge.

With the best triple monitor mount, you can solve the problem. No matter whether you have either problems with your health or some tech-issues.

Buying any of these tools for any purpose is a good solution for those who are real IT-freaks or just ordinary users.

And, as a result, you will enjoy viewing at optimal positions.

You’ll agree that inconvenient monitor positions can cause neck strains. Can also cause shoulder pains or eye strains.

You will have to align your body parts to whichever position the screen is. Today, we have advanced technologies with multi-display stands. These stands make it an absolute breeze to mount our monitors.

Before you make a decision of your perfect mount, you should decide on style you want.

We’ve done intensive research for you and have thus provided you with the best triple stands in here. Without thorough knowledge, it can be challenging to pick the best stand hence we came to your rescue.

Furthermore, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to help with your purchases.

Top pick

TechOrbits OF-MAA-0336

  • Suitable for 13″ – 30″ Monitors
  • Supports up to 20 lbs Per Arm
  • Articulating Gas Springs
  • SmartSWIVEL Self-Balancing Arms

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We’ve tested 5 triple monitor stands and the winner is above!

Triple Monitor Stands Comparison Chart

TechOrbits OF-MAA-0336

TechOrbits OF-MAA-0336

Jestik JM-S330B

Jestik JM-S330B

Mount-It! MI-2753

Mount-It! MI-2753



Mount-It! MI-2789

Mount-It! MI-2789

Arm Capacity

20 pounds

17.6 pounds

14.3 pounds

22 pounds

22 pounds

Fits Screen Size




up to 27"









from -90° to +90°

from -90° to +85°

from -90° to +90°

from -15° to +15°

from -80° to +45°


Heavy Duty Aluminum


Heavy Duty Steel

High-Grade Steel & Aluminum

High Strength Steel

Cable Management












Vesa Compatible

75 x 75 and 100 x 100

75 x 75 and 100 x 100

75 x 75 and 100 x 100

75 x 75 and 100 x 100

75 x 75 and 100 x 100


16.7 pounds

17.5 pounds

15.4 pounds

14.24 pounds

13.7 pounds

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5 Best Triple Monitor Stands (as of April, 2024):

1. TechOrbits OF-MAA-0336 Triple Monitor Stand – Editor’s Choice Review

TechOrbits OF-MAA-0336Among others, we’ve made our best choice which we feel surpasses all others with superb features.

Are you frequently hosting boardroom meetings or collaborating with your colleagues?

This multi-display could be your best betTechOrbits OF-MAA-0336 has a range of great features.


Starting with adjustability, this triple monitor stand embraces a full range motion. It means you can rotate it easily. Thanks to the SmartSWIVEL technology. It gives you the best experience to move monitors around to your preferred angles.

Adding to this are the self-balancing and sturdy arms. They can hold your monitors firmly.

The articulated gas springs make adjustability an absolute breeze for this monitor stand. They further help in supporting the weight of the screens.

Ease of installation

With VESA compliant monitors versus VESA compliant stands you never go wrong. Luckily, you do not have to drill your table with this design. It is freestanding, so it is easy to install it.

TechOrbits OF-MAA-0336 Review, Pros and Cons. Check our Editor’s Choice 2018

The universal VESA dimensions are 75 x 75mm and 100 x 100mm. To achieve this, you have to measure the distance from one screw to the other in mm.

Don’t worry if you have an issue with sagging of your monitors. The one thing you should do – to adjust it turning the hex screw with the allen wrench (already included) to the direction of plus ‘+’. It will increase tension so your monitors will be brought up.

It may occur that the point you reach by tightening will provoke the monitor all the way up. Just ease the screw back towards minus ‘-‘ and move the monitor down.

Don’t forget to check whether it springs back up. If needed, repeat.


The stand comprises of the heavy-duty aluminum materials. Aluminum is lighter and inexpensive, so it’s an added bonus to this monitor stand. However, the price does not rely only on the build material, but overall functionality.

Weight and compatibility

VESA compliance is already a done deal! What we left out is the compatibility of the monitor with the stand. Well, fortunate enough the stand meets the universal fit.

It accommodates from 13 to 30 inches of screens. That’s a huge range of size which we are certain it will fit most of monitors in the workplace.

Furthermore, with regard to the weight, the arms hold up to 20 pounds each. It’s a total of 60 pounds.

While still at this, please make sure you put this freestanding design on a sturdy desktop. We discourage against using glass desktops with such heavy multiple display mounts.

Interesting to notice that a warranty for 3 years with all supplies for mounting is included.

On average, this is a must-have monitor stand for multiple monitors. If you often host meetings or work on programming tasks, this could help a lot. It gives you the freedom to move the monitors around with ease.

Everyone can have his monitor adjusted independently. That will improve the posture level and preferred angle.

Special technology Smart SWIVEL helps self-balancing arms to be twisted, so your monitors will be set to your individual needs.

In case you do not have a sturdy and convenient desk, we recommend the Stand Up Desk Store Stand Up Computer Desk. It is a unique design with dedicated shelf for the keyboards. The desk is adjustable.

So, this convenience of the adjustable triple monitor stands yields a great investment.

Main Features

  • Each arm holds up to 20 pounds
  • Fit screen size 13 to 30 inches
  • Made of heavy duty aluminum
  • VESA compliant triple monitor stand
  • SmartSWIVEL technology for an improved adjustability
  • It is durable because of the heavy duty aluminum
  • Fully adjustable for convenience of use
  • Freestanding design
  • It is VESA compliant

  • It is expensive

TechOrbits Triple Monitor Stand SmartSwivel

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2. Jestik JM-S330B Triple Monitor Stand – Best Arc Stand Review

Jestik JM-S330BInterested in arc stands that bring multiple monitors closer to you?

Why not try this Jestik JM-S330B?

It brings the convenience of working on multiple monitors with others or alone.

One more pro for this thing it is an option of colors: you can choose between silver, black and white designs.

Thanks to its space-saving design, your working place will look neat and tidy, plus it will help you to make your work space free of any physical hazards.

It is made of high-grade steel which gives your monitor security and resistance from scratches.

Whether you’re busy with a huge programming task or web design, this arc monitor stand could rescue you. It will help you meet your deadlines and improve your productivity.

With Jestik Quick Release you can easily remove monitors when you need.

Jestik JM-S330B Review, Pros and Cons. Check our Best Arc Triple Monitor Stand 2018

Adjustment and weight

It’s easy to adjust the monitors to suit your posture so you can avoid straining your neck.

Simply move the monitors sideways or up & down to align with your viewing comfort. Note that the stand can only accommodate screens up to 27 inches. It is a few inches smaller than our Editor’s choice above.

Moreover, each arm can hold up to 17.5 pounds. Considering that it’s a freestanding design, it is strong enough to hold these weight limits. However, we still reiterate that make sure you have a sturdy table.

Installation and compatibility

Installing this stand and the monitors is a simple task. The triple monitor stand is a standalone design, and so it negates the need for grommets.

Also, you can attach the monitors with ease on it sine it is VESA compliant 75/100 dimensions.

Another feature of this monitor stand is a quick release feature. With this function you are able to swap out displays with no need to disassemble and reassemble everything.

Keep in mind! The mounts tilt via a ball-and-socket joint, but not the mechanism it is shown in the manual.

Also worth considering is the cable management system the monitor stand boasts. This clears the table and hides the cables.

For ease of media transfer, we recommend the Cable Matters Gold Plated 6 Feet. It is a high resolution cable to connect the computer to the monitor.

Are you looking for all-in-one solution for gaming or working? The Jestik Arc is the thing that will help you achieve a lot of goals in a healthier way.

Main Features

  • VESA compliant 75/100
  • Freestanding design
  • Tilt -90 to 85 degrees
  • Swivel and rotate at 360 degrees
  • Supports 17.6 pounds in each arm
  • Fits screens up to 27 inches
  • Arc design
  • Adjustable
  • Center pole height of 18.3”
  • It is a standalone design
  • Fully adjustable
  • Affordable
  • Has a cable management system

  • Aligning it can be a challenge
  • Screws may come loose so fasten them properly

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3. Mount-It! MI-2753 Triple Monitor Stand – Best Arm Review

Mount-It! MI-2753Mount-It! MI-2753 is one of the best triple monitor stands we value.

It fits screen sizes from 24 to 32 inches.

Moreover, it supports up to 14.3 pounds per arm.

While this may not be the best weight support, it still outsmarts many in its class.

The added advantage we applaud is the USB port, which makes it easy to play music or transfer media.

Many monitors are void of this feature. So it’s a plus advantage in this monitor stand.

Mount-It! MI-2753 Review, Pros and Cons. Check our Best Triple Monitor Arm 2018

Installation and design

Installing the triple monitor stand and the monitors is an easy task that an amateur can excel in. As long as they are all VESA compliant, installation will be effortless. You have the option to choose the grommet or clamp installation.

The sturdy design of this stand will work with the weight up to 22 lbs for each display. For more space you can choose either freestanding or grommeted base.

Well, if your table has the holes already, choosing the grommets would be advantageous. But, if you want to move from one desk to the other in future, then we recommend the clamp installation.

Like many others, it rotates, it tilts, and swivels. But it rotates at 180 degrees which could be a downside in a market dominated by 360 degrees rotation.

The tilt angle range from -90 to +90 degrees is not bad at all. The side monitor swivels 360 degrees, it allows you to use your monitors in the portrait or the landscape positions.

This triple arms can be adjusted to height on the vertical pole.

To tidy up your desk, the stand comes with cable management system. You can now use your table for the tasks it was intended for.

Moreover, all cable management is included. This stand may be mounted on the surfaces which are up to 2.5 inches thick.

To connect your monitors with ease, we recommend the SIIG 3 port DisplayPort. It provides multiple display modes for a variety of applications.

Main Features

  • Rotate at 180 degrees
  • Tilt at -90 to +90 degrees
  • 14.3 pounds weight support per arm
  • VESA compliance 75 x 75 mm and 100 x 100 mm.
  • Convertible grommet or clamp installation
  • Integrated USB 3.0 and audio ports
  • Fully adjustable with long arms
  • Convertible grommet or c-clamp installation
  • User-friendly cable management system
  • Includes the audio and USB ports

  • Weight support of 14.3 pounds is too little

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4. VIVO STAND-V003E – Best Cheap Triple Monitor Arm Review

VIVO STAND-V003EVivo is not a novice brand in the market.

It is renowned for its great quality of monitor stands.

The brand has single and multiple-display designs. This VIVO STAND-V003E is a true reflection of the brand.

Fluid articulation and being massive – these are the main attractions of VIVO V003E.

It comes as a freestanding design that supports up to 27 inches of screen sizes. On each arm, it can support up to 22 pounds monitors that are VESA compliant. Its design is sturdy enough to withstand a total of 66 pounds monitors installed.

VIVO STAND-V003E Review, Pros and Cons. Check our Best Cheap Triple Monitor Arm 2018

Adjustment and packaging

However, as always, we advise you to look for sturdy tables. And to avoid scratching the desktop, put a small mat underneath the base.

You’ll still enjoy the flexibility and adjustability in this triple monitor stand. It can tilt from -15 to + 15 degrees. Well, this is not the best when you compare with most of the products we have reviewed.

You can remove VESA plates easily to attach them to the back of your displays — you will get them sliding  right onto the back of the stand. The brackets of this monitor arm fit VESA 75x75mm and 100x100mm that allows 1” screen height adjustment.

The good thing though is that it swivels and rotates at 360 degrees. Also, you can adjust the height to your preference. Even when you turn or move the monitors, the stand will remain firmly in place.

One tip from us: do not assemble this stand completely at first. It is better to attach the mounts to the displays and only then just slide the displays onto the stand as one unit.

Are you working in a damp environment? The corrosion-resistant steel and aluminum can come to your rescue. They improve the durability and sturdiness when installing heavier monitors.

Cable management system also makes this stand attractive. It clears the desktop so you organize nicely.

To connect these monitors, we recommend the DisplayPort to 3x HDMI Multi Stream Transport Hub. It provides the best way to stream media on your monitors.

VIVO stand is a very heavy item. It is usually shipped and packaged in flimsy Chinese cardboard. But we are happy to inform that the only flimsy thing about his stand is this type of packaging.

No additional tools for installations are required. Everything you need for assembly and installation is included. The instructions are easy to follow.

Main Features

  • Fits screens up to 27 inches
  • Weight capacity of 22 pounds
  • VESA mount 75 x 75 mm and 100 x 100 mm.
  • Made of steel and aluminum
  • -15 to +15 degree tilt angle
  • Swivel and rotate at 360 degrees
  • It is VESA compliant
  • Fully adjustable
  • Sufficient weight capacity
  • Cable management to clear the desk

  • Does not come with the USB and audio ports
  • Does not have a pad at the base so it might scratch your desktop’s finish

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5. Mount-It! MI-2789 – Best Cheap Freestanding Triple Monitor Stand Review

Mount-It! MI-2789Are you on a strict budget but looking for a high-performing triple monitor stand?

This could be the best product you’re looking for. It fits from 19 to 24 inches of monitors.

That is a wide range of sizes to fit many of your household or office monitors.

Even if you have a built-in desk, this stand is for you. Even if you have 3 different screen brands, this stand is for you!

You may also mount any mic stand arm to the stand as well. It may make your the stand heavy because that mic can be not light. Try to use sticky tape in this case.

Mount-It! MI-2789 is one of the monitor stands you can bet with when coming to heavy monitors. In total, it holds 66 pounds, meaning each arm can withstand 22 pounds. The stand is VESA compliant so your VESA monitors will fit compatibly.

The quality of this stand is fine (even despite its price). You may use it in a configurations of 2 landscape and 1 portrait.

This stand is exactly what you want at the price you want to pay.

Mount-It! MI-2789 Review, Pros and Cons. Check our Best Cheap Freestanding Triple Monitor Stand 2018

Adjustment and compatibility

Gone will be your strained neck due to posture alignment. Then welcome to the excellence of Mount-it brand with good adjustments.

The stand has no tendency to tip over, even if there is a weight difference of the monitors. The monitors will be stable in the case of bumped into desks.

The arms can tilt down from -80 to +45 degrees while rotating and swiveling at 360 degrees. You will enjoy either a portrait or landscape view.

No fuss or sweat with installations. The stand is a freestanding design, and so it you can finish in a few minutes. No drillings needed.

Nice thing to point out is the little do-dads that corral and cords on the arms and center post. It works well and looks better than a bunch of zip ties.

If you look forward to sharing internet connection with multiple devices, we recommend the AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable. It meets the recent HDMI standards and negates then need for a separate Ethernet cable.


Mount-It! stand comes with all needed instruments. It has a wrench holder on the cable organizer. So you may use it to mount everything you need. The instruction book is written in a clear way by a native speaker, so you can read and understand everything.

It may take you some time to get things perfect. The adjustments are all there to male it right. It just requires some determination and patience.

Probably, you will need a helper (an extra pair of hands) to bolt this stand to your table. Because keeping the monitor stand upright while matching the bolt from underneath may be dangerous.

We assume that if you point monitors  inward towards you slightly, you will not get just a flat panel. This way you will have your left monitor edges fine but the third will stay a bit behind them.

To install this stand properly you need to have a tape measure and a spirit level on hand. Just because if you screw the base into the pole incorrectly, the displays will lean to the left or right. So take your time, measure the distance, use the spirit level to make sure that everything is ok before attaching the displays.

You may also use this base instead of the drill-in clamp. The holes line up perfectly, so the layout and height are easy to be adjusted.

Having this stand you will have no troubles with shaking, trembling or vibration.

Main Features

  • Fits up to 24 inches in size
  • Holds up to 66 pounds in total
  • Freestanding
  • -80 to +45 degrees of tilt
  • Swivel and rotate at 360 degrees
  • It is fully adjustable
  • VESA compliant
  • Freestanding design
  • Adequate weight limit
  • It is affordable

  • Screen size limit of 24 inches is insufficient

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49″ Ultrawide  Monitor vs Dual Monitor Setup vs Tripple monitor setup

I’ve always been a fan of three monitors since getting Samsung Ultrawide 49″.

Samsung Ultra-Wide Monitor comparing to Dual monitor setup and Tripple monitor setup

On this monitor, If I have multiple windows open and I can move them around anywhere I want regardless of bezel location.

So, in triple monitor setup you will see two black bars and in dual monitor setup, you’ll see one bar at the center. When you don’t see a bezel it allows you to have really fluid productivity.

Samsung has the utility that lets you create multiple views. With this utility, you can split your screen to 2-4 sections. But I find that much easier position windows where I want them to be positioned.

Ok, let’s compare it to dual and triple monitor setup.

First thing: if you use triple monitor setup before you know when you play games side monitors are stretching the picture. This monitor doesn’t have this issue. When you use this monitor you see nothing that stretch or blurred. It’s a pure vision. Which gives you just an incredibly wide point of view without losing any detail.

Second: when you use two or three monitors you a loose a large area in the center of the screen. When you have a web page on the center it split even if you are not losing any pixels, it’s not very easy to read.

So you need to work on the left or on the right monitor. And you never can use the advantages of the center section. For gaming, this black bar at the center is the worst thing comparing to Ultrawide display.

Price comparison

Samsung Ultrawide cost’s $999

Two monitor setup (2 * 27 inch) will cost 280-300*2 = ±$600

Three monitor setup will cost = ± $900

So I probably recommend to you buy ultrawide monitor instead of dual or triple monitor setup.

Who are in need this and who are not?

Have you ever been exposed to multiple monitors on your desk? Probably, you’ve seen how cluttered your desk is.

How about working in a collaborative work environment with many screens? All these are inconveniences of using triple monitors without proper multi-display mounts.

A triple monitor stand is a must-have to boost productivity in your workplace. One might ask how? Well, switching from one screen to the other might impede your productivity. With triple stands you can solve the challenges.

In a collaborative work environment, each employee can get his monitor. Thanks to the flexibility of monitor stand arms that we can tilt, swivel or rotate the screens.

Using monitors at inconvenient heights can also cause neck strains. A triple stand prevents that. It also helps to reduce the glare throughout the day. You can swivel, tilt or rotate the screens to your preferred positions.

Other options to consider in addition to the triple stands are dual monitor mounts and quad monitor stands. With these dual mounts, we would recommend the Mount-It! Dual Computer Monitor Mount Arm.

It is such an ergonomic and dependable monitor stand to improve your workstation. However, it is a bit expensive.

If you’re on a budget you may consider the VIVO Dual LCD LED Monitor Desk Mount Stand. Don’t be deceived by the lowest price tag, it has superb features this dual mount.

How we tested these triple monitor stands?

We are always vigilant when recommending products to customers. As a result, we do not fall for the promises of manufacturers without testing on our own. So, we have undergone several tests on these monitor stands.

A reliable and sturdy mount has unique characteristics. Firstly, it must be sturdy enough to accommodate a certain weight limit and screen size. The base should be sturdy too.

Again, the stand should have flexible and adjustable arms. Others have rigid arms which are still fine in certain conditions.

How to choose triple monitor stand // Triple monitor stand buyer’s guide

To undergo our tests, we went to a nearby store and have asked to conduct these stands. We took a variety of monitors following the guidelines with regard to weight and size limits. So, we mounted these screens and checked the stability of the mount.

Again, we took our time configuring the adjustments of these triple stands. Those that didn’t fare well we’ve excluded them in our reviews. Most of these stands can swivel, tilt or rotate to various angles.

In comparing these products, we’ve also taken into account their build-materials. It is important to consider this because durability depends on them. Among others, we have opted for those that have steel and aluminum as base build materials.

How we picked

Every product has its own value that makes it stand from the crowd. We’ve focused more on the value of these triple stands when making a final selection. That said, we would recommend you do the same so you remain certain of the best product you choose.

In this section, we discuss the most important features to look for in your purchases. We know how challenging it can be as an amateur looking for multi-display monitor stands.

There’s a lot at stake, and many people end up choosing based on prices. Not that it’s bad, but there could be tradeoffs when you base your decision on pricing.

How to choose the best triple monitor stand?

Without wasting much of the time, let’s consider the important valuable features. These include, among others, the weight capacity, and adjustability, build materials, VESA compatibility, mount type, and the screen size.

Weight Capacity

When mounting your monitor, do not exceed the weight capacity the manufacturer recommends. That could jeopardize the durability and send you to the store again.

In our reviews, we’ve highlighted the weight capacities of these stands. Each arm has a specific weight limit that guides you to mount certain monitors.

The weight capacity is also influenced by the strength of the pole and the base. We, therefore, reckon you look for the overall weight of the monitor. Also, check that of the stand.

Bear in mind that the combination of the monitors and the stands yield a heavyweight product. So, you need a sturdy desktop. A glass table could be inconvenient to mount such a heavyweight combo.

Screen Size

The size is also important to ensure that the monitors and the mount complement each other. These screen sizes use inches, so familiarize yourself with them. The user manual included should clearly state that.

Most mounts accommodate from 13 inches to 28 inches. Large ones accommodate up to 32 inches. The inches of the monitors are somehow related to the weight, so check that out to avoid having a bad experience.

Mount types

These stands come in different mount types. Others mount on the walls while some on the table. In our reviews, however, we’ve only included the triple monitor stands that mount on the table. Others are freestanding designs.

The wall-mounted stands are not as sturdy as those that mount on the desk. If you need mobility, the C-clamped and freestanding monitor stands could be the best choices.

How to choose triple monitor stand // Triple monitor stand buyer’s guide

And if not, then you may opt for the grommet option where you have to bolt in the stand through a hole in the table. This would be better if the table already has the hole for grommets. Otherwise you will have to drill through the table.

Equally important, you have to get a sturdy desk. It should withstand the heavy monitor stand plus the monitors. A weak desk can collapse upon installing your screens on it.

VESA Compliance

When buying these triple monitor stands, buy VESA compliant products. VESA is a standard compilation of mounting measurements for electronic products.

A failure to get the VESA specifications right can lead to disappointing purchases. Other manufacturers want you to get the VESA adapters.

How to choose triple monitor stand // Triple monitor stand buyer’s guide

In general, VESA specifications are 50 x 50mm, 75 x 75mm and 100 x 100mm for these monitors. Consult with your user to find out these specifications.

Flexibility of the stand

Flexibility is a key in multi-display monitor stands. The main reason you consider these monitors is that you want to be flexible. That will be easy to navigate across spreadsheets.

A rigid stand can expose you to the neck strains and shoulder pains while trying to adjust your posture.

Coupled with flexibility is adjustability of these monitor stands. Many of our products come with adjustable joints. They can tilt, swivel or rotate in a variety of angles.

Consider these angles when making your purchases. The best would be the one that swivels at large angles. The angle of rotation is the same in our products at 360 degrees.

There are many factors that contribute to flexibility. These include the articulated gas springs. They make it easy to adjust the monitors’ height or move them around.

Cable Management System

Have you ever seen how disorganized a desk with multiple monitor stands look like? It becomes unusable for other tasks other than being used as a monitor stand holder. This can be solved.

How to choose triple monitor stand // Triple monitor stand buyer’s guide

Upmarket monitor stands come with integrated cable management systems. Gone will be your messy workspace. You can hide your HDMI, DVI or VGA cables in the stands. Not only does this make your desk tidy but also enhance the ease of installation.

Build materials

Knowing that monitor stands hold expensive monitors, you must buy good quality. This starts with the best build materials. From the arms to the pole and the base, the monitor stand should have good quality build materials.

Because these stands are heavy, they can ruin your desktop’s elegant finish if the base is abrasive. To avoid that, we recommend considering monitor stands that have rubberized bases.

Also, the overall design should have steel and aluminum. These materials have a top-notch quality.


The last point to consider is the pricing factor. You may wish to have an upmarket triple monitor stand, but your budget has the final say.

We have chosen a great deal of affordable mounts in our product reviews. But, do not be deceived by the price tag because the stands have quality features.

It would be great to consider the overall features in addition to the price. The price alone does not, however, guarantee quality products.

Some extra features such as USB ports and Audio ports can influence the price of these monitors. Also, note that aluminum is generally cheaper than steel. So, the aluminum stand will cost less compared to the steel stand.

Is a triple monitor setup worth it?

Triple monitor stands have so many benefits for many professionals. These professionals are often Web designers, programmers, gamers, and others.

Likewise, there are some disadvantages of using these so we will highlight them.


  • Increased productivity at work when using multiple displays
  • Use many programs at the same time
  • Boost your performance
  • Provides a lot of immersion
  • Collaborate with ease with co-workers
  • Navigate with ease across your spreadsheets
  • Prevent neck strains by improving posture
  • Provide you ample space compared to having multiple individual monitors on one desk. Check the picture hereunder with individual monitors. You can see there’s not much of space left


  • Multiple screens can be distractive, especially in social media platforms. You may be tempted to open social media networks on other screens.
  • Multiple screens are costly
  • Lack of desk space if no cable management system

Wrap up!

We’ve come to the end of our comprehensive review of the best triple monitor stands on the market. These stands are a must-have in offices or residences. They make watching or playing games simple.

Again, they improve productivity for professionals who often work with multiple monitors. These could be web designers or programmers.

We trust that you will find our reviews helpful. The buyer’s guide has highlighted the most important features to consider.

Our Editor’s choice tops all the products. It has all the features you would expect in a high-profiled triple mount. The downside is that it is the most expensive.

Nonetheless, if you are serious about investments then that price is not bad at all. It is fully adjustable and flexible, so using it will be advantageous. Moreover, it can hold heavy monitors with a sturdy base and arms.

Best Triple Monitor Stand 201

  1. I was looking for a stand that could hold three of my monitors. Two of which are 23.6 inches and the other is 20-inches. I was looking for a free-standing option as I did not want to use the bolt-through or clamp-on type of stands. And they are not many standalone options. So after reading the reviews for some of the ones that are available, I decided to get the Vivo Triple mount stand.

    And honestly, although the stand is heavy, it is well-made. It comes with all the tools you need to assemble it. The instructions were easy to understand and follow. It took me less than 30 minutes to mount all my three monitors.

    I can confidently say that the stand is sturdy and stable. What I can advise anyone who buys this stand is not to fully assemble it and then mount their monitors. It’s better to first attach the monitors to the mounts and then place it onto the pole. It is quite easy to do. You don’t even need help to set up the whole unit.

  2. The Jestik Arc triple mount stand is very nice. I’m using it with my three Dell 24-inch monitors and it looks amazing. It was easy to assemble and it adjusts easily. Given the price tag, this unit is great. The base might be a bit big, but it has a good height.

  3. I was looking for a stand that can create desk space and the Techorbits triple monitor stand did just that. I mounted it on my desk and then mounted three 24-inch curved, frameless gaming monitors and it looks great. I had to do some tightening and tweaking to align them. But once you have aligned them, the monitors won’t sag or droop.

    So I would recommend the monitor stand to anyone looking for a solid stand that allows you to align your monitors with little effort. Bear in mind though that setting up this stand and mounting your monitors and aligning is not going to take a few minutes. The setup requires patience and some tightening and tweaking.

  4. I’m pretty happy with my Mount-It stand. But there are two main issues I have with the stand:
    The instructions are hard to understand. The pictures are small and they don’t have highlights or descriptions
    The stand is not very stable particularly when there are three monitors attached to it

    Also, it’s a bit difficult to adjust the angles and height of each monitor once it is assembled. But aside from all that, the stand does what it’s designed to do. I can use and see my monitors without a problem.

  5. The Mount-It! MI-2753 model is great. It is sturdy and it declutters my desk. It is extremely adjustable. You are not going to have a problem with tilting or turning it.

    The installation instructions, however, are terrible. If you are not good with machinery or putting things together, then setting up this unit might be a challenge.

    Also, make sure that your monitors have VESA standard wall mount capability. Otherwise, the stand is not going to work with your monitors.

  6. I’m looking to get a triple monitor mount that is capable of holding 23-inch monitors. I would like to attach it to my Linnmon desk using a clamp, but I’m worried that the weight might be a bit much for a desk and clamp. My desk is hollow and light.
    Plus I want the clamp not to take too much space. I’m considering a horseshoe style mount, but does it take a lot of space? And is it an ideal option? Any suggestions or feedback is welcome.

    • I would not suggest clamping the stand onto your Linnmon desk. The desk is hollow and light because inside its made of some type of cardboard, so the desk is not very sturdy. When I got my first triple monitor mount stand, I attached it to my desk using a clamp, and let’s just say, I had to get a new desk. I would recommend the horseshoe style mount. It works well if you have a Linnmon desk.

  7. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a desk mount vs wall mount?

    • When it comes to usability, if you will always use a desk, then a desk mount would be a more ideal option. It is easier to place a desk anywhere you want or move it around. If you go with the wall mount, you have to find the right place to install it, which means you cannot mount it anywhere you want to on your wall.

  8. Mount-It! MI-2753

    Easy to set up
    Solid space
    Creates space on your desk

    Aligning the monitors is a nightmare
    The VESA mounts are not very solid
    Does not do a good job of holding ultrawide monitors. They seem to wobble and sag

    Overall Review:
    The adjustability is great and the mount feels solid although the VESA mounts are not so great.

  9. Got a second Jestick stand and its as fantastic as the first one. It has a rugged construction, easy to put together, and tweaks well when aligning three screens.

  10. The TechOrbit three monitor stand is a good product. It works well. The instructions are brief and informative. The only issue is that I cannot rotate my Samsung 28-inch monitors because the mount points are at the top and not center of the monitor.

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