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7 Best Wearable Spy Cameras to Catch Anyone in the Act – #1 Buyer’s Guide

Best Wearable Spy CamerasThere are a ton of reasons to shop for a wearable spy camera.

Perhaps you want to record every detail discussed in an important work meeting.

Maybe you need to confront someone and want cold hard evidence beforehand. Whatever the reason, there’s a wearable spy camera out there for you.

Unfortunately, choosing the best wearable spy camera for your situation and needs is no easy feat.

Not only are there a million things to consider, such as video quality and Wi-Fi connectivity, but there are literally hundreds of different wearable spy gadgets out there to choose from in all types of designs.

To help make your choice an easy one, we’ve dug deep into the spy world, reviewed some of today’s best wearable spy cameras, and created this handy guide to point you in the right direction.

Top pick

NIYPS Mini B076HMSQ2L Wearable Spy Camera

  • The smallest portable hidden camera
  • Removable Mirror and Magnet
  • Recording While Charging

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We’ve tested 7 wearable spy cameras and the winner is above!

Wearable Spy Cameras Comparison Chart



Joytrip Portable 8595776447

Joytrip Portable 8595776447

Portocam POT21 Hidden Spy Pen

Portocam POT21 Hidden Spy Pen

TOUGHSTY Mini 8595763356

TOUGHSTY Mini 8595763356

Ehomful Mini 3216555957

Ehomful Mini 3216555957

Eyeclub Loop Video Recorder

Eyeclub Loop Video Recorder

Cam Mall Wi-Fi Mini 8595775482

Cam Mall Wi-Fi Mini 8595775482

Product Dimensions

0.9 x 0.7 x 0.9 inches

1 x 1 x 0.9 inches

7 x 3.1 x 2 inches

4.4 x 2.6 x 2.1 inches

4.4 x 1 x 0.6 inches

6.5 x 3.8 x 2.3 inches

3 x 1.1 x 0.7 inches


0.7 ounces

0.64 ounces

7.2 ounces

2.56 ounces

2 ounces

7 ounces

3.2 ounces

Video Resolution








Picture Resolution








Frame Rate

30 fps

30 fps

30 fps

30 fps

30 fps

30 fps

30 fps

Memory Card

4 - 32GB T-Flash Card

Max up to 32GB

T-Flash Card Max up to 64GB

16GB Micro SDHC Class 10 SD Card Built-in
Support 64GB Micro SDXC Class 10 SD Card in Max

T-Flash card Max up to 64GB

8GB Micro SD Card Built-in

128GB Memory Card

Battery Type

Built-in Lithium Battery

Lithium Polymer Battery

Built-in Battery

Rechargeable Polymer Lithium Battery DC3.7V

Lithium Battery

Lithium Ion Battery (Included)

In-built Battery with USB Charging Cable

Battery Capacity





1.5 hours Rechargeable

Rechargeable (Adapter or PC)


Working Time

About 50 minutes

40 minutes

180 minutes / 90 minutes (night)

100 min

Up to 3 hours


Almost 2 hours

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7 Best Wearable Spy Camera (as of May, 2024):

1. NIYPS Mini B076HMSQ2L Wearable Spy Camera – Best All-Around Review

NIYPS Mini B076HMSQ2LThe NIYPS Mini B076HMSQ2L is incredibly discreet, utilizes powerful night, and is priced right, which are just a few of the reasons many consider it the best all-around wearable spy camera being sold today.



Style and Design

This nifty little device only measures one cubic inch and weighs a mere 3.2 ounces. Designed to look like a little magnetic dice, it can be hidden away almost anywhere, including your clothes. When cleverly placed, no one will ever notice it’s there.

NIYPS Mini B076HMSQ2L can be hidden away almost anywhere

Spy Features

While there are even smaller and more discreet wearable spy cameras, the features of the NIYPS make it stand out from the pack.

In addition to recording video in full 1080p HD at 30 frames per second and shooting photos in 960p, it features not one or two but four infrared LED lights for impressive night vision.

It also features motion sensor technology and only records when motion is detected.

NIYPS Mini B076HMSQ2L Review, Pros and Cons.

Whenever the lens detects motion, it will take pictures and begin recording video. This allows you to quickly see important footage without scanning through hours upon hours of nothingness.

NIYPS Mini B076HMSQ2L will take pictures and begin recording video

Last but not least, it has a loop recording feature that overwrites old videos and stores new ones whenever storage space begins running out.

Speaking of running out, the NIYPS comes equipped with a 240 mAh battery that shoots and records nearly an hour of footage per charge.

NIYPS 1080P Portable

Via: @coolstuffblast

Main Features

  • High quality images with FULL HD 1080P DV DC
  • Import HD camera lens
  • Mini shape, portable handheld DV
  • Recording high-definition video in low-light conditions
  • Video format: 1920X1080P, Motion detecting video: 1080P
  • Photo mode: 960P(1280×960)
  • USB2.0/USB2.1 interface
  • Support 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB T-Flash card(TF card not include)
  • Built-in lithium battery 240mAh, working time about 50 minutes
  • Support system: Windows me/2000/XP/2003 ista; Mac os; Linux
  • Small and discreet
  • Night vision
  • Excellent motion detection
  • Well-priced

  • More storage space would be nice
  • Battery life could be longer

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2. Joytrip Portable 8595776447 Wearable Spy Camera – Best Value Review

Joytrip Portable 8595776447There are plenty of wearable spy cameras out there to choose from, but the Joytrip Portable 8595776447 is loaded with features that separate it from its competitors.



Style and Design

Like the NIYPS, this JOYTRIP is only one cubic inch in size and weighs next to nothing. It’s also cube-shaped and can be placed virtually anywhere in your house or on your person to capture any evidence anywhere.

Joytrip Portable 8595776447 can be placed virtually anywhere in your house or on your person

However, in addition to being fully magnetic and sticking to any iron-based surface, it also has a handy hole, allowing it to be attached to a lanyard or necklace for effortless spying while out and about and on the go.

Spy Features

In terms of spy features, this mini wearable spy camera shoots full HD video in 1080p, allowing it to deliver cinema-quality video despite its small size and affordable price.

It also has a take picture function and motion detection, which is great for saving battery life.

Joytrip Portable 8595776447 has a take picture function and motion detection

Speaking of battery life, the JOYTRIP’s built-in rechargeable 240mAh lithium battery lasts for 40 minutes when fully charged. This is a bit shorter than the NIYPS and some of the other spy cameras on this list.

Nonetheless, it’s still plenty of time to record a variety of situations and conversations.

Joytrip Portable 8595776447 Review, Pros and Cons.

While it doesn’t support Wi-Fi and can’t connect to a phone or tablet, it has TV and PC output modes, offers loop recording, and is capable of recording while charging as well.

Main Features

  • Small portable pocket body camera (0.98in cube)
  • Built-in strong magnet which can adsorb on any iron surface
  • Smart Motion Detection
  • Connect to AV cable and turn on TV display
  • Can service as a USB flash driver, copying, cutting, pasting, deleting and formatting supported
  • No support Wifi
  • Full HD 1080 resolution
  • Built-in 240mAh battery can works for 40 mins
  • Can plug into a battery pack or power outlet via the USB charger for a long time recording
  • All JOYTRIP products have a 12-month worry-free warranty
  • Small and compact
  • Very versatile
  • Great video and picture quality
  • Good value

  • Doesn’t support Wi-Fi
  • Can’t connect to phone or tablet

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3. Portocam POT21 Hidden Spy Pen Wearable Spy Camera – Most Discrete Review

Portocam POT21 Hidden Spy PenThe Portocam POT21 Hidden Spy Pen doesn’t receive nearly the credit it deserves.

This high-tech pen checks all of the boxes, including the ability to record in 1080p, an expandable memory capacity, and a night vision feature for crystal clear recording any time of day.


Style and Design

Some of the best spy devices are made to look like something else, and the same is true for the Portocam POT21 Hidden Spy Pen. It’s designed to look like a normal pen, giving it the perfect disguise and making it right at home in any shirt pocket.

The Portocam POT21 Hidden Spy Pen is designed to look like a normal pen

The camera lens is positioned at the base of the “pen,” making it perfectly positioned to provide a great view from the inside of a shirt pocket. It looks just like a normal pen, and only someone who knows about camera pens would be able to detect it.

Spy Features

The POT21’s camera is pretty powerful for a standalone camera, let alone a pen. When its large 400mAh lithium ion battery is fully charged, it can record for approximately three hours before it needs recharging.

At night with the use of night vision, it can record 90 minutes, which is still substantially longer than many other wearable spy cameras.

However, since it uses motion sensors to trigger video recording, most people can go days before needing to give it more juice.

As mentioned, the Portocam POT21 Hidden Spy Pen delivers full 1080p video recording. Unfortunately, it can’t take pictures and doesn’t record audio, which is somewhat limiting.

Portocam POT21 Hidden Spy Pen Review, Pros and Cons.

Nonetheless, as far as discreetness and video quality is concerned, this Portocam is tough to top.

Main Features

  • HD 1080P & Covert Real Pen
  • Exclusive night visibility
  • Able to produce a visible black and white image in the pitch black
  • Easy operation wiht the one button
  • Built-in 400mAh battery
  • Recording time up to 180 minutes in day and up to 90 minutes at night
  • POT21 pen camera doesn’t record audio
  • Can’t take pictures
  • SD card and card reader are NOT included
  • The video clip is 2 minutes at one time
  • Doesn’t come with refill ink
  • Looks and works just like an ordinary pen
  • Great video quality
  • Night vision
  • Long battery life

  • Doesn’t record audio or take pictures
  • Unable to adjust resolution or framerate
  • Refill ink not included

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4. TOUGHSTY Mini 8595763356 – Best Battery Life Review

TOUGHSTY Mini 8595763356Like to smile? Have a sense of humor?

If so, the TOUGHSTY Mini 8595763356 may be just right for you.

This smiley face badge pins to any shirt for undetectable recording in almost any situation.


Style and Design

While it looks just like a common yellow and black smiley face pin, one of its eyes has a tiny camera hole to allow for innocuous video recording. Since the lens is black, it blends right in with the pin’s black eyes for complete invisibility.

TOUGHSTY Mini 8595763356 has a Reset button and USB Port

Spy Features

In addition to recording video from 30 or fewer feet away, the TOUGHSTY Mini Hidden Shirt Camera can also take pictures in 960p resolution, which is a nice touch and certainly adds to its versatility.

Thanks to its 16GB internal memory, it can stay powered for up to 120 hours between charges when not being used, record up to two hours of video, and take thousands of pictures.

TOUGHSTY Mini 8595763356 Review, Pros and Cons.

Of course, like most wearable spy cameras, it can also connect to a PC for easy viewing and file management.

On the downside, it only records video in 720p, so its resolution isn’t the best. It also has a limited viewing range that’s slightly narrower than the other wearable spy cameras on this list.

All that being said, it offers discreet spying capabilities and unmatched versatility for a price that can’t be beat.

Main Features

  • Real-time Video Recording
  • 16GB Micro SDHC Class 10 SD Card Built-in
  • Support 64GB Micro SDXC Class 10 SD Card in Max
  • Video Resolution: 720*480
  • Video Frame Rate: 25/30fps
  • Operating Battery Life Time: 100min
  • Video Format: AVI
  • 3.7V 215mAh Polymer Lithium Battery Built-in
  • Mini USB Port
  • Extremely undetectable
  • Records video and takes pictures
  • Easy-to-use design
  • Long battery life

  • Cannot view live video
  • Lower video resolution

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5. Ehomful Mini 3216555957 – Most Budget-Friendly Review

Ehomful Mini 3216555957The Ehomful Mini 3216555957 is our top budget pick.

However, just because it won’t cost you an arm and a leg doesn’t mean it isn’t powerful.

Despite its low price tag, it’s one of the most advanced wearable spy cameras on this list.


Style and Design

Above all else, a wearable spy camera should be discreet. This doesn’t mean it necessarily has to be hidden in the typical sense. The Ehomful Mini 3216555957 is designed to look exactly like a USB, allowing it to hide right in plain sight.

Since everyone carries around USBs these days, it’s completely unsuspicious.

The Ehomful Mini 3216555957 is designed to look exactly like a USB, allowing it to hide right in plain sight

You can stick in a shirt pocket or clip it to your coat or bag and record away in super sharp full HD. You can even clip it to a lanyard and wear it around your neck. No one will be the wiser.

Not only does it only weigh a few ounces, but it has an easy-to-use sliding on/off switch and offers one-touch recording and pausing for effortless, discreet recording in any situation.

ehomful Body Camera HD 1080P

Via: @yuki_li63

Spy Features

Best of all, despite its low price, this wearable spy camera can record video in full 1080p HD at 30 frames per second.

It also offers a reasonably wide 140-degree field of view, and even though it lacks night vision, it records quite well in low light conditions.

Loop recording is also available, so new videos will record right over old ones whenever the micro SD card fills up. The Ehomful’s built-in rechargeable battery is impressive as well.

Ehomful Mini 3216555957 Review, Pros and Cons.

At 550mAh, it provides up to three hours of continuous video recording. When it’s time to charge it or view recordings, just pull the top off, plug the USB into your computer, and you’re good to go!

Main Features

  • Perfect for covert 1080P HD video at 30Fps
  • Extreme convenience with USB plug for data reading
  • Supports recording While charging
  • Long battery running last up to 3 hours
  • Storage: T flash card Max up to 64G
  • Charge time: 1.5 hours
  • Size: 4.4 * 1.0 * 0.6 in Weight: 2 oz
  • Discreet design
  • Great video quality
  • Wide-angle lens
  • Easy to use
  • Very affordable

  • Doesn’t take pictures
  • A little larger than other wearable spy cameras

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6. Eyeclub Loop Video Recorder – Most Stylish Review

Eyeclub Loop Video RecorderA spy pin, pen, or USB stick is one thing, but a spy watch will take your spy game to the next level.

The Eyeclub Loop Video Recorder is exactly that, allowing you to look great and discreetly record or take photos in any environment or situation.


Style and Design

This analog spy watch combines old world charm and craftsmanship with cutting–edge technology for endless spying opportunities and a beautiful antique look.

Eyeclub Loop Video Recorder has a deep brown leather wristband and a matte gold dial

With a deep brown leather wristband and a matte gold dial, it looks just like an antique watch rather than a high-tech spying device.

Spy Features

Like many of today’s top wearable spy cameras, this “watch” can record videos at 30 frames per second in crystal clear 1080p resolution. It also takes pictures, and both videos and photos are conveniently time stamped.

With built-in 8GB memory it can record hours of videos. However, as its name suggests, it also offers loop recording, which allows new videos to record over old ones whenever the SD card fills up.

Eyeclub Loop Video Recorder has a built-in 8GB memory

The Eyeclub Loop Video Recorder is also easy to use. In fact, it only has two buttons, so you can record when needed at a moment’s notice. Best of all, there’s no indicator lights to give it away.

Main Features

  • Coated stainless steel case, elaborately designed dial, and matt black band, this hidden camera is stylish
  • Fashion decoration, features video recording and picture taking
  • No indicator light is on when working
  • For video recording while biking, walking or meeting
  • HD video clear enough for you to see what was happening (VLC media player is recommended)
  • Only two function buttons, it goes accurately after a simple adjusting
  • Videos stamp with current time, telling you what and when it happened
  • Built in 8GB Micro SD Card for Loop Recording
  • Memory Card is supporting loop video recording
  • The previous file will overwirte previous file clip and continue recording when SD card gets full
  • Looks and works just like an ordinary watch
  • Great picture quality
  • Takes videos and photos
  • Easy operation

  • A little more expensive
  • Not available in other colors or finishes

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7. Cam Mall Wi-Fi Mini 8595775482 – Best for Techies Review

Cam Mall Wi-Fi Mini 8595775482If you want cutting-edge technology to take your spy pursuits up a notch, the innovative Cam Mall Wi-Fi Mini 8595775482 might be the solution for you.

While it isn’t camouflaged as something else like some of the other wearable spy cameras out there, it’s small enough to conceal and loaded with powerful features that would-be spies can’t help but love.


Style and Design

Unlike many other spy cameras, this Cam Mall Wi-Fi Mini 8595775482 utilizes a dual-lens system with not one but two 1080p HD lenses.

One of the lenses is built in, while the other which you can choose whether or not to use, extends six inches for added versatility and coverage in a variety of spy situations.

Cam Mall Wi-Fi Mini 8595775482 has two 1080p HD lenses

Without the extended lens, this wearable spy camera is super compact and portable. You can strategically place it in your pocket, the office, shop, or anywhere else for quality video footage in any environment or situation.

Spy Features

Some wearable spy cameras only record video. Others take pictures as well but provide poor picture resolution. This Cam Mall Wi-Fi Mini 8595775482 does both in extremely clear full 1080p HD.

However, the hits don’t stop there. It also utilizes motion detection and can be used both locally and remotely through the use of its easy-to-use app.

Whenever someone or something enters its viewing area, it will record or take a picture and send you a push notification to alert you instantly. You can also save the video to your phone. Pretty neat, right?

It can also work with or without Wi-Fi. Since it has a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot, you can still use it when or where no internet connection is available.

Cam Mall Wi-Fi Mini 8595775482 can work with or without Wi-Fi

Of course, it operates as normal camera as well and can record and take photos without Wi-Fi and an AP hotspot.

The Cam Mall Wi-Fi Mini 8595775482 has a 500 mAh battery as well, allowing it to record for two hours before it needs recharging.

While this is less than spectacular, it’s one of the only faults we could find when putting this unique mini spy camera to the test.

Main Features

  • 2 flexible Lens make the spy camera hidden anywhere
  • One lens is built in the camera, the other lens is 14cm(15cm) (6 inch) long, which can be DIY by yourself
  • HD 1080P makes each face recognizable
  • Inbuilt battery which can work almost 2 hours
  • Can work on WIFI or no WIFI
  • Manual Recording / Photo Function
  • APP Controlled hidden camera with Motion Detection
  • Can Support 4 users max from your mobile APP
  • Motion Detection nanny Cam & Alarm push
  • Inbuilt micro SD card slot allows 128G Memory Card
  • Loop recording and time stamp
  • USB port that can be connected to any USB charger like your mobile device or PC
  • Unique and versatile dual-lens system
  • Excellent video and picture quality
  • Built-in Wi-Fi hotspot

  • Battery needs frequent recharging
  • Instruction manual could be better

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Hidden Camera Bag Setup

Setting up a hidden camera in a bag can be useful in many situations, but it is crucial to remember that recording people without their consent is illegal and unethical in many jurisdictions. Here’s a basic guide on how to set up a hidden camera in a bag, but it is only provided for lawful and ethical use:

  1. Choosing the Right Camera: Purchase a camera designed for hidden surveillance. This could be a miniature camera or a camera disguised as an everyday object. Consider cameras that have motion detection and good battery life, and ensure it can record high-quality video in the lighting conditions it will be used in.
  2. Choosing the Right Bag: The bag should have a compartment or area where the camera can be hidden yet still have a clear line of sight out of the bag. It should not be too obvious and should blend with your daily routine.
  3. Setting Up the Camera: Cut a small hole in your bag where the camera lens will peek through, making sure it’s large enough for the camera to have a clear view. Then secure the camera inside the bag, making sure it won’t move around while you’re carrying the bag. You can use Velcro, tape, or sew a custom pocket, depending on your bag and camera.
  4. Testing the Setup: Do a few test recordings to make sure the camera has a clear view and that the bag doesn’t obstruct the camera. Check the angle and stability of the footage.
  5. Recording: Most hidden cameras start recording with a push of a button and then stop and save the footage with another push. Others might have remote controls or smartphone apps. Be sure you understand how your camera works before you start recording.
  6. Battery Life and Storage: Hidden cameras usually have limited battery life and storage. Make sure your camera has enough of both to cover the period you need to record.
  7. Legal Considerations: Again, it is essential to stress that it’s crucial to respect privacy laws and rights. Hidden camera usage is regulated by laws that vary by country and state, so be sure to understand the laws in your area.

Remember, hidden cameras should only be used for legal and ethical reasons, like personal safety or professional investigations conducted by licensed professionals. Never use them to invade someone else’s privacy.

Best Wearable Spy Camera Buyer’s Guide

Whether you’re trying to catch evidence of sexual advances from a way too forward boss or want to record the unsanitary conditions of a local restaurant, there’s a lot to think about when shopping for the best wearable spy camera.

Here are some important factors to keep in mind.


There are several reasons to need a wearable spy camera, but regardless of why you need one, it needs to be small and impossible to spot in order for it to serve its purpose.

For this reason, many wearable spy cameras are hidden inside of wearable objects. One example of this is the Portocam POT21 Hidden Spy Pen Camera. Another is the Eyeclub Hidden Camera Loop Video Recorder.

Both feature high-quality mini cameras that are nearly invisible to the unknowing eye.

That being said, there are other wearable spy cameras that standalone, but due to their unique designs and compact size, they’re just as tough to spot. The NIYPS and JOYTRIP wearable spy cameras are excellent examples of this.

Nonetheless, regardless of the spy camera you choose, it should be compact, camouflaged, and discreet.

Video and Picture Resolution

When picking out a wearable spy camera, video and picture quality is one of the most important factors to consider.

Resolution is basically the number of pixels that make up an image. The higher the resolution, the better the picture quality.

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably seen plenty of grainy videos of crimes being committed on the local news.

Most are taken by security cameras with low resolution, making it difficult to make out their facial features and other fine details.

When shopping for a spy camera, you want to choose one that will provide you with as much detail as possible.

720p and 1080p Resolution of Wearable Spy Cameras

While you may not need a high-resolution camera to simply monitor your pets while you’re away, if you want to gather cold hard evidence, you should opt for a device with a minimum resolution of 720p. However, 1080p is best.

Night Vision

Before choosing a wearable spy camera, you should give some thought to when you might be using it. Some perform great during the day but are terrible for recording at night or in low light conditions. Others utilize night vision and are great at both.

The good news is, in 2019, night vision is a common feature found on many quality spy camera models.

However, even with night vision, some wearable spy cameras perform better at night than others. This is in large part due to the quality of the camera.

When shopping for a wearable spy camera, look for options with lower LUX ratings. The lower the rating, the sharper and clearer the images will be in low light conditions.

That being said, when it comes to nighttime spying, wearable spy cameras with built-in infrared are best. In fact, many infrared cameras can capture clear, discernable video in complete darkness.

Battery Life

A wearable spy camera is only as good as its battery. Most have built-in batteries that will continuously record for at least two hours, but some have larger batteries capable of lasting quite a bit longer.

A wearable spy camera is only as good as its battery

It’s important to note that motion sensing technology can also extend battery life.

So, if you’re worried about the device running out and turning off at the absolute worst moment, the size of its battery and whether or not it has a motion detection feature should be primary considerations.

Storage and Viewing Options

Most wearable spy cameras use micro SD cards. Chances are if you own a digital camera, you’re well familiar with them and know just how important they are.

Cameras use SD cards to store video and picture data, and the more gigabytes an SD card has, the more it can store.

In addition to providing memory, SD cards also allow for the easy transfer of video data from wearable spy cameras to a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Since some spy cameras don’t support viewing through an app, this is another important consideration, especially if you live on your phone like millions of others.

Best Wearable Spy Camera – The Bottom Line

There are some situations when a normal spy camera won’t work.

While you can place any spy camera in your home to keep an eye on your nanny or catch your spouse cheating red-handed, it won’t be able to capture evidence of sexual harassment in the workplace, an unsanitary restaurant, or a dozen other similar situations that require a portable hidden cam for recording footage on-the-go.

The good news is there are some great wearable spy cameras on the market to choose from, and you now know all about them.

So, consider you budget and spy needs, review the info above one more time, and become your very own 007 today!

Best Wearable Spy Camera

  1. I was looking for an affordable camera to check on my teens and I came across the NIYPS mini spicy camera. The camera is small and what I love about it is that it gets the entire view of a room. You can see everything that is going on in a room.

    It has many amazing features. It easy and simple to set up. You can literally install it anywhere you want. So I’m happy with this product, more so because it allows me to see what my teenage kids are doing when they are at home.

  2. The Joytrip camera is the third mini camera I have bought. The first one I got bought had insane instructions. I mean I could not make sense of anything. But this one comes with easy to understand instructions. It also has a FAQ section, which I like because I’m able to troubleshoot the camera if any issues arise.

    The features are also great. Such as the buttons, which are easy to use. The setup is straightforward and extremely easy. It comes with a USB adapter, charger and charging cable, and a swivel stand. So far, I’m pleased with my product.

  3. I purchased the Portocam mini camera and when it arrived, I was happy with the packaging. I received the camera on time. And when I unboxed it, I went ahead and inserted my 32GB micro SD and then followed the instructions in the manual on how to use the camera.

    In short, I’m satisfied with the picture quality and night vision and the general performance of the camera.

  4. I want to buy a camera that can record my daily life. I want one that can record video and sound at all hours. But the reality is that it is hard to get a camera with this capability. I know that most of them if not all of can only record up to 5 hours continuously.

    My ideal camera is one that is ordinary, small, discreet, and wearable capable of recording 30 minutes or less of footage. But there are times when I will need it to record hours of footage. On top of that, I would like to be able to upload and save the recordings in the cloud from a connected smartphone using a discreet motion or remote command.

    Is there a camera that is capable of doing this and can record for 5 hours straight? It does not need to record sound and I’m willing to spend cash on it.
    Any thoughts?

  5. Which is the best wearable spy camera?

    • When it comes to which are the best wearable cameras, I would say the spy camera glasses. These things are wicked because they let you record high-quality audio and video wherever you go.

      Most of them are stylish and when you need to record something quickly, you can do it with ease. Also, most of them come with amazing features and good battery life.

  6. How small can spy cameras get?

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