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Best Wrist Pulse Oximeter – Best Buyer’s Guide

Best Wrist Pulse OximeterWhether you are a fitness buff or just starting out on your fitness journey, a fitness tracker is a must.

A wrist pulse oximeter not only keeps track of your movement, but it also keeps track of your heart rate.

This means you know when to reduce your activity, and when to get moving to keep it up.

There are a variety of wrist pulse oximeters out in the market. It can get confusing to pick one out of the fray. To make your job easier, we have reviewed 3 of the best wrist pulse oximeters available in the market. Pick one and get to exercising.

Top pick

Lintelek ID115Plus HR

  • 14 Sports Modes
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Sleep Monitor
  • Big OLED Screen
  • Connected GPS

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With so many features put into one wrist pulse oximeter, it is easy to see why this is our top pick. With all the things that this product does, the only thing that it can’t do is purchase itself for you.

Wrist Pulse Oximeters Comparison Chart

Lintelek ID115Plus HR

Letscom ID115UHR LS-003

MorePro V19 ECG


Lintelek ID115Plus HR

Letscom ID115UHR LS-003

MorePro V19 ECG Monitor Watch


0.96 OLED

0.96 OLED

1.14″ IPS HD Color

Waterproof Level




Battery Life

5-7 Days

Up to 7 Days

Up to 7 Days

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3 Best Wrist Pulse Oximeters (as of July, 2024):

1. Lintelek ID115Plus HR Wrist Pulse Oximeter Review

Lintelek ID115Plus HRLintelek ID115Plus HR Fitness Tracker is a beautiful gadget. It has a sleek, seamless design.

It also comes in a wide range of colors to suit a variety of tastes.

But let us get down to the specifics.

This fitness tracker is designed to track all your daily activities.

It is compatible with any phone’s OS. It can also connect to your phone’s GPS so you can track your movement and see the root you took when jogging or running outdoors.

You can keep track of all your daily activities with this tracker. It records the time you spend active including your steps and calories. It also keeps track of your sleeping patterns.

Lintelek ID115Plus HR Review, Pros and Cons

It has 14 exercises preloaded so the number of calories you burn are accurately calculated and recorded. It monitors your heart rate and displays it so you can keep track of it mid-exercise and review a report after your workout.

When asleep, the tracker analyses the quality of your sleep and quantifies it into light and deep sleep.

Because it integrates with your phone, this fitness tracker also has smartwatch capabilities. It vibrates when a call or an SMS comes through. This is a handy feature especially when you are out exercising.

It also has a feature that captures images with your camera.

Lintelek ID115Plus HR

Via: @jamjargill

This means you can take pictures even when your phone is a distance away. Once the charge runs out, you can charge it using USB. It has a plug that integrates with most USB ports. A red light comes on when it is fully charged.

Main Features

  • Connected GPS
  • Heart Rate Monitor & Sleep Monitor
  • Calorie Counter & Step Counter
  • 14 Sports Modes & Remote Camera
  • Call & Message Alert
  • Big OLED Screen With 4 Customized Clock Faces
  • Comfortable, Fashionable, Adjustable Anti-Lost Strap
  • 24-Hour Real-Time Continuous Heart RATE
  • Support Android 4. 4 +, iOS 7. 1 + Only for Smartphone
  • IP67 Waterproof Design
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, and Bluetooth 4.0 up
  • GPS tracker gives you a map of your exercise route
  • Intuitively measures heart rate and gives a report
  • Has 14 preloaded exercises to accurately measure calories
  • Call and SMS notifications keep you in-the-know at all times
  • Counts calories and monitors your sleep pattern

  • A green light comes on when the tracker is removed from your wrist
  • Not compatible with gadgets like tablets

2. Letscom ID115UHR LS-003 Wrist Pulse Oximeter Review

Letscom ID115UHR LS-003The Letscom ID115UHR LS-003 Fitness Tracker is a tracker for the whole family.

Just like a FitBit, it monitors your heart rate in real-time.

This way you can maintain it at a healthy level throughout the day.

It also monitors your sleep patterns so you can make the necessary adjustments for a healthier lifestyle. It is also waterproof so you can monitor your heart rate even when swimming.

This fitness tracker comes with preloaded exercises. You get up to 14 modes so you can accurately monitor your activities.

It also integrates with your smartphone’s GPS. This way you can review your route after a run or a walk. It also monitors your pace and distance so you can adequately modify it. You can log in your food to keep count of your calorie intake.

Letscom ID115UHR LS-003 Review, Pros and Cons

Lestcom Fitness Tracker comes with a strong, durable band. It also has a long battery life. You can charge it using the built-in USB plug. One full charge can last up to 7 days, ensuring that you get long-term use out of the fitness tracker.

Letscom ID115UHR LS-003

Via: @sassyfitmama

It integrates with iOS and Android. You can keep track of your phone calls, SMS, calendar notifications, and also social media push notifications.

Letscom ID115UHR LS-003

Via: @fit.track.live

Main Features

  • Heart Rate & Sleep Monitoring
  • 24H Activity Tracking
  • Daily Fitness Tracking
  • 14-Sport Tracking & Connected GPS
  • Step Counter & Calorie Counter
  • Call & Message Notifications
  • Alarm Alert & Sedentary Reminder
  • Built-in USB Plug
  • Long Battery Life
  • IP67 Waterproof Design
  • Waterproof and sweatproof to accommodate swimming
  • 14 preloaded exercises
  • GPS tracking and map summary after exercise
  • One charge lasts 7 days
  • Provides notifications for SMS, calls, and social media
  • Monitors sleeping patterns

  • The sleep tracker is not easy to set up
  • May cause reactions to people with sensitive skin

3. MorePro V19 ECG Wrist Pulse Oximeter Review

MorePro V19 ECG Monitor WatchIf you are looking for a fitness tracker with a modern heart monitor, then look no further than MorePro V19 ECG Monitor Watch.

It is a professional heart monitor.

All you have to do is touch a button for 30 seconds and you get a full picture of the health of your heart.

Just because it is professional it does not mean regular people cannot use it. The electrode button is within easy reach and you can easily read the HRV report.

This ECG Monitor Watch also keeps track of your sleeping pattern. It automatically records the type of sleep, whether light or REM.

This way you can make the necessary adjustments for better health. Since it integrates with iOS and Android, you can monitor your blood pressure to make sure you are not overwhelmed.

MorePro V19 ECG Review, Pros and Cons

You can also use this monitor watch as a fitness tracker. It tracks your steps, the distance you cover, your calorie intake, and the time you spend inactive. The straps are comfortable and secure.

This makes it easy for you to keep it on your wrist all day long. To recharge, you can plug the USB side into any port. A full charge can last you up to 7 days.

Main Features

  • 24 Hours Monitoring
  • Daily Blood Pressure Monitor
  • ECG + PPG Monitoring
  • Dynamic Heart Rate Monitor
  • Scientific Sleep
  • Precise SPO2 & HRV
  • HD IPS Color Screen
  • Running Tracking & GPS Connection
  • Call & Message Reminder
  • IP68 Waterproof Design
  • Long Battery Life
  • Keeps track of your blood pressure and heart rate
  • Compatible with Android and iOS to give HRV report through the phone app
  • Comfortable and safe to wear throughout the day
  • Keeps track of your movements and counts calories
  • It can work for 7 days without needing a recharge
  • Easy to use even with modern technology

  • Not sweatproof or waterproof
  • It does not always get accurate readings

Wrist Pulse Oximeter Buying Guide


Wrist pulse oximeters come in varying designs. Some are designed to wear on the wrist like a watch. Others can be hung on the neck, or attached to your clothes. The decision as to the design depends on your preference.

An oximeter clipped to your clothes might look awkward if you wear your fitness tracker to work. Those worn on the wrist can handle a variety of activities and even look like smartwatches in formal settings.

You might want to consider whether or not you might be allergic to the material the straps are made of.


The type of display for your wrist pulse oximeter determines the extent of the information you get. An LED display can give you the basics of your activity in numbers. This is most convenient when you are on the move.

Many wrist pulse oximeters come with phone apps so you can review full health reports. When considering a wrist pulse oximeter, you should review the display options.

Display for Wrist Pulse Oximeter

Via: @ineba.s

Many come with both an LED display and an app, and this makes it easier for you to get detailed reports.

System Compatibility

Before getting a wrist pulse oximeter, you should make sure it is compatible with your smartphone’s system. Whether it is the OS or Bluetooth connectivity, make sure you get one matched with your phone.


Your health data needs to be accurate if you are to make and maintain positive health changes. It is good to keep in mind that wrist pulse oximeters will have some error in measurement.

This is especially so since they are on your wrist and not on your chest. When in the market for one, consider the user reviews and take note of the accuracy levels.

Battery Life

Since you want to monitor your heart rate throughout the day, your wrist pulse oximeter should not give up on you in the middle of the day. A good heart rate monitor will last more than a few hours with a full charge.

Many advertise 7 full days of use with one charge when in reality it will last just a couple of days.

Other Features

Another important feature to look out for in a wrist heart rate monitor is waterproof and sweatproof capabilities. A waterproof wrist pulse oximeter will ensure you can monitor your activity when you swim.

Best Wrist Pulse Oximeter for swim

Sweatproof capabilities are necessary because your wristwatch should not stop when you exercise. It also means your skin will not get irritated when sweat is trapped under the monitor’s straps.

Another great feature is the price. You do not want to spend a lot on a wrist monitor because there are a lot of high-quality alternatives available. Also, many people stop using their heart rate monitors after a while, so keep that in mind.

Even if you exercise regularly, look for high-quality, affordable alternatives like the ones listed in this review.

Final Verdict

A wrist pulse oximeter is a must-have if you want to maintain healthy movement. We have reviewed 3 of the best available in the market.

They all integrate with different phones’ OS and have apps where you can get full health reports. You will not go wrong with any of these wrist pulse oximeters.

Best Wrist Pulse Oximeter

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