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Best‌ ‌Bookshelf‌ ‌Speaker‌ ‌Stands – Buyer’s Guide

Best‌ ‌Bookshelf‌ ‌Speaker‌ ‌StandsBookshelf speaker stands are extremely functional.

They can securely hold your speakers in place and boost sound quality.

A quality stand should support the weight of your speaker and should have a wire management feature.

Some stands come with adjustable heights, which makes them more flexible and versatile. To get the best bookshelf speaker stands, you need to consider factors like height, materials used, top plate, base support, and weight ratings.

And to help you get started on your buyer’s journey, check out our list of some of the best bookshelf speaker stands out there.

Top pick

Atlantic 77335799 (3)

  • 45 degree adjustable mount for speaker positioning
  • 4 adhesive strips and 4 spike studs
  • Steel construction
  • Keeps your speaker wires concealed and neat
  • Affordable

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With so many features put into one bookshelf speakers stands, it is easy to see why this is our top pick. With all the things that this product does, the only thing that it can’t do is purchase itself for you.

Bookshelf‌ ‌Speaker‌ ‌Stands Comparison Chart


Atlantic 77335799

Atlantic 77335799

  • Dimensions: 10,5"x 10,5" x 30'' (26,6 x 26,6 x 76 cm)
  • Height adjustable: N/A
  • Weight capacity: 20 lbs (9 kg)
  • Material: Steel
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VideoSecu MS07B2

VideoSecu MS07B2
  • Dimensions: 29,7"x 10,9" x 9,6'' (75,4 x 27,6 x 24,3 cm)
  • Height adjustable26.5"-47" (67,3 - 119,3 cm)
  • Weight capacity: 30 lbs (13,6 kg)
  • Material: Steel
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Monolith 28 Inch 131263

Monolith 28 Inch 131263

  • Dimensions: 28,75"x 11" x 4,5'' (73 x 28 x 11,4 cm)
  • Height adjustableN/A
  • Weight capacity: 75 lbs (34 kg)
  • Material: Steel
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  • Dimensions: 23"x 10" x 10'' (58 x 25,4 x 25,4 cm)
  • Height adjustableN/A
  • Weight capacity: 22 lbs (10 kg)
  • Material: Aluminum and glass
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  • Dimensions: 30"x 12" x 2,63'' (76 x 30,5 x 6,9 cm)
  • Height adjustable: 30'' - 45'' (76,2 - 114,3 cm)
  • Weight capacity: 8 lbs (3,6 kg)
  • Material: Steel
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5 Best Bookshelf‌ ‌Speaker‌ ‌Stands (as of October, 2023):

1. Atlantic 77335799 Bookshelf Speaker Stands Review

Atlantic 77335799 Review

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The Atlantic bookshelf speaker stands are affordable and easy to assemble. Each stand is a slick black steel tube with a nice wooden finish, giving the stand an overall classy look.

The two speaker stands have an adjustable mount that you can adjust to 45 degrees to get the best speaker positioning.

The large base on each speaker stand has a carbon-like finish with plastic floor spikes that will not mar wooden floors.

Some users have complained that the floor spikes are too narrow and tall, which causes stability problems, particularly on hardwood floors.

Though on carpeted floors, the spikes keep the stands firm and steady. In light of that, it might be a good idea to consider the type of floor you intend to place the stands on before buying them.

Atlantic 77335799 Size

In addition, the floor spikes are meant to dampen vibrations, but unfortunately, they don’t do a good job of it. This could be a design flaw, or simply a floor-related issue.

Once again, the stands have a steel construction, which means they are sturdy and durable.

The steel tubes are 30 inches (76 cm) long , which gives your speakers adequate height. However, they are not adjustable.

Atlantic 77335799 Review, Pros and Cons

The wire management feature is nice as it prevents the stands from looking messy. These speaker stands can support up to 20 pounds (9 kg) , making them ideal for a variety of speakers.

All in all, the stands are sturdy and stable. Other than the tolerable minor flaws, they are pretty decent.

Main Features

  • 45 degree adjustable mount for speaker positioning
  • Ideal for a variety of speakers
  • Steel construction
  • Keeps your speaker wires concealed and neat
  • 4 adhesive strips and 4 spike studs
  • Can be assembled in minutes
  • Non-marring feet
  • Classy look
  • Affordable
  • Firm and steady
  • Solid construction
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Adjustable mounts
  • Large sturdy base
  • Wire management feature
  • Can support speakers that weigh up to 20 pounds (9 kg)
  • Non-marring feet
  • Easy to assemble
  • Budget-friendly

  • The floor spikes create stability issues on certain floors

2. VideoSecu MS07B2 Bookshelf‌  ‌Speaker Stands Review

VideoSecu MS07B2 Review

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The VideoSecu are high-quality heavy-duty stands. Both the tubes and the top plate are steel.

The heavy-duty construction makes it ideal for heavy speakers. These can support up to 30 pounds (13,6 kg)  making them ideal for surround sounds or stereo speakers.

The plate pivots, so you can adjust it to the angle you want. You can also adjust the height of the tubes from 26,5 inches (67,3 cm) to 47 inches (119,3 cm).

VideoSecu MS07B2 Review, pros and Cons

The adjustable features make these stands very versatile. And it takes just a few minutes to assemble them.

Each stand has a base with rubber feet, but it’s small. So this poses some stability issues.

A simple fix would be to add a large wood or steel base by removing the rubber feet. That should give the stands the level of stability you want.

They are lightweight, so moving them around is easy.

Overall, these stands are great for holding small to medium size speakers. And they don’t cost a whole lot.

Main Features

  • Stability ensured
  • Screw-in rubber feet
  • Ideal for heavy speakers
  • Adjustable height for personal preference
  • Compatibility with the majority of leading brand
  • Concealed wire management
  • Width adjustment
  • Low price
  • Easy moving
  • The top plate can pan 180 degrees
  • Heavy-duty construction that can support up to 30 pounds (13,6 kg)
  • Rubber feet to prevent marring
  • Adjustable plates and tubes for optimal speaker positioning
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Affordable
  • Ideal for outdoor and indoor use

  • The Base is too small

3. Monolith 28 Inch 131263 Bookshelf‌ Speaker Stands Review

Monolith 28 Inch 131263 Review

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These heavy-duty stands can support speakers that weigh up to 75 pounds (34 kg).

The support columns are steel with a black powder coating, which is scratch-resistant.  The finish not only gives the stands a great look, but it makes it easy to clean the stands.

You can fill the support piers with steel shot, gravel, or sand to dampen the vibrations. This helps reduce vibrations that can interfere with the purity of sound.

Each stand weighs about 20 pounds (9 kg) with a height of 28 inches (71 cm) . This makes the stands extremely sturdy.

So if you have pets or kids in the house, they will not easily knock these over.

Monolith 28 Inch 131263 Review, Pros and Cons

They have adjustable spikes that provide stability and isolate the stands and your speakers from floor vibrations.

They also add an inch to the height of each stand. But because they are tall, they cannot be used as a center speaker stand.

The top plate is wide enough. It measures 8.5 inches (21,5 cm) by 6 inches (15,2 cm). And the base 12 inches (30,5 cm) by 9.5 inches (24 cm).

Both the base and plate are steel. That adds to the sturdiness and durability of the stands.

Assembling them is easy. They come with screws and a wrench for assembly.

Putting them together may require some effort as they are quite heavy.

The speakers are best set up on a carpeted floor, but on tiled floors, they are not the best option.

Also, they are pricey. Each stand is sold separately and not as a pair.

Main Features

  • Sleek design
  • Wide top plate
  • Adjustable spikes
  • Sturdy construction
  • Compatibility with the majority of leading brands
  • Easy assembling
  • Isolation from floor vibrations
  • Piers can be filled with sand or steel shot
  • 4 soft rubberized top pads
  • Scratch-resistant black powder coat finish
  • Steel support columns for durability and sturdiness
  • Large plate and base
  • Beautiful scratch-free coat finish
  • Easy to clean
  • Stable and steady
  • Easy to assemble
  • Heavy-duty construction that can support weights of up to 75 pounds (34 kg)

  • Expensive

4. VIVO STAND-SP02B Review


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The Vivo premium speaker stands are pretty good-looking. The aluminum tubes give them a nice glossy look and to top it off, they come with a glass top.

Not many people would love a speaker stand with a glass platform, but the glass used on these speaker stands is pretty solid.

Breakage would be hard unless you handle them badly. On top of that, they come with anti-slip pads that you can place on top of them to prevent the speakers from moving or slipping.

These come with rubber and carpet spikes. The reason Vivo has included two different sets of feet is due to the numerous complaints about the stability of the carpet spikes on hardwood floors.

So it is good to see that Vivo has addressed this issue by including the rubber feet.

VIVO STAND-SP02B Review, Pros and Cons

The stands are 23 inches (58 cm) in height, which is fixed.

In case, you need shorter speakers, you cannot cut these due to the way they are constructed. You would need to get shorter speaker stands.

The glass top is 8 inches (20 cm) by 8 inches (20 cm) and the base is 10 inches (25,4 cm) by 10 inches (25,4 cm). Both the glass top and base are wide enough to provide sufficient stability.

They are also non-slip pads for the base to keep the stands firmly on the floor.So the overall construction is solid.

The speakers can support weights of up to 22 pounds (10 kg). As long as you don’t mount speakers that weigh heavier than that, the stands work well.

Assembling the stands should not be an issue. It’s pretty quick and straightforward.

But it’s best to hide the wires during assembly as it would be easier than doing it after.

Main Features

  • Ergonomic design
  • Sturdy tempered glass
  • Are supported by a sturdy aluminum pillar
  • Sleek glossy black appearance
  • Perfect for any home theater system
  • Carpet spikes and rubber feet
  • Internal cable management
  • Solid construction
  • Easy to clean
  • Stable and steady
  • Sturdy aluminum tubes
  • Wide glass top and base for stability
  • Beautiful solid construction
  • Come with carpet spikes and rubber feet
  • Non-slip pads are included for the base and glass top to prevent slippage
  • Supports weights of up to 22 pounds (10 kg)
  • Assembly is easy
  • Reasonably priced

  • The stands are not adjustable



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Adjustable speaker stands offer more flexibility and versatility than non-adjustable stands. Which is why the Perlesmith speakers stands are so great.

The tubes can adjust from 30 inches (76,2 cm) to 45 inches (114,3 cm) making them ideal for stereo and surround sound speakers.

While some people might find these too tall, they are great for indoor and outdoor use. If you hold a lot of parties at your home, this would be a great addition to your entertainment system.

As for the construction, the stands have a heavy-duty cast iron build with a sturdy triangular base for more stability. The weight capacity rating for each stand is 8 pounds (3,6 kg) .

So if you have a pair of small surround speakers, these would work great.

PERLESMITH PSSS1 Review, Pros and Cons

Stability on certain floors is always a concern. So the Perlesmith stands come with two options for the base feet; nuts and nails for carpeted floors, and rubber pads for tiled, cement, or wooden floors.

This gives you the freedom to place the stands on any type of floor.

When it comes to mounting your speakers, you have three options, the L-shaped option, keyhole option, and top plate option.

Of course, the top plate mounting option is the easiest, but at least you have two other options if you need your speakers to be at a certain angle or level.

To keep the look of the speakers neat and clean, the stands come with a cable management system. Perlesmith upgraded the stands by diving each tube into three parts to hide the wires better.

Aside from all that, while these stands may not win any beauty contents, they are certainly durable and sturdy.

Main Features

  • 2 options for the base feet to prevent from sliding
  • Include all the required hardware
  • Upgraded cable management
  • Sturdy triangle base
  • Adjustable height for customized sound
  • 3 mounting configurations
  • Support RCA connector routing
  • Heavy duty cast iron construction
  • Can be assembled in minutes
  • Includes keyhole mount adapters to fit most small satellite speakers
  • Solid construction for durability and stability
  • Adjustable tubes
  • Three speaker mounting options
  • Excellent and efficient cable management
  • Comes with two base feet options
  • Ideal for speakers that weight up to 8 pounds (3,6 kg)
  • Triangle base for improved stability

  • Difficult to thread the wires through the tubes

Buyer’s Guide

Speaker stands may not have much functionality other than to support speakers, but careful consideration should be taken before purchasing a pair.

So without further due, here are some key considerations you should take into account before buying bookshelf speaker stands.

Top Plate

Top plates vary in design. Some come fitted with speaker studs and others with rubber feet.

Deciding on the type of feet you want to place your speakers on is purely a personal choice.

Speaker studs are great, but they can damage or mar the base of your speakers.

To avoid this type of damage, rubber feet are the safest option.

Some people, however, prefer speaker studs as they believe that they reduce vibrations thereby improving the sound quality. Again, the type of feet you choose is a personal choice.

If sound vibrations are a concern, you would rather settle for speaker stands that have solid support columns rather than speaker studs. Think about it, it is cheaper to buy new stands than to buy new speakers.

Another consideration is the material of the top plate. The most common materials used for top plates are wood and steel.

Speaker stands with aluminum or glass top plates

But you can find speaker stands with aluminum or glass top plates. Each material has its pros and cons, it all depends on your needs and budget.

Steel top plates are more durable and steadier than wood and glass top plates. And speaker stands with wood top plates are cheaper than stands with steel plates.

So when it comes to the material, consider durability and quality. But when it comes to the top plate as a whole, consider stability as well.

Weight Capacity

Buying speaker stands without checking their weight rating can be costly and time-wasting. You need to first know how much your speakers weigh before buying stands.

Otherwise, you are could end up with quality stands that are completely useless to you because they cannot support your speakers.

Also, if you have pets or kids in the house, you need to consider other factors other than the weight rating like the height and weight of the stands.

Bookshelf‌ ‌Speaker‌ ‌Stands - Weight Capacity

Build Quality

While some people buy speakers for aesthetic reasons, and there is nothing wrong with that, poorly constructed speakers can be a problem. And it’s not just about the construction, the material used also has a lot to do with it.

A vast majority of bookshelf speakers stands are made of steel because it is tough, durable, and sturdy. But there are those made of wood, and they are much cheaper than their steel counterparts.

Some speaker stands are constructed using two different materials. You can find a speaker stand with steel tubes and a wooden top plate.

The bottom line is to get stable and sturdy speakers.

Steel speaker stands are the most durable and stable. Plus some steel stands come with hollow support columns that you can fill with gravel or sand for stability and improved sound quality.


To get the most out of your speakers, they need to be at a particular height and angle. For immersive sound, if that’s what you are looking for, your need to place your speakers at an optimal height.

Adjustable speaker stands

One thing to note is that the design of your speakers determines the height of the speaker stands.

The standard height for speaker stands that can support medium or large-sized speakers is 26 inches (66 cm).

If your speakers are extremely small, you might need taller stands.

Some stands come with adjustable tubes that allow you to adjust for height. But they are much more expensive than those with fixed heights.

Base and type of feet

The base and the type of base feet of a speaker stand determines its stability. Speakers with wide and heavy bases are much more stable than those with small and lightweight bases.

For instance, a base that measures 10 inches (25,4 cm) by 10 inches (25,4 cm) is more stable than one that is much smaller. Some speaker stands have much larger bases, but they are not easy to come by.

Bookshelf‌ ‌Speaker‌ ‌Stands - type of feet

Aside from the size and weight of the base, the base feet are equally important when choosing speaker stands. Some stands come with spikes, others with rubber feet.

Some come with both like the Vivo Premium 23 inch (58,4 cm) speaker stands reviewed in this guide.

Rubber feet are ideal for hardwood, tiled, wooden, or cemented floors. Spikes are ideal for carpeted floors.

If you place speaker stands with spikes on any other type of floor other than a carpeted floor, you are going to have stability issues.

Of course, if you can get speaker stands that come with both feet options, that is an added advantage as you can switch the feet depending on the floor type.

In short, the nature of your floor also plays a role when deciding on speaker stands.

Cable Management

Exposed speaker wires are quite unsightly, which is why many speaker stands come with cable management.

Speaker stands with cable management

If you want your speakers to look nice and neat, check to see if the stands have features that allow you to hide the wires and hide them well.


Speaker stands vary in price. The difference in price points may depend on the construction, design, materials used, and even brand name.

Wooden stands are less expensive than steel stands. But steel stands are more durable and stable than wooden stands.

Wooden speaker stands

While cheap stands might be attractive because of the price tag, you might get disappointed with their performance. This is not to say that you cannot get decent stands that are inexpensive.

But if they are dirt cheap, avoid them completely. They are not cheap for nothing.


Whether you are buying speaker stands to spruce up your entertainment system or to get more out of them in terms of sound quality, don’t go cheap. Buying cheap stands can be costly.

And the cost might go beyond buying new stands. You may end buying new speakers if your old ones fall off the stands and get damaged due to instability issues.

Best Bookshelf Speaker Stands

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