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Best Ceiling TV Mount – Buyer’s Guide

Best Ceiling TV MountMany people invest a lot of effort and money to build a home theater system.

Others are happy with a flat-screen TV only.

The most common solution is to place the flat-screen TV on a TV stand.

Many designs can be easily adapted to your living room or bedroom. But, if this is not a good solution for you, you can mount the flat-screen TV on the wall.

Unfortunately, not all houses have the type of wall that can support the weight of a flat-screen TV. Moreover, in some situations, mounting it on a wall is not the best solution either.

Whatever the reason, you can hang your flat screen from the ceiling. For this solution, you need a ceiling TV mount.

There are some advantages to using a ceiling TV mount. Some of them are:

  • Your wall remains free to decorate it with a painting or any other type of artwork;
  • Your flat-screen TV is out of reach of pets and children. This is safe for everyone;
  • More people can watch the flat-screen TV comfortably since it is in a higher position;
  • You achieve a more modern and stylish look in your living room or bedroom.

If you decide to purchase a ceiling TV mount, you’ll realize that the choices are many. The market offers many alternatives at different price ranges.

Even though all these mounts have the same function, the designs can vary. Which is the one you should get?

What is the better one? Which one delivers more for your money?

Top pick

Mount-It! MI-501L (1)

  • Сan carry a weight of up to 220 lb (99 kg)
  • High strength steel
  • Height-adjustability: from 24″ (61 cm) to 37.5″ (95 cm)
  • Maximum tilt 20°
  • Swivel 360°

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With so many features put into one ceiling TV mount, it is easy to see why this is our top pick. With all the things that this product does, the only thing that it can’t do is purchase itself for you.

To answer these questions, we have prepared this buying guide. You’ll learn about the best ceiling TV mounts available.

Through these honest reviews, you’ll be able to choose the most convenient mount for your needs. You will spare a lot of time since you won’t need to do the research yourself.

But before presenting the reviews themselves, we’ll describe the general features of these mounts. They will help you make a more informed decision.

Ceiling TV Mounts Comparison Chart


Mount-It! MI-501L

Mount-It! MI-501L

  • Weight capacity:  220 lb (99 kg)
  • Screen compatibility: 40” (101 cm) - 90” (228 cm)
  • Height-adjustability:  24" (61 cm) - 37.5" (95 cm) 
  • Tilt: 20°
  • Swivel: 360°
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VideoSecu MLCE7

VideoSecu MLCE7
  • Weight capacity: 66 lb (30 kg)
  • Screen compatibility: 26” (66 cm) - 65” (165 cm)
  • Height-adjustability:  19,4" (49 cm) - 34.7" (89 cm) 
  • Tilt: 15°
  • Swivel: 360°
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  • Weight capacity: 99 lb (45 kg)
  • Screen compatibility: 26” (66 cm) - 55” (140 cm)
  • Height-adjustability:  20,47" (52 cm) - 29,92" (76 cm)) 
  • Tilt: 10°
  • Swivel: 360°
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Mount-It! MI-510

Mount-It! MI-510

  • Weight capacity:  99*2 lb (45*2 kg)
  • Screen compatibility: 37” (94 cm) - 70” (178 cm)
  • Height-adjustability:  22" (56 cm) - 36" ( 91,4 cm) 
  • Tilt: 20°
  • Swivel: 180°
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    3 Best One-Side Ceiling TV Mounts (as of October, 2023):

    In this category, we have included the three top ceiling TV mounts available. Let’s begin!

    1. Mount-It! MI-501L Ceiling TV Mount Review

    Mount-It! MI-501L Review

    Check on Mount-it.com Check on Amazon

    Mount-It! has it all! It offers full-motion tilt and height adjustment. Hence, it provides myriad possibilities to locate your flat-screen TV in the best viewing position.

    The mount can tilt, rotate, and move up and down. It is a slim articulating mount that will add a touch of style to the room where you install it. It is excellent for home or commercial use.

    The mount is made of alloy steel, which makes it very robust and resistant.

    This mount can support flat-screen TVs ranging from 40” (101 cm) to 90” (228 cm).

    Its black color blends nicely with all the décor in your bedroom or living room.

    As seen, this mount is ideal for large flat-screen TV sets. It can carry a weight of up to 220 lb (99 kg).

    Mount-It! MI-501L Ceiling TV - tilt and swivel

    You can adjust the height of the mount between 24” (61 cm) and 37.5” (95 cm). It allows for a maximum tilt down angle of 20°.

    What’s more, it can rotate 360°. Hence, you have a large spectrum of opportunities to locate your screen.

    The bracket complies with the VESA standard. Hence, you will be able to mount practically any commercial flat-screen TV within the size range of 40” (101 cm) to 90” (228 cm).

    Mount-It! MI-501L Review, Pros and Cons

    Moreover, this mount is relatively easy to install. However, if you don’t have the necessary tools and a ladder, you better call a professional.

    The bracket plate has several holes that allow you to gain access to the ports and connectors.

    Hence, connecting cables will not represent any difficulty. This mount is very stylish and functional at the same time.

    It is recommended for any indoor areas with modern or contemporary decoration style.

    However, from the technical specifications, you realize that the design is not only about good looks. It’s about functionality and ergonomics too.

    The latter is quite important. You must watch most flat-screen TVs head-on for optimal image clarity and resolution.

    When you hang your TV from the ceiling, the viewing angle changes. In such a situation, a TV mount like this one is the ideal solution.

    Get this type of ceiling TV mount and prevent some health problems in the future.

    Neck or back pains commonly appear as a result of watching TV in an incorrect position. In some extreme cases, even your eyes can suffer from strain and fatigue.

    With this ceiling mount, you’ll be able to locate your TV at the best viewing angle.

    Main Features

    • Adjustable ceiling bracket
    • Rotation: 360°
    • Сan carry a weight of up to 220 lb (99 kg)
    • High strength steel
    • All hardware included
    • Height-adjustability: from 24″ (61 cm) to 37.5″ (95 cm)
    • Maximum tilt 20°
    • Cable management
    • Easy to install
    • Swivel 360°

    2. VideoSecu MLCE7 Ceiling TV Mount Review

    VideoSecu MLCE7 Review

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    VideoSecu MLCE7 is another great mount for TVs of sizes ranging from 26” (66 cm) to 65” (165 cm). This is also compatible with the VESA standard.

    Hence, it can accommodate any commercial flat-screen TV available within the range mentioned above. It is more suitable for medium-sized flat-screen TVs.

    The mount can support a flat-screen TV weighing up to 66 lb (30 kg).

    This TV mount is also very versatile to position your flat-screen TV. You can swivel your TV 360° with this mount.

    The maximum tilt down angle is 15°, which is quite good in comparison to other similar products. Additionally, it allows tilting the flat screen a maximum of 5° backward.

    This is a feature that is not so common in most ceiling TV mounts. It is difficult to imagine what you need backward tilting for, but you have it here.

    Maybe it is useful to create some visual effects.

    You can adjust the height from the ceiling very easily. You can do it in 2” steps, within a range from 19.4” (49 cm) to 34.7” (89 cm).

    Hence, this mount allows you to adjust your flat screen to the optimal viewing position. This is the most important feature of a ceiling TV mount.

    VideoSecu MLCE7-

    Installing this mount is not difficult if you have some experience installing this type of hardware. Otherwise, you better enlist the help of a professional to do it.

    This mount allows for post-installation level adjustments. Hence, you can be sure that the flat screen won’t be tilted to one side.

    The installation kit includes different accessories to install the mount in different scenarios. Hence, it doesn’t matter where and how you want to install it. It will always work.

    The installation kit includes many different bolts, washers, and other hardware. Hence, you can be sure that you’ll have all the necessary materials to install the mount without any problems.

    It also comes with detailed instructions. The different parts are clearly described and identified in the instructions.

    Moreover, they all come in separate bags to help you identify them.

    If installed properly, this mount is very solid and robust. It includes 4 heavy-duty screws to fix it from the ceiling.

    Hence, if you respect the weight limit, there will be nothing to worry about.

    About aesthetics, this mount will blend with the décor of your bedroom or living room. It has a very minimalistic look that will match many different interior designs.

    Main Features

    • Compatible with the VESA standard
    • Rotation: 360°
    • Post-installation level adjustment
    • Supports up to 66 lb (30 kg)
    • 2 mounting position for mounting plate
    • Height-adjustability: from 19,4″ (49 cm) to 34.7″ (89 cm)
    • Maximum tilt 15°
    • Tilt 5° backward
    • 90 degree rotate adjustment
    • Heavy gauge steel construction

    3. PERLESMITH PSCM2 Ceiling TV Mount Review


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    PERLESMITH PSCM2 is the most stylish ceiling TV mount that you will find in the market. Its minimalistic design will blend smoothly with any interior design style.

    It is an articulating mount that allows all types of swivel and tilt adjustments. It allows for a maximum tilt angle of 10° in both directions.

    This can be very useful for some specific viewing configurations. 

    The swivel allowed is 360°. You can adjust the height from 20,47″ (52 cm) – 29,92″ (76 cm).

    This is a ceiling mount for mid-sized flat-screen TVs. It supports devices from 26” to 55” (66 – 140 cm).

    The mount is made of steel. So, you can be sure that it will not break if you don’t exceed the maximum permissible weight of 99 lb (45 kg).

    This ceiling mount complies with the VESA standard. Hence, it will hold practically any commercial flat-screen TV within the specified range of sizes.

    PERLESMITH PSCM2 Review, Pros and Cons

    Installing this ceiling mount requires two persons. However, it is relatively easy if you follow all the instructions included.

    The metallic pole is sturdy. Because of its minimalistic look, it is ideal for commercial applications.

    Some of its common uses are in airports, gyms, and restaurants. However, it will look great in your house too.

    It doesn’t offer as much versatility as other ceiling mounts. However, it is almost certain that it will cover your needs at home.

    Moreover, the mount allows you to conceal the cables and wires in the center pipe. This creates a very clean look.

    As said, this clean look is quite important for some commercial settings. But it will be great at home too.

    PERLESMITH PSCM2 Ceiling TV Mount fits any decor

    You can install this mount on flat or sloped ceilings. After installation, you can adjust the level for perfect balance.

    The only drawback that we can see in this product is the telescopic length. It is rather short.

    Also, be aware that you cannot lock the swivel of the mount. This is not a big problem in most cases. So, it should not be a deal-breaker.

    Other than that, this is a real winner. The installation instructions are very clear and easy to follow.

    The manual identifies all the pieces. And the pieces come properly grouped to ease the installation process.

    The product is shipped with solid protection. Hence, the possibility of getting a damaged ceiling mount is almost nonexistent.

    Main Features

    • Durable & saving space
    • 360° swivel
    • Non-slip nuts
    • Supports up to 99 lb (45 kg)
    • Comes with all needed hardware for mounting
    • Height-adjustability: 20,47″ (52 cm) – 29,92″ (76 cm)
    • Fits 26-55’’ displays (66 – 140 cm)
    • Cable management
    • Compatible with multiple VESA pattern
    • Perfect for commercial use

    Best Dual-Sided Ceiling TV Mount (as of October, 2023):

    Now, let’s take a look at the best dual-sided ceiling TV mount.

    This is ideal for commercial settings. Hence, the following product may be what you need for your business.

    Mount-It! MI-510 Ceiling TV Mount Review

    Mount-It! MI-510 Review

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    Mount-It! MI-510 is the ultimate ceiling TV mount for commercial settings. It is designed to carry two flat-screen TVs of sizes 37” to 70” (94 – 178 cm).

    Hence, this is ideal for big screens. The dual-mode operates in a back-to-back configuration.

    The back-to-back configuration utilizes a single pole. You can install this mount on flat, vaulted, and sloped ceilings alike.

    This ceiling TV mount is made of heavy-duty steel. It can support 2 screens of 99 lb (45 kg) of weight each.

    You can adjust the height in a range between 22″ (56 cm) – 36″ ( 91,4 cm). This height range is measured from the center of the screen.

    The entire TV mount can swivel 180°. The mount allows for +5° to -20° of tilting.

    This gives you a lot of flexibility to choose the best viewing angle for your back-to-back configuration.

    This mount complies with the VESA standard. Hence, it can accommodate any commercial screen within the size range mentioned above.

    The installation is quite easy. It is ideal for situations in which you don’t have much wall space to mount flat-screen TVs.

    This is the ideal solution for restaurants, gyms, airports, hospitals, and other similar settings. But you could use it at home if you need two screens for a reason.

    Mount-It! MI-510 Review, Pros and Cons


    You can hide the cables inside the central pole. This is necessary to create a very clean look.

    This ceiling TV mount comes in black color. It has a very modern design that will look great in practically any commercial environment.

    It comes with all the necessary hardware for installation. The kit includes a manual with detailed instructions.

    If you have experience installing TV mounts, then it won’t be difficult to install this dual TV mount. All the parts are properly identified in the manual for your convenience.

    However, if you lack the experience or the appropriate tools, let a professional install it. Once installed, the mount will look very stylish.

    It is also very safe. Hence, for your peace of mind, make sure this mount is installed properly according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

    Main Features

    • Fits vaulted and sloped ceilings
    • 180° swivel
    • Weight capacity: 99 lb (45 kg) each side
    • Install 2 flat panel TVs back-to-back
    • All hardware included
    • Height-adjustability: 22″ (56 cm) – 36″ ( 91,4 cm)
    • Fits 37” (94 cm) – 70” (178 cm) displays
    • Cable management
    • Tilting included
    • Ideal for commercial and outdoor installation

    Buyer’s Guide

    A good ceiling TV mount should be able to carry different types of flat-screen TVs. Also, the mount must have the versatility to install it in different scenarios.

    Hence, these are the main features that you have to consider.

    Screen Size

    When you buy a ceiling TV mount, you must make sure that it holds different TV sizes. Typical mounts support TV sizes from 12” (30,5 cm) to 30” (76 cm).

    Some special mounts can even support a flat-screen TV as big as 75” (190 cm). The ideal is choosing a mount that supports the widest range of sizes.

    Screen sizes fitting Ceiling TV Mount

    Even if your flat-screen TV is small, you may want to upgrade it in the future. Hence, having a ceiling TV mount that supports a wide spectrum of sizes will be the best.

    You won’t need to install another mount each time you get a bigger flat-screen TV.

    Mounting Brackets

    If you put your flat-screen TV on a stand, its orientation will always be horizontal (landscape). Hanging it from the ceiling gives you more possibilities.

    Ceiling mounting brackets that have flexibility-

    Hence, you must select a mount with brackets that have flexibility. This way, you can use a vertical (portrait) orientation if you wish.

    Moreover, some brackets allow for tilting, rotating, and adjusting your flat-screen TV as you deem more convenient.

    Ceiling Mounting

    This is the piece that holds the brackets. You attach the ceiling mounting directly on the ceiling.

    Ceiling Mounting

    This is a circular metallic pole.

    You must make sure it is made of strong material and not a cheap alloy.

    This pole usually has holes that you can use to fix the brackets in the position you want. Besides functionality, you want a ceiling mountain that looks good with the surrounding elements.

    Installing a Ceiling TV Mount

    Ceiling TV mounts have some advantages too. The biggest one is the installation.

    Unlike a wall mount, a ceiling TV mount is generally difficult to install. You won’t be able to do it if you don’t have experience with such a task.

    Moreover, you’ll need a quality ladder to install it. In most cases, it is safer and more convenient to hire a professional to install it.

    This will cost you some extra cash.

    Installing a Ceiling TV Mount

    Also, ceiling TV mounts are commonly more expensive than wall mounts. So, you won’t risk damaging it if you fail to install it properly.

    But this drawback should not discourage you. A ceiling TV mount allows you to position your flat-screen TV in practically any direction.

    This is something that other mount types cannot do. Hence, installing this type of mount is one of the best alternatives to use your space more efficiently.

    However, if you are a DIY type and insist on installing the mount by yourself, we’ll tell you what you need to do. Besides a quality ladder and the installation kit, you will need some other tools.

    Installation kit for Ceiling TV mount-

    A Phillips screwdriver, a wrench, and a drill will be enough. Preferably, use a cordless drill to avoid any accident with the cable while you are on the ladder.

    Other accessories such as a stud finder and a pencil will come in handy.

    Types of Ceiling TV Mounts

    While there are different designs of ceiling TV mounts, two are the most common.

    The first one is the so-called telescopic mount. This design allows you to pull the flat-screen TV down and up again.

    This depends on your viewing requirements.

    Telescopic ceiling mount

    The second design is the flip-down type, which allows you to tilt the flat-screen TV down and up.

    There are mounts of both types that you can control remotely. Both types are convenient and have their pros and cons.

    However, telescopic mounts can be better when you need more flexibility to find the optimal viewing position.

    There is one type of ceiling TV mount referred to as an articulating mount. These mounts offer full-motion tilt control and are the most versatile mounts.

    Full-motion Ceiling Mount

    These are more expensive, but they are the ultimate solution to obtain different viewing angles.

    Characteristics to Consider for Your Purchase

    Now you have more knowledge about the different ceiling TV mounts. Before we present the reviews of the best ones, we will summarize the different characteristics to consider before buying.

    Telescopic Length

    This is a very important characteristic to consider before you buy a ceiling TV mount. Get the mount that allows for more viewing positions.

    Telescopic length of ceiling tv mount

    Even though you may not need many viewing positions initially, it will not hurt to have them for the future.

    Full Rotation and Tilt

    This is another important point to consider. The more possibilities of rotation and tilt, the better.

    Ceiling TV Wall Mount - Full Rotation and Tilt

    You never know when you will need a different viewing angle. Remember, when you rearrange the furniture in your bedroom or living room, you may need to adjust your TV.

    Weight Capacity

    This is quite critical, especially for large flat-screen TVs.

    You must be completely sure that the ceiling mount that you use can carry your TV without any problems.

    This will prevent an accident that can damage your TV or anyone at home.

    Weight capacity of a ceiling TV mount


    Choose a ceiling TV mount that harmonizes with the room in which you install it. The black color is generally a good choice.

    A black mount won’t call more attention. Also, if aesthetics is very important, you need a mount that conceals all the cables and wiring.


    These are the best ceiling TV mounts that you can find in the market.

    Installing a ceiling TV mount is the best solution when you lack wall space to mount a flat-screen. It provides a different and modern look.

    For commercial environments, you can opt for a dual-side ceiling TV mount. This allows you to have two screens hanging from the same pole.

    This way, you make more efficient use of your space.

    In all cases, you have to purchase a ceiling TV mount that gives you a lot of freedom to locate your screen. Height, rotation angle, swivel angle, and tilt angle are the most important parameters to consider.

    By adjusting these parameters, you will get the optimal viewing angle. Remember that some health problems can be the result of bad positions to watch TV.

    All the ceiling TV mounts reviewed in this article are very versatile to achieve the best viewing angle.

    Best Ceiling TV Mount (1)

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