Connecting your LP-Player to Sonos — 3 ways

Connecting your LP-Player to Sonos – 3 ways-300You might agree that music is a real floating ring for many people. Some cannot resist listening to music while driving the car, others do not put off their headphones and seem like they are glued to them just to receive their favourite-songs-time.

There are also those who are real addicts to Vinyl. Even though the music industry is getting more and more advanced, Vinyl does not recede into the background and flourishes each year. However, how to make that sound a little bit enhanced? By having Sonos, you can connect your turntable, and power your house with a warm, clear sound of oldie vinyl music.

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3 Ways of Connecting Turntable to Sonos with No Trouble

Let’s first start by identifying the relevance of Sonos. It is a high-tech wireless home sound setup system that works thanks to WiFi. With the help of Sonos, you can easily stream your music to speakers located across your housing just with a few clicks of the app.

The main perk of this sound system is a clear sound. To listen to your Vinyl music through it, you do not need to buy a new set of speakers, everything is easier. Moreover, the whole procedure of the connection is fully manageable for people far from technologies.

3 Ways of Connecting Turntable to Sonos with No Trouble

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Before you start, you have to consider the following possible connections:

  • Five and Play:5
  • Amp and Connect: Amp
  • Port and Connect

Then, you will need to have an RCA or RCA to 3.5mm cable.

№1 Five alongside Play:5

Start by connecting the end of an RCA Y-audio line into the line-in port of Play:5. Then, attach the split cable to the relevant colours of the Left/Right output wires found on the back of your existing turntable or preamp.


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Note, if your unit has a built-in RCA cable, RCA to 3.5mm adapter is required.

№2 Amp alongside Connect: Amp

In the case of the existing LP-player with no amplifier, you can directly connect it to the home sound system through Sonos Amp.

You need to take the cable from your Amp and connect one end into the turntable, and another end to the relevant colours of the Left/Right output wires found at the back of the Sonos Amp.

№3 Port alongside Connect

If you have an amplifier, and some additional speakers, Sonos Port is a great connection. It helps to use your own amplified equipment to transform the vinyl sound into another level.

Just take the cable that comes with the Port, and plug one end into your turntable, and the other end to the relevant colours of the Left/Right inputs found at the back of the Port.

final step

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Finishing the Setup

The final step will involve only opening the designated app directly from your mobile phone or tablet. You should go to the browse tab, and find Line-In. Then, find and pick the Line-in source.

In the event when you want to listen to your turntable a lot, you can also set up the AutoPlay feature.

It will help to program the system to turn on vinyl mode automatically. Once it detects it, you just turn it on and chill.

Then, you have to consider some of the potential problems. Normally, the home sound system is designed to process compressed files, but your existing turntable is often uncompressed, so the audio can end up being choppy.

No worries, there is a solution. First off, you can wire the whole system with Ethernet. It stands for connecting all the speakers physically so that data is not sent wirelessly. Another option is to stick to the app and adjust the settings the way the system compresses all line-in audio signals.

For the best sounds, you can also consider adding extra speakers or covering more rooms. If you possess several Sonos device setups in your rooms, you can group them via the Rooms tab found in-app, and spread the sound across your household.


When sticking to Sonos systems, you can greatly boost the music experience within your household. And, the connection itself just takes a few efforts only for non-tech-savvy people. In the case of any troubles or issues you come across with the connection, the Sonos staff is also more than happy to assist you with tips on the setup.

Connecting your LP-Player to Sonos – 3 ways-1

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