How Do Swivel TV Wall Mounts Work: Complete Guide on Swivel Wall Mounts

Have you ever considered getting a swivel TV wall mount but had no idea what these are and how they work?

That’s not a problem anymore since this guide is ready to tell you everything about swivel TV wall mounts!

What Is a Swivel TV Mount?

Swivel TV mounts are a completely new kind of wall mounts that will give you the needed freedom of adjusting your TV at any time.

When compared to many other kinds of TV mounts, you can see one of the main benefits of the swivel mount very clearly: thanks to those, watching TV becomes a much more comfortable process, and as a result, you can use the space in your living room much more effectively, while improving the quality of your living.

Swivel TV mounts are compatible with all kinds of TVs and screens: LCD, LED, and even Plasma. They can work out with almost any sizes and Vesa standards, meaning that you can choose any brand.

Swivel TV Mount compatible with VESA standards

Even though such a mount is much more comfortable than a regular wall mount, it does not mean that it costs much more. Actually, swivel wall mounts are pretty affordable while being styling and easy to use.

You can use an app to manage and install them as well. As you can see it yourself, it is a top choice for everyone!

Swivel TV Mount

How to Choose the Right Swivel TV Mount?

Buying a swivel TV wall mount is much easier than you imagine, and these tips are ready to prove that to you. Here is a quick guide on how to find the best swivel TV wall mount that will work out for you:

  • Check the specs.

The wall mount should be compatible with the specifications of your TV. You should always make sure that a TV mount supports your TV because otherwise, the TV might just fall and crash. If you don’t want that, check the specs first.

  • Choose how much swivel you want.

A swivel mount will help you change the direction in which the TV is facing, but there are not standard swivel wall mounts, so you will have to check how much of it you want prior to buying it.

A swivel mount will help you change the direction

  • Find out if your wall is compatible with the swivel mount.

Most swivel mounts are compatible with the drywall, while plaster and masonry surfaces are not always fit for swivel mounts. If you have the latter, you might need to get some stronger hardware and a tip from a specialist.

Find out if your wall is compatible with the swivel mount-

  • Think about the place where to put your swivel mount.

Of course, you want to feel comfy when watching TV, but you should not forget about your safety as well. Also, you want your swivel mount to last as long as possible.

Avoid putting your swivel near the fireplace.
  • Consider other important factors.

These include weight and flexibility. Whenever you are looking through the product descriptions for the mounts, check what does the mount offer and what features does it have to offer.

  • Compare the prices.

Never buy something from the first time you see it! It is always better to compare all the rates first and only then to decide on the best place to buy the product from.

  • Don’t hesitate to ask for a piece of advice.
Go to your closest Home Depot and talk to a consultant. People there are open to helping their clients and will advise on what’s best for you and your wall.

Home Depot

If you have a friend who’s used a swivel TV mount before, ask them for some tips too. It will help you save some time on buying a swivel TV mount.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in choosing a swivel wall mount. By using at least half of these tips, you will already make this whole process much faster.

And remember that it is better to spend some money on the best quality possible than to suffer from the poorly made TV mount.

How to Install a Swivel TV Mount?

Here is a quick guide on how to install a swivel TV mount.

It is going to be a fast and easy process, but if you want to make sure that it is done correctly, you should not dismiss reading the instructions too.

Use these tips to install a mount but remember that they are not universal:

  • Get all the necessary equipment.

You will not only need your mount set but a few other tools as well, which include a drill.

  • Choose the location.

Choose the location for Swivel TV Mount

Where would you like to put your mount? This one should also be considered.

It should be a place that can be seen from any other corner of the room, which will provide your mount with an ability to adjust and change position easily.

  • Install the in-wall cord system.

Install the in-wall cord system

via @tv_mounts

This one is optional. You can do that to minimize the space taken up by cords.

Also, let’s agree that cords are often causing a lot of mess and discomfort. This is why getting a cord system together with a wall mount will help you make your home much comfier.

  • Mark the pilot holes.

Mark the pilot holes

Now it is time to decide where you would like to put the pilot holes. These holes are necessary to make since they are the ones where your wall mount will go.

  • Try to position your wall mount.

After you’ve marked the pilot holes, it is time to see if you did it correctly and whether it is a good place to put your wall mount or not. If everything is fine, move to the next step.

  • Drill the holes.

This one is simple, and you probably already know how to do that.

Drill the holes for Swivel TV Mount

  • Attach the mount and the plate for it.

And the last thing is left to do: attaching your wall mount.

You have to be very careful, and if you feel like the construction is not stable, first check everything again and fix it if needed, and only after that attach the wall mount to the wall.

Swivel TV Mount Are Going to Be a Great Choice for Your Home

Are you still hesitating? There is no reason for you to doubt the usefulness of swivel TV mounts!

These are a great way to adjust your TV in any way you want.

What’s also great about such kind of mounts is that they don’t cost a lot and you get them for any kind of TV.

Enjoy watching the best movies and TV shows from any corner with the help of Swivel TV!

How Do Swivel TV Wall Mounts Work

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