How High to Mount TV

How High to Mount TV 300Buying a new TV is thrilling for everyone. But, after the initial excitement, you face the dilemma of where to place it. Not everyone knows to what height a television should be set when they buy their device. This is the height you should mount your TV, concerning the place where you want it to be.

If you want to mount your TV correctly but don’t know how to do this, let’s find it out right now!

Installation of a Flat Screen

A common question that people ask themselves is, “What height should I put my television on the wall?” It’s a great question since watching TV at an improper height can spoil your viewing experience.

It can cause tiredness in the neck and eyes, which isn’t something you want during the chosen shutdown activity! For this reason, before deciding how high a TV should be, it’s essential to mind certain factors.

TV Size

The size of your TV will help you figure out how to set it

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The size of your TV will help you figure out how to set it. Remember, when you mount the television, you don’t judge from floor to floor or from the top, but from the floor to the center of the television. Also, keep in mind that your TV size will represent the diagonal viewing zone. So, you’ll want to use a tape meter to determine how far and in the exact center of the screen is.

Generally, larger TV sets are mounted slightly higher than smaller ones. It’s necessary to take into account the additional space that it takes to form an absolutely even-handed view.

Room Space

Whereas the size of the television is a factor to consider when determining where to put it, there’re more things to consider as well. Another important thing is the arrangement of the room where you want to install it. How far is the television from the main seats? What type of furniture will be used to watch television and at what height is it located? These are all questions that’ll help ask you that you determine the correct level to set your TV.

Viewing Distance

The distance from your TV also has an important impact on your whole experience while watching your favorite program.

If you’re too far away from television may lead to being less captivated by what you’re watching. And getting close can be a real headache.

There’s a formula for dealing with this issue. The method to compute the exact viewing distance and mounting height of the TV is to take its size and divide the number by 0.55. For quick reference, a 42” TV has an optimum view distance of 76 inches. For a 55”, you might want to be at 100 inches.

Eye-Level Concerning Floor/Angle of View

Significant aspect, the angle of the view of the TV from your seating place

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Perhaps the most significant aspect, the angle of the view of the TV from your seating place, defines the height at which you can hang your TV. Look at the list of the common TV screen sizes with corresponding eye level to floor and angle of view while mounting:

  • 42”. It should be installed approximately 56 inches from the floor at the television center
  • 55” TV. A 55” TV should be about 61 inches off the ground in the middle of the TV screen
  • 65” TV. It should be approximately 65 inches from the ground in the center of the television screen
  • 70” TV. The television should be about 67 inches above the ground in the center of the TV screen
Besides these general pointers, many other factors come into play in determining which is the optimum height to install your TV is.

Individual height is a big part of it. This is generally a difficult challenge, as household members with different heights share the same TV sets.

The preferred position of a person to watch TV also plays a role in the determination of the mounting height

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The preferred position of a person to watch TV also plays a role in the determination of the mounting height. Somebody who typically prefers to lie down while enjoying TV may want to install theirs a bit lower than someone who would rather sit and enjoy a TV program.

Once again, we deal with the same problem since wall televisions are generally long-term devices that can only work in one direction.

These are all the aspects you need to take into account to install your TV correctly. As you can see, it isn’t that challenging as you could think before. Mount, watch, and enjoy!

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