How to Install a Full-Motion TV Wall Mount

How to Install a Full-Motion TV Wall MountEvery TV lover knows that properly mounted full-motion TV with the right position and at the right angle is a recipe for pleasant viewing and coziness in the room.

If you have already bought a new flat-screen TV set with fantastic color rendition and abundant features, it is time to install it as fast as possible to enjoy its great benefits.

And, do you know how to wall mount your super TV? Learn all the steps below as well as helpful inventory to master it quickly.

The situations happen of all kinds: probably, someone has postponed this task from one month to another or simply used extra hands many years ago to install a flat-screen at the moment he has changed the apartment.

No matter what the cause is, the fact is obvious – you just want to mount your favorite or a new one TV set in the room.

Dealing with any flat-screens, especially those of very large sizes, you should realize your abilities and intimidations. Being confident you can do it on your own, just look at what you need and comply with the instructions.

Otherwise, you will have to ask for help from your friends or specialists who regularly perform this type of work.

How to Install a Full-Motion TV Wall Mount

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Do you know how much it will cost you to mount a flat-screen? According to the common price list, the specialists on installation generally take from $140 to $360, including some additional expenditures for outcalls and work itself.

For sure, you would spend this money on something better. So, get your mind right and find out the simple secrets of successful TV mounting. As practice shows, it takes approximately one hour to do it.

What Additional Equipment Do You Need to Install a TV Wall Mount Firmly?

Before you start, check your tools box to prepare everything beforehand. It will help you save your time and nerves. Well, for this peculiar job, you will need:

  • a small set of regular screwdrivers
  • shifting spanner
  • a drill
  • meter ruler
  • stud finder
  • lever
  • stationery knife

Besides this list of tools, please look over the required materials necessary for the actual installation process.

What Do You Need to Install a TV Wall Mount

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These are full-motion TV wall mounts, the included lag bolts (check if they are available; otherwise you will have to go shopping in the nick of time), and do not forget about masking tape as well.

The Most Popular Models or Types of Mounts to Choose

Today’s state-of-the-art models of mounts for multifunctional flat-screen TV sets are broad-ranging. Coming to the specialized department of any hardware store or simply going directly to a related shopping website like Amazon, you will discover a shocking number of different styles and models.

You must admit that you can’t help losing yourself in that widest choice. Still, there are three general styles; they are simply redesigned in accordance with different preferences.

The major variation lies in the opportunity to adjust your TV screen the way you find the most convenient for you and your family members. Such an option is considered a paramount moment in terms of picture quality presentation.

It’s hard to believe that you are going to relocate your sofa, chairs, or window to see the clearest picture. Taking this important fact into account, you have to be precise and exact when installing the mount in the right place.

Finally, you can find the following mount models as:

  • Low-profile (a TV is very close to the wall without any options to move the screen)
  • Full-motion (it’s possible to shift the screen to the right or left)
  • Tilting (moving the screen in respect of your eye level)

All of them are durable and require almost the same method of setting, but they will perform various functions for screen shifting or direct placement without any movements.

Some people like to put their television sets on the special media stands using it also for the rest of the devices. But it’s not our case, as we have our own take on it and, as it’s now a popular trend to make the rooms and the whole flat commodious and spacious.

Before choosing any type of wall brackets, take into account wiring, which will influence the choice of the mount kind as well. Furthermore, create a certain installation plan for an outlet and a cable joint.

The Ultimate Guide on Full-Motion TV Wall Mounting

Planning is an essential part of this whole work connected with TV wall mounting. Before drilling holes in your favorite wall, work all the nuances out and follow the outlined steps to ease stress and save your time.

Determine the Exact Place for Your TV

Look precisely at the wall and imagine your TV there. A clear understanding of the right spot will let you perform the task quicker and watch the TV show you adore with pleasure. Some people even decide to cut out a paper TV sample and fix it temporarily on the wall, evaluating its position.

Determine the Exact Place for Your TV

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This thorough attitude to the mounting process will help you mark the necessary place, keeping the balance for your eyes.

Install the TV Bracket to the Wall

When you look inside of the box with the TV mount, you will see two integral items: the element that attaches to your television set, and the bracket itself that fixes straight to your wall. Once you have the right picture in your head about the TV placement, locate the bracket where it should be.

Do not forget to apply a spirit level to estimate the surface. After that, make a pencil mark to continue with drilling. Keep far from possible cables while wall drilling.

Use spirit level to estimate the surface

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When the holes are ready, put your rawl plugs there. Then take the bracket and place it over the holes; screws will help you set it. Control your power and do it gradually to check if any adjustments are necessary regarding the mount’s straight.

Fasten the Mount to Your Flat-Screen TV

You will certainly like this part of the work. Firstly place down the TV screen on an acceptable surface carefully, find the holes on the backside, and fasten the mount tightly.

Plug the Cables You Need and Lift Your Television Set as it Should Be

Before the final mounting of your TV, connect all the necessary cables. Ask for help from someone nearby to finish the attaching process. Please, remember to double-check if all the parts are secured. Use a screwdriver or hex drive, depending on the kind of mount.

Ready! Take pleasure in watching your ideally mounted TV!

How to Install a Full-Motion TV Wall Mount

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