How to Mount a TV over a Fireplace?

How to Mount a TV over a Fireplace-300Have you bought a TV that can hang on a wall? A TV is part of your apartment’s interior. If you mount it correctly, the room will get cozy and wonderful. Where can you mount a TV?

A fireplace is a source of heat in the room. If it is combined with electricity, it may be dangerous. Yet, it will be safe if you follow the rules of mounting. You should mount your TV at a distance from the fireplace. There should be some space between the screen and the wall.

Choose the right TV mounts to be safe. Your TV should be balanced on the wall so you will be able to move it. It would be better if the wall is made from brick or stone. They are the most popular materials today to build a wall. Is it still difficult to fix the TV on your wall?

You may order supports to make it more stable.

Safety is an important issue if you mount a TV over a fireplace. You should hide the wires from fire. You should buy TVs with heat sensors. They will inform you when the TV gets too much heat. You may also cover the wires to be safe.

Let’s look at how to fix the TV to be safe and comfortable.

What Tools Do You Need to Mount the TV?

  1. Phillips screwdriver – needed to fix the monitor bracket
  2. Mounting instructions – it would be better to use them during all the procedure
  3. An electric drill – you will drill holes in the wall
  4. Hardware – the materials provided to mount the TV

What are the Steps of Mounting a TV over a Fireplace?

Step 1. Think about at what height you will fix the TV

Think about at what height you will fix the TV

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You should set it a bit higher than your eyes. Then you will be able to turn it up or down as you want. You can settle the TV at a comfortable angle. And the light from the window will not bother you.

Step 2. Consider where you will sit when watching TV

You should settle the TV opposite your seat. So, you will be able to watch it with comfort. If you fix it in a random place, you will need to stand while watching. Or you will have to come to the TV to watch it.

Take into account that the TV should have a moving leg. So, you can turn the screen to whatever place in the room you want.

Step 3. Find a place without any obstacles to moving

The TV has a moving leg that is moved on the wall. There should be no sockets or wires behind the TV. But you can place it near a socket if it doesn’t interfere with moving. It is even better because you will always have access to electricity. You will not need to buy an extension cord.

Find a place without any obstacles to moving

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Step 4. Think about where you will set the stud

It would be better if the stud is not in the center of the wall. You can buy a shifting leg. Then you will be able to move the TV on the wall as you want.

Step 5. After thinking about these options, start mounting your TV

Fix the monitor bracket behind the TV.

Step 6. Make holes to fix the screws

Make sure that the holes are completely at the right place. You may use TV instructions to calculate the location. Then fix the TV frame at this place using the hardware. Don’t forget to fix the moving leg to the frame.

Step 7. Set the monitor bracket behind the TV screen

Check that the TV holds firmly and the socket works. Then check if the TV is efficient.

What other things to remember? The height of your TV is very important.

Set the monitor bracket behind the TV screen

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You shouldn’t mount it too close to the fireplace. It may cause too much heat and dangerous fire.

At the same time, make sure that the TV is settled comfortably. Too high location will cause difficulties with watching. You won’t be able to enjoy yourself and get pleasure. It may also cause health problems, especially with your back.

The sound is also important. Do you have difficulties with listening if the TV is too high? Then you may put on your headphones, and the problem will vanish.

Moving mounts will give you an opportunity to move the TV to the most comfortable place. For example, you can move it up and down on the wall. When the sensors state that the TV is overheated, you move it farther from the fireplace. When it is cold, you may shift it down.

Such a system will give you the pleasure of watching TV and entertainment. You will fix it over a fireplace and make your room nice-looking.

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