How to Use Himalayan Salt Inhaler: Useful Guide to Follow

How to Use Himalayan Salt Inhaler 300Colds, which become especially common in the autumn-winter period, bring a lot of trouble to anyone. Headache, cough, runny nose – these symptoms are known to everyone.

In the world of modern technologies and the development of the pharmaceutical industry, many people prefer tablets, syrups, powders. At the same time, they sometimes forget that such drugs, having a therapeutic effect on some organs, negatively affect others.

Inhalation is an effective method of treating acute and chronic diseases of the respiratory tract and some allergic diseases. Inhaler – a device for the introduction of drugs by inhalation.

The main varieties of inhalers are the following: thermo-wet inhalers, steam inhalers, salt inhalers, compressor inhalers. The method of inhalation treatment is defined as very effective and one of the safest. In the process of inhalation, the drug is delivered directly to the site of respiratory tract defeat.

What Is a Himalayan Salt Inhaler and What Are Its Benefits?

Even in ancient times, it was proven that Himalayan salt is excellent for respiratory diseases such as allergies, bronchitis, asthma, sinusitis, etc. Respiratory therapy in a salt mine/salt cave or salt room is very popular in Europe.

Himalayan salt inhaler practically repeats these natural microclimatic conditions.

This inhaler uses selected natural healing minerals from a renowned salt mine.

Saline aerosols enter the respiratory system and begin to support the natural healing process, making it faster. They help to clear the respiratory tract and protect it from airway bacteria and allergens.

Pharmacological properties of Himalayan salt: mucolytic, expectorant, antibacterial, antifungal.

What Is Needed for Inhalation?

The standard set of inhalers includes 2 masks (adult and child), air filters, and a universal nozzle. You will also need Himalayan salt for inhalation. Its composition usually consists of NaCl – 98.7%, Ca SO4 – 0.1%, MgCl2 – 0.028%, CaCl2 – 0.13%, Fe2O3 – 0.00056%, as well as a small amount of K, I, Br.

Guidance on the Application of Himalayan Salt Inhaler

The Himalayan salt inhaler, like any other device, works effectively only if it is used correctly. Study the guide below and find out how to use it properly.

How to Use the Inhaler?

The first thing to do is to take off the cap from the nozzle.

Instructions on using the salt inhaler through the mouth (helps clear the lower respiratory tract):

  1. Gently inhale the air through the device so that salt aerosols enter the lungs and lower respiratory tract;
  2. After inhaling, remove the inhaler, close your mouth and exhale through the nose. Breathing out through the nose is necessary to reinforce the therapeutic effect of the salt.

Instructions on using the salt inhaler through the nose (helps clear the upper respiratory tract):

  1. Install a nasal adapter on the inhaler;
  2. Gently insert it into one nostril, closing the other with your finger. Inhale the air calmly so that the salt aerosols enter the nasal cavity and upper respiratory tract;
  3. After inhaling through the nose, remove the inhaler and exhale through the mouth or through the other nostril that was previously closed.

Duration of the Procedure

Use the inhaler for 15-20 minutes a day. You can divide this time into 3 short procedures of 7-10 minutes. It is recommended to do at least 3-4 inhalations per minute. Use the inhaler for 21 days and repeat the course as needed.

The best results can be achieved by using the inhaler at bedtime or by inhalation through the nose by adding a special incense stick. The incense stick contains pure menthol, eucalyptus, and lavender essential oils that open up the nasal passages more effectively.

How to Fill the Inhaler?

The inhaler can only be filled with special bags of Himalayan salt. For best results, it is recommended to change the salt every three months, especially if you use the inhaler daily.

General Features of Using the Himalayan Salt Inhaler

Pay attention to the general peculiarities of using the Himalayan salt inhaler:

  1. Do not breathe fast – breathing should be natural;
  2. Avoid exhaling back into the inhaler;
  3. After each inhalation procedure, as well as before it, it is recommended to wipe the inhaler with a clean damp cloth (water ingress is not allowed);
  4. Store at room temperature in a dry place;
  5. Dust settling on the inhaler is not allowed;
  6. Salt inhalers are designed for individual use.

Precautionary Measures

Himalayan Salt Inhaler

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Here’s a list of key precautionary measures:

  1. Make sure that no saliva or other liquids enter the device;
  2. Store the inhaler in a dry place at room temperature;
  3. Some people may develop a mild, dry cough when starting therapy – this indicates that self-cleaning of the airways has begun;
  4. This product can be used in combination with any medical treatment;
  5. Do not shake or drop the inhaler. This can lead to the fact that the salt crystals break and, with a deep breath, get out from the inhaler into the nasal passages, causing them to be briefly irritated. During the inhalation through the mouth, you may also feel that small crystals of salt enter your mouth, but this will be short-term;
  6. Sharing with other people is not recommended.

How to Properly Care for the Himalayan Salt Inhaler?

Tips for proper inhaler care:

  1. Check periodically to see if the bottom vents are clogged. To clear the blockage, remove the stuck particles with a fine needle so that air can flow freely through the holes;
  2. Clean the outside of the device with a damp, clean, soft cloth;
  3. You can only wash the nose adapter. Dry the adapter before use.

Use the Himalayan salt inhaler correctly, following all the recommendations outlined in this manual. Correct use of the device is the key to quick treatment of the disease!

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