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Comparison of Philips Hue Gen 3 vs Gen 2 vs Gen 1: Which Bulb Will Create a Comfortable Atmosphere?

Philips Hue Gen 3 vs Gen 2 vs Gen 1Philips Hue is one of the leading smart bulb manufacturers that have some of the best color changing bulbs in the market.

When choosing the right Philips Hue bulb for your home, you need to consider the lumen, color intensity, as well as other options available such as dimming.

These will help you determine whether they will achieve the ambiance you desire.

Considering all these factors will help you to achieve the best lighting for a comfortable atmosphere.

After picking the ideal product, however, you will also need to get a Philips Hue Bridge to help control any Philips Hue Light Bulb using the ZigBee technology.

Introduction, Main Differences and Similarities

Philips Hue gen 1 was introduced in the market in 2012 while gen 2 and gen 3 came in 2015 and 2016 respectively.

The technical specifications of either of these bulbs differ minimally from one another based on the color intensity, lumen featured, and dimming options.

The Philips Hue generation bulbs come in three options:

  • Philips Hue white, which will give you soft, white coloured lighting
  • Philips Hue white ambience that gives you the options of cool, soft, or warm white lighting
  • Philips Hue white and colour ambience that offers the above two options


  • All the three Philips Hue bulbs can use Philips Hue bridges 1.0 and 2.0


  • Technical specifications – Philips Hue gen 2 and 3 are designed to be 25 percent brighter as compared to gen 1. Moreover, while gen 1 has 600 lumens, gen 2 and 3 have 800 lumens
  • Colors – Gen 1 and 2 provide poor colors while Philips Hue gen 3 provides excellent color schemes. For instance, gen 1 and 2 emit yellowish-green instead of green while gen 3 emits vivid green, cyan, and blue colors
  • Dimming options – Gen 3 allows you to achieve full dimming while gen 1 and 2 only go up to RF down to 5 percent
  • Bridges – Gen 1’s bridge comes in a round shape while gen 2 and gen 3 have square-shaped bridges
ModelTime released:Lumen (at 4,000K):Colors:Lifetime (based on 6 hours daily usage):Consumption:Efficiency (at 4,000K):Weight:Top cover:Price
Philips Hue Gen 12012600 lumensBad colors15,000 hours (7 years)5 W70 lm/W117 gGlassCheck price!
Philips Hue Gen 22015800 lumens (25% brighter)Bad colors25,000 hours (12 years)9 W90 lm/W117 gGlassCheck price!
Philips Hue Gen 32016800 lumens (25% brighter)Great colors using gamut C25,000 hours (12 years)10 W80 lm/W133 gPlasticCheck price!

Philips Hue – Turn on your moments:

Philips Hue Gen 1 vs. 2 vs 3. Comparison


Gen 1 vs gen 2

Both Philips Hue generation 1 and 2 bulbs have bad colors since green appears like dull yellow, cyan looks whitish, and blue appear like purple. This means that you cannot achieve coloring based on the spectrum you are on.

Gen 1 vs gen 3

Philips Hue generation 3 bulb is the superior of the three because it features the improved hue white and color ambiance bulbs. You, therefore, get to enjoy richer colors based on the spectrum you are on. Compared to gen 3, gen 1 has very poor colors.

Gen 2 vs gen 3

Just like gen 1, gen 2 comes with poor colors while gen 3 has vivid colors to help create a soft, cool, or warm atmosphere as needed. Gen 3 is similar to 2nd-gen LightStrip Plus when it comes to color production.

Philips Hue Gen 3 vs Gen 2


Of the three Philips Hue bulbs, gen 3 is the best choice for anyone looking to achieve vibrant colors in their homes. Gen 3 gives vivid blue, green, and cyan colors that are a problem with the previous generations.


Gen 1 vs gen 2

Gen 1 shines at 600 lumens while gen 2 shines at 800 lumens. This makes gen 2 200 lumens ahead of gen 1, shining 25 percent brighter than gen 1. Moreover, gen 2 dims to more values as compare to gen 1 that dims at fewer values.

Additionally, gen 2 takes a shorter time to change while gen 1 takes more time. This difference, however, is almost negligible and might not be readily visible.

Gen 1 vs gen 3

Gen 1 is built to shine at 600 lumens while gen 3 shines at 800 lumens. This makes gen 3 25 percent brighter than gen 1, which makes it more vibrant.

When it comes to dimming, gen 1 is less preferable since it dims to fewer values while gen 3 allows for full dimming options.

Gen 2 vs gen 3

Both gen 2 and 3 shine at 800 lumens, which comes in handy when you want a brighter ambiance. However, the dimming options on gen 2 are limited although it is comparable to gen 3 for dimming up to RF down to 5 percent.

Philips Hue Gen 3 vs Gen 2 vs Gen 1

However, the brightness difference is visible since gen 3 gives full dimming options.


When picking the bulbs based on their brightness, it would be advisable to go for gen 2 since it is cheaper as compare to gen 3. However, if you are looking to utilize a variety of dimming options, then gen 3 is the best option since you can achieve full dimming.

Energy Efficiency

Gen 1 vs gen 2

Philips Hue gen 1 consumes about 8.5W while gen 2 takes up 9W. Furthermore, gen 1’s energy efficiency at 4,000K is 70 lm/W while gen 2 has 90lm/W. This means that gen 1 consumes less power as compared to gen 2, making it more energy efficient.

Gen 1 vs gen 3

Gen 1 consumes 8.5W of power and its efficiency is at 70 lm/W as compared to gen 3 that takes up 10W with an efficiency of 80lm/W. Since gen 3 allows for more smart options, its efficiency will depend on the settings you achieve.

Gen 2 vs gen 3

Gen 2 consumes power of 9W and its efficiency falls at 90lm/W. Gen 3, on the other hand, uses 10W yet its efficiency is 80lm/W.

Philips Hue Gen 3 vs Gen 2 vs Gen 1

Although there is no much technical difference between these two Philips Hue bulbs, their efficiency will be determined by the lighting options attained.


When it comes to energy efficiency, Philips Hue gen 1 bulb is the number one option because it consumes less power.

However, your lighting options will be limited, which means that choosing gen 2 or 3 would be viable. This is because the power consumption rate and efficiency have no big difference.


Gen 1 vs gen 2

Both Philips Hue gen 1 and 2 bulbs come in glass covers. When buying gen 1, it comes with a gen 1 bridge that is round in shape.

It is however difficult to know whether you are getting gen 1 based on the packaging since it doesn’t indicate that.

Gen 2 bulbs, on the other hand, come with gen 2 bridges that are square-shaped. Moreover, the package comes with a “Works with Apple HomeKit” label at the left-hand corner.

Gen 1 vs gen 3

As mentioned earlier, gen 1 bulbs work with gen 1 bridges that are round-shaped. You should be careful when buying them because some fraudulent vendors may sell the wrong bridge with gen 1 bulbs.

Gen 3 bulbs, on the other hand, come in a plastic cover. The package features a small light bulb label that reads, “Richer Colors.” The bulbs work with gen 3 bridges that are square-shaped.

Gen 2 vs gen 3

Both gen 2 and gen 3 work with square-shaped bridges for their respective generation. Their packages, however, are different because gen 2 bulbs have a “Works with Apple HomeKit” label at the left-hand corner.

Gen 3 bulbs, on the other hand, have a small light bulb label that says, “Richer Colors.”


There isn’t much to say on this since the packaging does not impact the efficiency of the bulbs. However, if you want richer and more vibrant colors, then gen 3 would be the ideal choice.

Best Smart Light Setup! (Philips Hue 3rd Gen Review):


How does one install a Hue system?

All you have to do is first screw in the Hue lamps before plugging in the bridges for connectivity. To be able to control them, proceed to install the Hue App and follow the required steps to set the system.

What devices are compatible with Philips Hue generation (1, 2, and 3) bulbs?

The Philips Hue system is designed to support all Apple devices that run on iOS 4.3 and the later versions. The same also applies to devices that support Android 2.3 or later versions.

How many bulbs can be connected to a single bridge?

You can connect up to 50 lamps to one Philips Hue bridge and still get the required lighting efficiency.

Is it possible to control a Philips Hue system with several devices?

Yes, it is. You can connect your Hue system and control it via a maximum of 10 devices including phones, laptops, tablets etc. The only requirement is that each device must have the Hue App installed on it.

Philips Hue – App 3.0 Launch:

Can I control my Hue system with Wi-Fi connectivity?

Of course, you can. Philips Hue systems come with home functionality, a feature that allows you to control it without necessarily being connected to the Wi-Fi.

The bulbs will work as long as you have the Wi-Fi signal of the network to which your bridge is connected.

The challenge comes if your home is large and you rely on Wi-Fi range extenders. In such an event, all you need to do is connect an additional Hue lamp in-between the bridge as well as the bulb that’s experiencing connectivity issues.

With this extra lamp, you will have a reliable repeater while getting amazing Hue light as desired.

What should one do if some of the lights connected to the bridge go off?

Various lights come connected to a single bridge by different items. When all the lights are off, therefore, you need to consider whether the bridge is plugged in for passage of power.

However, if only lights 2 and 3 are off, you need to check the connectivity of the Wi-Fi router. You should ensure that the router comes connected to the network cable given. Moreover, make sure that power is passing through to the Wi-Fi router.

If you realize that only light 3 is off, chances are you are dealing with poor web connections. You, therefore, need to check whether the Wi-Fi router and the internet are connected. Be sure to check whether you have other devices connected to the internet too.

If the big button fixed at the center of the Hue system is off, then the bridge is having problems finding the lights connected to it. To address this issue, begin by checking if the lights are receiving the power through the plug or wall switch.

The last option would be to restart your Hue App and when it asks whether you would like to add some lamps, select “Yes.”

Philips Hue Gen 3 vs Gen 2 vs Gen 1




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