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Sonos Playbar vs Playbase vs Bose Soundbar

Sonos Playbar vs Sonos Playbase vs Bose SoundbarMany people consider the soundbar a compromise replacement for a full-fledged home theater.

Today there are quite a large number of models of soundbars on the market.

There are devices for every taste and wallet.

The popularity of soundbars is rapidly growing. Modern soundbars provide emulation of spatial sound.

But with all other things soundbars are much more expensive than classic 5.1 home cinema.

So in this matter it’s better to understand what money is paid for.

Top pick

Sonos Playbase PBASEUS1BLK

  • Airplay support
  • Cheaper than Playbar and Soundbar
  • High-Quality Sound

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We’ve tested 3 soundbars from Sonos and Bose and the winner is above!

Quick Comparison

Sonos Playbar

Sonos Playbase

Bose Soundbar


Main Differences

No Bluetooth


Pairs with TV and Remote

Universal Remote Included

With 2 Ethernet Ports

With 1 Ethernet Port

Without Ethernet port

Alexa Support

Alexa Support

Built-in Alexa

Easy connection with Sonos One, Play and other Sonos devices in one network

Easy connection with Bose Bass Module, Bose Surround Speakers or Both

Overall Rating




Check Price

Check Price

Check Price









Yes, 2 ports

Yes, 1 port



Speakers Quantity




Optical Input





Alexa Built-in




Alexa Support




Smartphone App

Yes (Sonos App)

Yes (Sonos App)

Yes (Bose Soundtouch App)


Not included, works with TV Remote

Not included, works with TV Remote

Yes, Available as Option

Technologies/Services Support

Dolby Digital











Apple Music












Amazon Music




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Check Actual PriceCheck Actual Price

Sonos Playbase vs. Playbar

  1. Playbar is not supporting Apple’s airplay 2
  2. Playbase is a little bit cheaper.
  3. Playbase provides little more quality in low range sound.
  4. Latency is less in Playbase.
  5. Playbar has 2 ethernet ports when Playbar had only 1.
  6. Playbar can be mount to the wall. Playbase designed to place under TV.

Sonos Playbase vs. Bose Soundbar

Here are the main differences:

  1. Bose Soundbar has built-in Bluetooth, Playbase doesn’t.
  2. Universal Remote including to Bose Soundbar.
  3. Soundbar has built-in voice assistant (Alexa, Google), Playbase doesn’t
  4. Soundbar has three different ways to control (app, voice, remote), Playbase only one (app)
  5. The soundbar can me mount on the wall, Playbase doesn’t

Sonos Playbar vs. Bose Soundbar

Here are the main differences between Sonos Playbar vs. Bose Soundbar:

  1. Bose Soundbar is supporting Apple’s airplay 2, Playbar doesn’t
  2. Universal Remote including to Bose Soundbar kit
  3. Soundbar has built-in voice assistant (Alexa, Google), Playbar doesn’t
  4. Soundbar has three different ways to control (app, voice, remote), Playbar only one (app)


Sonos Playbar

Sonos Playbar PBAR1US1BLKSonos Playbar comes with nine speakers. There are six mid-frequencies and three “twitter” for high frequencies.

The speakers on the left are playing the sound and the speakers on the right are playing the inverse of that sound.

That means if there’s a huge crash on the left side of the screen, you’ll hear it there.

Two speakers at the edges will provide for surround sound effect. Each speaker is assigned its own D-class amplifier.

The narrow channel of sound will stay something airy and spacious. If you’re probably used to flat sound so transformation of the sound will be incredible. You’ll feel that speakers suddenly got in the far-left and far-right corners of your room.

Sonos Playbar

Via: @jagarmedia


Check the Best Price of Sonos Playbar

[affegg id=1]

Sonos Playbase

It is something that the world was waiting for!

Modern design, impressive sound that fills all the room, thin package — such an innovation!

Sonos Playbase PBASEUS1BLKThe size, shape and furnishings of your room are very important to this system. Great concept — perfectly made!

Sonos Playbase is a system that relies upon bouncing sound off walls. Most locations will be fine. It sounds perfectly because there are multiple speakers, connections and wires.

Even if your TV and Playbase are in a corner you will have very good sound.

The bass here is far more natural and tonally expressive than that of the Playbar. This everything is due to a sub-woofer that is built-in. It brings plenty of bass even if you don’t have an additional satellite sub.

It is up to you whether to add a pair of Sonos 1s or 5s and get a fully wireless 5.1 system.

Vocals and dialogue sounds are clear and front sounds effects are really good.

Playbase has a very wide sound stage which is so immersive! The low-end bass sound is appropriate for medium and small rooms.

Sonos Playbase

Via: @flexsonforsonos

Sonos Playbase is a system that relies upon bouncing sound off walls. The size, shape and furnishings of your room are very important to this system. Most locations will be fine.

Even if your TV and Playbase are in a corner you will have very good sound. In compare with Sonos Playbar the bass here is far more natural and tonally expressive.

Playbase works with 2 Sonos Play. You may add speakers wireless with an outlet plugging them into.

In case you have a bigger room, there is an opportunity of bonding Playbase with the Sonos Sub to get over-the-top experience!

The Making of PLAYBASE:

Sonos Playbase Unboxing and Quick Setup:

Check the Best Price for Sonos Playbase

Bose Soundbar

Bose SoundTouch 300 Soundbar 767520-1100Bose Soundbar is a dark horse in the home sound systems.

Over the course of 10 years Boses’s engineers have improved technologies that provide great sound.

You will not learn about its structure from the inside. But you can hear the work result of the company employees.

The high and mid frequencies sound clean and expressive.

Once you calibrated the speakers, you may enjoy the sound that is fantastic!

We also need to mention how much richer the music and voices are. The sound field is incredibly spacious.

Moreover, there is a dialogue button  on the remote to enhance the voice.

And if you prefer a low sound, it is enough to connect the Acoustimass 300 wireless bass module to the Bose Soundbar.

You can raise and lower the level of bass using the Bose application.

Bose SoundTouch 300 Soundbar

Via: @blog_insider_mel

You don’t need the optional sub woofer unless you need to listen to music loudly.

In addition, you can connect wireless speakers Virtually Invisible 300 to create surround sound. Such a system will cost more, but it will also look impressive. Also, Bose Soundbar has his own mobile application SoundTouch® app for these connections.

With application you get full control over your sound system from your tablet or smartphone. Also your Bose Soundbar can work with your phone or tablet too. Just using Bluetooth and connect it in one touch.

What else is beautiful about this program? Above all, you can connect the Bose Soundbar to your home wi-fi network to music listening.

Bose SoundTouch 300 – HDMI IN Direct Audio:

Check the Best Price of Bose Soundbar

As a result

If you have been listening to your TV’s build-on speakers previously, you will be impressed. Either you will use the Playbase or the Playbar or the Soundbar the difference will be noticeable.

But, if you are not going with the subwoofer, then go with the Sonos Playbase. The sound picture will strike you.

The Sonos Playbar use better with a subwoofer. It will take your roof down, literally.

And if you want to get a three-dimensional and wide sound the Bose Sounbar is for you. It will rattle your roof enough to make your smile get stuck between your ears.

Besides the smile you get a modern universal sound device. But at the same time, for this functionality you will need to pay a little more money.

Check the Best Price of Sonos Playbar

Check the Best Price of Sonos Playbase

Check the Best Price of Bose Soundbar

ModelPower Supply:Optical Input:HDMI™ In/Out (ARC):Bluetooth:Weight:Price
Sonos PlaybarAuto-switching 100-240 VYesNoNo11.9 lbsCheck price!
Sonos PlaybaseAuto-switching 100-240 VYesNoNo18.85 lbsCheck price!
Bose Soundbar-YesYesYes10.41 lbsCheck price!


Sonos Playbar


Sonos Playbar is the soundbar with nine speakers. The Playbar is big and heavy — 11.9 lbs. Although its width is only 35.4 inches, it weighs as much as a 43 inch TV.

Sonos Playbar is the soundbar with nine speakers


You can put the Sonos Playbar on furniture or hung on a wall. The wall-mounters will need to be fairly sure about the strength of the wall and fixtures they use. If you want to use a wall mounts, these must be strong.

The official Playbar mount are bit expensive. Sonos Wall Mount Kit for Playbar Soundbar you can find there.

Attachment method

The device has a streamlined shape. And it looks very neat. But the control takes place thanks to the physical buttons.

Sonos Playbar can hung on a wall

Check the Best Price of Sonos Playbar

Sonos Playbase


This device looks so elegant, sleek like a thin work-of-art. It is well proportioned and it seems to be a nicely designed stand for TV.

You may not fell its presence in your room because it almost disappears but still provides such a powerful and clear sound.


If you are not going to mount your Playbar on the wall, the obvious course of action is to buy the Playbase. It’s solidly built. You can put your TV on it if its feet have not too wide location. It will look attractive.

It couldn’t be even better because Playbase sits right under the space of your TV. So it doesn’t take any space. Easy and satisfying!


Its dimensions are (H x W x D) 2.28 x 28.35 x 14.96 in. (58 x 720 x 380 mm). It weighs 18.85 lbs. (8.6 kg).

Attachment method

Unlike the Playbar, it has a touch control. Along with this Sonos Playbase has more modern design.

Despite all of these features, you can control it by a Sonos app. You can download it both for Android and for iOS.

If you have iOS application, you may enjoy tuning the system specific to the acoustics of the room it is in. Just type the command or use the microphone of your IPad or IPhone.

Unpacking and adjustment

It is very easy to use this Playbase. Literally you unpack it, lift up your TV, put your Playbase underneath, plug in the power cord.

Then it comes to connection to TV, so you need to plug in the optical cable to your TV.

Set up the application, next set up the Playbase with a button press — it is ready to use!


Sonos Playbase has more modern design

Check the Best Price of Sonos Playbase

Bose Soundbar


The Bose Soundbar design is a true work of art. Bose designers made the top surface of premium glass and a perforated metal grill on the sides. Don’t worry about the glass surface.

It is as durable as aluminum of the same thickness, but it looks much more interesting. Its width 38.5 in, depth 4.3 in and height 2.3 in. It is long sound panel but lightweight. Its weight only 10.41 lbs.

Unpacking and adjustment

Another great feature for this price is easiness of installation. You will have no issues with that because everything you need for set up is included.

You automatically buy the invisible rear speakers and the sound bar as a bundle. No problems in pairing and hooking it up.

Just take the speakers out of the box, use the instructions book if you need,  and pair the speakers app.

The application is quite usual. Its installations won’t take much time if you have a proper Internet connection.

Attachment method

As for the controls, they are not on the soundbar. For this there is a remote control. In addition, you can use the SoundTouch app and control it from your smartphone.

Bose Soundbar has remote control


Designers also made the bar versatile. You can attach it to the wall or place it on the furniture.

Check the Best Price of Bose Soundbar

As a result

The design of all selected models is modern and neat. All the three speakers are available in black or white colors. Much of the choice depends on your needs and budget. If you definitely will not mount the panel on the wall, then Sonos Playbase is good.

For those who prefer to control the physical buttons it is better to take a Sonos Playbar. But it is heavy and designed for wall mounting too. Except for the sound panel you need to spend extra money to buy mounts.

Of course, if money is not the main thing for you, then the Bose brand is for you. He looks cool and very modern. But for the soundbar there are some nuances. You will need a remote or smartphone with an application to control the sound.

Check the Best Price of Sonos Playbar

Check the Best Price of Sonos Playbase

Check the Best Price of Bose Soundbar


Wi-Fi technology of Sonos

All Sonos devices work on a single platform with constant Internet access. They haven’t Bluetooth but use the WiFi and Ethernet connection.

The core features of a Sonos product are there regardless of which you buy. The company sells the concept of truly smart acoustics. You can combine all the speakers into special network.

Place your branded speakers in each room of your home

There is an interactive, wireless and customizable network under the owner’s direction. You can place your branded speakers in each room of your home.

You can combine them into zones and provide all household members with their own music and sound. So, your system will ready to adjust to the necessary situation at any time. The idea of multiroom came to the masses from Sonos.

Sonos Playbar

Voice control

You can use Sonos Playbar with an Amazon Echo or Dot. This allows you to control the playback of songs, playlists, radio stations with the help of voice.

Can use Sonos Playbar with an Amazon Echo or Dot

The developers of Sonos promise to add support for Google Assistant and Apple Siri. Now the voice control is available in the form of Amazon Alexa integration.

Check the Best Price for Sonos Playbar

Sonos Playbase

App`s control

This model uses the Sonos app. The application finds all your services and allows you to get quick access to your favorite tracks. This allows you to manage multiple devices.

You can select the desired song and send it to the selected Playbase. Your friends can also do this if they have a smartphone with the application. Withal, the volume control and other settings are also available.

Check the Best Price of Sonos Playbase

Bose Soundbar

Bluetooth & Wi-Fi technology

Bose Soundbar also let you stream music wirelessly thanks to Bluetooth with NFC pairing and Wi-Fi technology. Amazon Music, Spotify and Pandora are available for your to listen to your favorite music.

Bose Soundbar let you stream music thanks to Bluetooth

The system of audio calibration tunes your sound system according to your space.

Voice control

Bose SoundTouch 300 Soundbar works with Alexa voice assistant. The Alexa app works on iOS and Android and also it connects with SoundTouch app. This application allows you to synchronize the device with your iTunes libraries.

It also allows you to streamline the presets like Spotify’s “Discover Weekly” or Pandora’s “Thumbprint Radio”. With this application you can always turn on music on any wireless Bose device.

For voice control you need to buy external voice control device like Echo Dot.

Check the Best Price of Bose Soundbar

As a result

All three devices are equipped with a wireless connection. That is, it promises us to remove all interfering wires. For each device there is an opportunity to connect to the Internet. And if you have favorite playlists, then you can easily play them on any of these.

But if you want to connect the Sonos Playbar or Sonos Playbase via bluetooth, it will not work. Only Bose soundbar has a bluetooth transmitter. Only this device suit you to music listening through your smartphone.

Use several devices in different rooms

Along with this, the Bose Soundbar and the Sonos Playbase have voice control. Which is not at Sonos Playbar. And if you plan to use several devices in different rooms, the Playbase and the Bose Soundbar are better.

Check the Best Price of Sonos Playbar

Check the Best Price of Sonos Playbase

Check the Best Price of Bose Soundbar


Are soundbar wireless?

Yes. There are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology available to you.

Can soundbar be used for karaoke?

Yes. You can use karaoke soundbar. To do this, you need to install special software. For karaoke lovers there are many applications.

These systems do not have the ability to connect microphones. But the soundbar will qualitatively reproduce the sound from your karaoke system.

Can soundbar be wall mounted?

Yes, you can fix the soundbar to the wall. The mount must be secure and the wall is sturdy. Remember that the brand-name mount is rather expensive.

Can soundbar be used for computer?

Of course, you can use the soundbar as the main sound source for your computer.

Can a soundbar replace surround sound?

Soundbar simulates surround sound. You can get a surround sound if you connect additional speakers.

Soundbar simulates surround sound

Is soundbar good for music?

Of course. Soundbar plays music with very high quality.

Soundbar or soundbase?

The answer to this question depends on your goals. You can put your TV on soundbase. If you want to mount your device on the wall — look for soundbar.

How to control playbase volume?

You can adjust the volume with your smartphone. Just install the proprietary Sonos app and use.

The Sonos App Remastered:

Alternative products that may interest you

If for some reason you have not yet made your choice, let me offer you an alternative.

Samsung HW-H450

Samsung HW-H450Samsung HW-H450 soundbar is relatively small.

Convenient covert wall mount system allows you to mount the device beautifully.

With the soundbar you get the opportunity to make a good design of the whole complex. It is easy to control and wireless.

You can connect to the TV of the same brand with the function “TV Sound Connect” via Bluetooth.

This eliminates the extra HDMI cable. Samsung HW-H450 has a wireless subwoofer that minimizes the number of wires too.

Samsung HW-H450 has a wireless subwoofer

This model does not work with emulation of surround sound. You will actually find the surround mode in the menu. “Stereo extension” is the commonly name of this function.

The menu also has the ability to adjust the volume of the subwoofer. If you connect a soundbar using ARC, you can control the soundbar from your regular TV’s remote.

Yamaha YSP-2500

Yamaha YSP-2500Yamaha was the first company who developed soundbars.

The Yamaha YSP-2500 belongs to the class of Hi-Fi audio systems.

Engineers made this device only for sound reproduction.

They also worked on expanding the switching capabilities of the TV.

Yamaha also provides you with the ability to connect additional audio sources. The list of such sources includes Apple gadgets. At the same time, the system is able to work with HD Audio.

Yamaha YSP-2500 supports a sufficient set of current multi-channel audio formats. The unit support following audio files: MP3, WAV, WMA, FLAC, AAC.

There are two single-watt broadband speakers along the edges of the unit. There is a system of sixteen small beam-drivers between them. Beam drivers form a spatial sound. It uses proprietary technology Yamaha.

amaha YSP-2500 uses proprietary technology Yamaha

They provide the exact direction of sound due to its focus and reflection from the walls.

We need to say about Intelly Beam Technology. It performs automatic sound calibration and creates the optimal sound field.

According to the developer, you can expand the surround sound up to the 7.1-channel version. In fairness we must admit  that this system can not be a full-fledged standard home theater.

Such systems consist of a subwoofer and a set of correctly located satellites. But there are cases when the use of this kit is undesirable for some reason. Then Yamaha’s technology can provide a real “wow effect!” The unit has a low profile.

You can place this sound bar in front of your TV. It will not obscure the lower part of the screen from the audience. The subwoofer comes with the system. You can install the subwoofer both vertically and horizontally.

Yamaha YSP-2500PV:

Pioneer SBX-N700

Pioneer SBX-N700Pioneer SBX-N700 is an example of integration into the soundbar of modern technologies.

There are network and wireless abilities.

They allows Pioneer SBX-N700 to be something more than just a soundbar.

The system provides emulation of the spatial sound field.

It is worth to remember that the characteristics of the room have a decisive influence on the sound.

Pioneer SBX-N700 is a two-channel two-way speaker system. The sound of the model will become incorrect if the legs hang in the air. It is worth considering when buying and installing.

The standard subwoofer has the ability to switch phase and consumes only 32 watts of power. It has 150 watts maximum power.

The electronic part of the Pioneer SBX-N700 has an advanced circuit design. This means that a separate class D amplifier works for each speaker.

The unit sounds clean and powerful, while consuming quite a bit of electricity. Dolby Digital / DTS decoder responds to system matching with sound sources. There are proprietary sound enhancement technology “sound retriever”.

From USB drives, the device plays audio files: MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, FLAC and Monkey’s Audio (.ape). Video files: AVI, WMV, DivX, MP4, 3GP, FLV, RMVB. And even pictures: JPEG, PNG, GIF.

Miracast is a technology to display video from a smartphone or tablet computer on a TV. The device has a certificate DLNA 1.5 and supports the YouTube “Send to TV” mode.

Pioneer Speaker Bar SBX-N700:

JBL SB 200

JBL Cinema SB200JBL SB 200 is the soundbar which belongs to the Cinema serie.

It corresponds in its dimensions quite to a television with a diagonal of 32 inches.

You can also use JBL SB 200 for connecting to televisions from 32 to 46 inches.

It has a power of 60 watts per channel.This is enough to create a good sound in a small size room. For example in the bedroom.

JBL SB 200 comes with two midrange speakers, two tweeters, a subwoofer and a built-in amplifier.

By the nature of sound processing, this model such a two-channel stereo system.  It has a new proprietary software from Harman/Kardon. This software uses to create a virtual surround sound effect.

Besides to all listed this soundbar has Dolby Digital Decoding technology.

JBL SB 200 works without an external subwoofer. To compensate for the lack of its own subwoofer the model has two double-woofer drivers. There are two phase inverter ports in soundbar. It is worth noting that in this case JBL has a “refined” design.

You can use the soundbar in two ways: in the desktop or in mount it on the wall. Regular brackets for mounting your new soundbar comes in package.

JBL SB 200 has small slider switch "EQ"

The location of the system affects its sound. So, there is small slider switch “EQ”. The bass adapts to different types of installation with this switch. You must ensure that “EQ” switch is in the correct position before installing the device.

The model provides three main options for receiving a signal. There are digital, analog and wireless. There are all necessary connecting cables comes with system.

You can adjust the volume of the soundbar with the remote control from the TV. JBL Cinema SB200 is able to “learn” the corresponding signals.

JBL Soundbars – Bluetooth Enabled Home Theater Systems – Product Showcase:

Soundbar vs computer speakers

What is the difference between soundbar or sound system which was built on discrete components? A soundbar is a compact active or passive device. It has acoustic emitters (speakers) inside.

It also can imitate the presence of the rear speakers and high-rise 3D effects.

You can install a soundbar on the wall below or above the TV. You also can place it on the front of the TV. A variety of soundbars are also acoustic coasters. The soundbase looks like a flat low cabinet. You can put a TV directly on it.

Computer Speakers

People often install a compact audio system in the kitchen and small living room. It is an ideal solution for these rooms. Remember that to all sound bars, without exception, you need to add a subwoofer.

There are cases when you need to get high quality surround sound and musical soundtracks. Only the discrete system assembled from separate components successfully solves these problems.

Component system is the most versatile. You can easily upgrade it and install extra components to it. The sound of even such a simple system is far superior in quality to any sound bar.

This system is best for you if you are using a video projector. Properly selected set for many years will give pleasant emotions to its owner.

Sonos soundbar vs Dolby Atmos

First, let’s find out what is Dolby Atmos? In real life, the sound comes from all sides. But, the usual theatrical system displays it only in the horizontal plane. There are 4 planes where sound comes: to the left, to the right, in front and behind.

What makes Dolby Atmos much more realistic? Every sound that occurs on the screen of an action comes from all sides, including from above. This creates a true 3D volumetric acoustic image.

The sound surrounds you and moves relative to you, as if you are inside what is happening. Amazing. Sometimes scary. But always fascinating.

Dolby Atmos is infinitely more flexible and versatile than regular home theater. You need a special AV receiver that plays Dolby Atmos. The receiver adapts the soundtrack to your existing speaker system.

Dolby Atmos

There are seven speakers is enough to get  the full enjoyment of the effects.

There are soundbars with wireless satellite switching, for example, the well-known Sonos Playbar. In such system you can place extra speakers. You have already read about Sonos in this article a little higher.

Theoretically, if you have an AV receiver for Dolby Atmos, you can connect the Sonos to it. Given the number of speakers that you need for proper operation it may be very expensive. If this does not scare you — then try.


Before choosing you must determine your needs. If you have a wall-mounted TV, then the Sonos Playbar or Bose Soundbar makes more sense. If you have TV on a stand you can put it on a Sonos Playbase. Any choice depends on your needs.

All these device are simple. They will massively improve the sound from your TV. You will get the same access to your home music collection with the help of any of them. Prices are similar.

Each model is stylish in its own way. And only some differences distinguish these devices. But in our opinion Bose Soundbar better than competitors’ products. It gives a powerful and clear sound. Its design is stylish and neat.

And you can always take advantage of modern technology to get more fun.

Sonos Playbar vs Sonos Playbase vs Bose Soundbar

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