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Best Standing Desks Converters – Buyer’s Guide

Best standing desk convertersYears ago, people finally understood how sitting all day can hurt their spine.

A constant back and neck pain is just too intense; it’s difficult to concentrate on your work or studies.

And most people work and/or study sitting.

You can lead a healthy lifestyle, but being in the same position for over 8 hours may compensate for all the good things. But there is a way out, like spending half an hour sitting and half an hour standing.

Human ingenuity knows no boundaries, and to make sure you don’t have to bend to see your PC on the desk during the standing 30 minutes, a desk converter was manufactured.

It’s a relatively small unit placed on top of your desk, usually with the ability to adjust the height. There are lots of models that offer different depth, height, and other characteristics.

We’ve chosen the 5 best standing desk converters on Amazon to make sure your spine (and life in general) become healthier.

Top pick

Flexpro Power 40 Inch (101 cm)+

  • Weight capacity: 45 lb (20 kg)
  • Smooth leveling & height-adjustability
  • Quiet moving
  • Electric lift
  • Fully assembled

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With so many features put into one standing desks converter, it is easy to see why this is our top pick. With all the things that this product does, the only thing that it can’t do is purchase itself for you.

Standing Desks Converters Comparison Chart


Flexpro Power 40 Inch (101 cm)-

Flexpro Power 40 Inch (101 cm)

  • Weight capacity:  45 lb (20,4 kg)
  • Desktop width: 40” (101 cm) 
  • Max height-adjustability:  19" (48 cm) 
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  • Weight capacity:  44 lb (20 kg)
  • Desktop width: 42” (106 cm) 
  • Max height-adjustability:  19,9" (50 cm) 
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  • Weight capacity:  33 lb (15 kg)
  • Desktop width: 32” (186 cm) 
  • Max height-adjustability:  20" (51 cm) 
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  • Weight capacity:  30 lb (14 kg)
  • Desktop width: 36 (91 cm) 
  • Max height-adjustability:  19,9" (50,5 cm) 
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    SIMBR SM0023 (1)

    SIMBR SM0023

    • Weight capacity:  22 lb (10 kg)
    • Desktop width: 30” (76 cm) 
    • Max height-adjustability:  15,7" (40 cm) 
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    5 Best Standing Desks Converters (as of December, 2023):

    1. Flexpro Power 40 Inch (101 cm) Standing Desk Converter – Best 40-inch (101 cm) Converter Review

    Flexpro Power 40 Inch (101 cm) Review

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    An electric converter like this one by FLEXPRO will make it very easy to move up and down even if you have a lot of equipment on top. Both the top and keyboard trays are very spacious, giving you 40” (101 cm) of room to put notebooks along with the equipment.

    Here are the top features:

    • Quiet moving.

    Although the topper is electric, it moves very quietly, which is a good thing if you work at an office or have night shifts while working from home.

    • No assembly.

    You get a fully assembled raiser, and the only thing you’ll need to do is to plug it in (and put it on the desk, of course).

    • Good weight capacity.

    The unit can hold up to 45 lbs (20 kg)!

    • Smooth leveling.

    The legs allow you to level this converter easily. The movement is smooth, so there’s no danger for the equipment.

    Flexpro Power 40 Inch (101 cm) Review, Pros and Cons

    No serious work is required; the construction is made for your comfort.

    The unit adjusts to various heights, but if you’re 5’3” (160 cm) and shorter, even the lowest setting might be too tall for you.
    • Electric
    • Quiet movement
    • Great weight capacity
    • Comes pre-assembled
    • Spacious
    • Two levels

    • Might not be good if you’re 5’3” (160 cm) and shorter
    • It weighs 53 lbs (24 kg)

    2. FLEXISPOT M7L Standing Desk Converter – Best 42-Inch (106 cm) Converter Review

    FLEXISPOT M7L Review

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    This FLEXISPOT standing desk converter will be suitable for people who need a lot of space when they work.  Dual monitors, lots of other equipment, notebooks, documentation – all of this will fit in 42” (106 cm) of flat space.

    This model has a removable keyboard tray that is easy to install and remove.

    Here are some important features to know about:

    • Universal height.

    This is an easily adjustable topper that is suitable for various heights.

    • Very spacious.

    You can move all the necessary things to the top board, and there will be no need to put them on and off every time you want to switch a position.

    • Vertical movement.

    The raiser moves vertically up and down, which is a great feature given the size of the thing.

    • Good warranty.

    You get a 3-year warranty for the moving parts of the unit and a 5-year one for the frame.

    FLEXISPOT M7L Review, Pros and Cons
    The assembly is minimal, which is very good since you don’t need any experience. It also saves time and effort since you can use this topper even without the keyboard tray.

    You can fit everything on the adjustable surface.

    The range of movement is also great but mind your height.
    • Spacious
    • Two warranties
    • Vertical movement
    • Minimal assembly
    • High-quality materials
    • Adjustable height

    • None found

    3. VIVO DESK-V000K Standing Desk Converter – Best 32-Inch (81 cm) Converter Review

    VIVO DESK-V000K Review

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    In case you have dual monitors and need both for work, plus a keyboard, a laptop, and other equipment, the VIVO 32” converter might be a good choice. The two shelves are 31.5” (80 cm) and 31.3” (79,5 cm) can be united into one large working area, providing the comfort of movement and eliminating the need for constant bending and hurting your spine.

    Let’s see the main features of the model:

    • Space-efficient.

    Due to the ability of two working modes (with two shelves or one transformer shelf), you get more opportunities to modify the working space as you need. It will also save space, which is good for small desks or office cubicles.

    • Raising by touch.

    The topper has a simple touch height locking feature. While this unit weighs 33 lbs (15 kg), you don’t have to apply too much force to raise it.

    With a soft touch, the desk will transform to the height you need.

    • Vertical movement.

    This topper moves vertically, so you don’t have to make up more space before the adjustment.

    • Wide range of movement.

    Moving from 4.5” (12 cm) to 20” (51 cm), the model is suitable for a wide range of heights.

    • Minimal assembly.

    There’s nothing a regular person cannot do when it comes to this unit. All you’ll have to do is to attach the tray for the keyboard to the converter and install it on the current desk.

    • Warranty.

    The manufacturer provides you with a 3-year warranty. There’s also tech support where professionals will answer all your questions about the unit.

    VIVO DESK-V000K Review, Pros and Cons

    The handle that elevates the station is very convenient; you don’t need much time to transfer from sitting to standing.

    It’s a transformer converter, which increases the number of people the unit will be suitable for.

    The package contains all details and a manual. If there are any questions, the tech support people answer them pretty fast.

    • Sturdy and durable
    • Space-efficient
    • Manufacturer warranty
    • Little assembly
    • Easy elevation
    • Vertical movement

    • 33 pounds of weight (15 kg); might not be very portable

    4. FLEXISPOT M7C Standing Desk Converter – Best 36-Inch (91 cm) Converter Review

    FLEXISPOT M7C Review

    Check Price

    If you need a compact 36” (91 cm) converter that will fit into a very limited space of an office cubicle, this FLEXISPORT unit might be suitable for the job.

    Although very compact, it will fit all the basics you’ll need for work, including a laptop up to 17” (43 cm) , a standard keyboard, and a mouse.

    Here are some of the most prominent features of the topper:

    • Lots of usable space.

    The manufacturer maximizes the usable space of their units, which makes them double-useful. They don’t take too much of your regular desk space, yet you have enough for all the essentials during the standing periods.

    • Warranty.

    You get a 5-year warranty for the frame and a 3-year one for the moving mechanism.

    • Convenient transition.

    The smart X construction guarantees a smooth transition from lower to higher positions.

    • Vertical movement.

    The unit moves vertically, and you don’t need to make extra space on the main desk to accommodate the raising or lowering.

    FLEXISPOT M7C Review, Pros and Cons
    The U-shaped design of the board is very convenient if you have a tight space in your cubicle.

    It might be difficult to get it from one room to another as it weighs about 30 lbs (14 kg) , but the unit gets the job done.

    The movements are very smooth and only within the initial footprint of the thing.

    • U-shaped design
    • Sturdy construction
    • Easy assembly
    • Very compact
    • Lots of usable space

    • May not be convenient to move from one room to another

    5. SIMBR SM0023 Standing Desk Converter – Best 30-Inch (76 cm) Converter Review

    SIMBR SM0023 Review

    Check Price

    A relatively lightweight model, this SIMBR standing desk converter (the 30” version/76 cm) has space for all your stuff. It’s easily adjustable and will help you bring a new habit in the most effortless way.

    Let’s see some of its best features:

    • Perfect height.

    Get the desk converter to your perfect height in 1 second. All you have to do is to raise the whole station to the level you’ll be comfortable with.

    • Lightweight.

    The unit only costs 8 kg (17 lbs) , which makes it easily portable. Given the space you get (30”/ 76 cm), this is very lightweight. Carrying it between rooms won’t be an issue.

    • No assembly.

    The unit is great for people who don’t enjoy assembling stuff. You can use it right out of the box.

    No clipping, no screws, only comfort.

    • Wide range of heights.

    The topper raises to 15.7” (40 cm) and lowers to 2”(5 cm), which makes it universal for any height. The space is quite large as well, being able to hold your laptop, phone, mouse, a cup of morning coffee, etc.

    • Great weight support.

    The unit works well with a load of up to 22 lbs (10 kg).

    • Steel base.

    The base of this model is very durable and sturdy, made from steel.

    SIMBR SM0023 Review, Pros and Cons
    The design of the raiser is very much appreciated.

    It’s black and will blend into any setting, no matter if it’s your office or kitchen counter.  Working becomes even more convenient with this wide topper.

    No assembly, one-second adjustments. This is a great model for any height and needs.
    • Sturdy X-shaped legs
    • Steel base
    • High-quality materials
    • Lightweight
    • Spacious
    • No assembly required
    • Portable
    • Easy adjustment to any height

    • None found

    Buyer’s Guide

    Here, we’ll discuss everything you need to know before buying a standing desk converter.

    First of all, why buy it?  We’ve already talked about all the health benefits such a unit can bring.

    Diversify your working day by changing the position every half an hour or even 20 minutes. This will bring something fresh into your routine and make it more fun to work.

    Standing Desk Converters - health benefits

    Besides, you’re basically exercising more, because we burn more calories when standing rather than sitting. There are other reasons, but we’ve also found some cons.

    Standing Desk Converter Pros

    Let’s see the benefits first:


    While some people might think such converters are expensive, let’s be real: this is the most cost-efficient way to transform your desk to a standing one anytime you need.

    It’s much cheaper than a full standing desk, plus saves space.

    Having two desks and switching computers and other stuff back and forth wouldn’t be convenient as well.

    Easy to no assembly

    Assembling furniture may be exhausting and extremely time-consuming. If you’re not a fan of installing a full desk for hours, a converter is an amazing choice.

    Standing Desks Converters -minimal assembly

    It usually requires little to no assembly at all. The maximum you’ll need to do is to clip the keyboard tray on the unit.


    Such converters are usually very light and portable. If you need to move it between rooms, it’s not like moving the whole desk over and over again.

    Especially if you’re working from the office and home on different days, there should be no problem in transporting the converter.

    No need to dispose of the old desk

    A lot of people opt for a converter for their desks because they don’t have to dispose of the old one. It might be perfect for keeping all your utensils in order.

    Plus, in an office, it might be very difficult to get help from your boss and change a whole desk.

    Standing Desks Converters -No need to dispose of the old desk-

    The advantages are plenty, and all of them are very useful.

    However, there are some disadvantages. See if any of them might impact your decision on whether to get a converter or a full new standing desk.

    Standing Desk Converter Cons

    Let’s see why some people use other solutions for a standing desk:


    When buying a converter, you have to understand that it won’t be as spacious as a whole desk. Its lightweight and portability are only achieved with limited space.

    Standing Desk Converter Cons - little space

    While you can put two monitors and a laptop there, some other things might need you to bend to reach. If this is a factor of priority for you, opt for a larger converter before considering buying a standing desk.

    A lot of manufacturers are now offering plus-size models (36”/91 сm and bigger).


    Some people also don’t like the looks of such toppers. They are more inclined towards functionality than looks.

    Although nowadays there are many more stylish and elegant designs, they will cost you more.

    It’s rather difficult to find models with wooden parts, but there are such units. They will cost and weigh more, which will impact the portability and functionality.

    So it’s better to choose what matters more to you – the looks or function.

    Weight capacity

    Standing desk converters aren’t the best decision if you’re using heavy monitors or other devices that weigh a lot. Your topper might not operate well, it will be difficult to lower and raise it, and the monitors will be in danger in case the weight is too much for the unit.

    Standing desk converters -Weight capacity-

    To solve this issue, opt for electronic toppers and always read about the weight capacity before making the final choice.


    If your budget is limited, getting a standing desk converter may become more difficult, especially if you want to buy from a physical shop. Units are usually more expensive there.

    Getting about $300 for a converter might not be a possibility for some people. However, a full standing desk would require even more money, so think about your comfort while sitting.

    If you have no severe discomfort, saving up for several months will work just fine. If not, there’s a way out: look for discounts before holidays or a Black Friday.

    This is an investment in your health, which is the most precious thing we all have. You can balance the budget and get a model that will suit your needs.

    All the cons here aren’t a problem for most buyers, and you can see thousands of great reviews online about these converters. Spend some time on high-quality research, and you’ll definitely find a model that will cover all your requirements.

    What to Consider When Looking for a Standing Desk Converter

    Selecting the best unit for you will require some research. Buying the first one you look at won’t be a wise choice.

    Standing desk converters -Outstanding features

    Let’s go through the main thing you should consider when reading about standing desk toppers.

    There’s a total of 5 things you should think about and look for the information on them if it’s not in the description. One of them being user reviews and articles by people who have tested a lot of such units.

    Customer Reviews

    A lot of services offer customer reviews of the things they buy. Amazon and other online shopping platforms have nice grading criteria and loads of reviews by different people.

    There, you can find out if the height of the unit will be OK for you, what it looks like when it arrives, what its quality is in the long run, and more.

    There are also independent platforms that offer all kinds of reviews. You can research a couple of such services if you have the time.

    Reading what other people say will also highlight the pros and cons of the model you’re interested in.


    If you have to put your mouse, laptop, or keyboard in a position that isn’t convenient for you, a standing desk can make your back and neck pain even worse. Besides, you can develop wrist pain as well.

    So, make sure the desk is ergonomic and will have enough space to fit all your stuff. Pay attention to the shape, size, depth, and the main usable space.

    Standing desk converters - size

    If you have large monitors or any additional equipment needed in the working space, consider it as well.  The review section will help you find out the information about the ergonomics.


    This is a very subjective factor, which is why you have to find a model that will satisfy you aesthetically. Besides, a lot of times, the functionality of the unit depends on its design.

    If it’s very curvy and beautiful, find out if you’ll have enough space there so that your mouse doesn’t hang over the board.

    Standing desk converters - design

    Transforming capabilities, assembly, even color can make a huge difference. Research the manufacturer’s design decisions, and consider estimating what design will be more beneficial for you.


    The quality of the material means a lot! You may get a great, sturdy construction made from non-toxic, durable materials.

    But there are also manufacturers that use cheap plastic, not realizing people will have expensive monitors and other equipment on the toppers. Always check what the model is made of, see if you have allergies to any of those.

    Find out how the material acts in high and low temperatures. Some laptops get pretty hot by the end of the day, and you have to be sure there will be no toxic vapors from the topper.

    Standing desk converters - material and quality

    Pay attention if there’s a note about “California Proposition 65.” This may make it difficult to ship the unit to the state of California.

    Basically, the proposition lists a lot of materials that may potentially cause cancer and other diseases. While a great part of them are actually safe, the shipping problem may still arise.

    Manufacturer’s Customer Service

    You may need customer service for a variety of reasons. Finding out more about the use of the unit, shipping options, material notices, just leaving a review, etc.

    Sometimes the toppers come damaged due to the mistake of the manufacturer. A decent company will replace the unit or provide you with a refund.

    Don’t hesitate to contact the support team if you have any questions. Their reply will tell you a lot about the company.


    Choosing a standing desk converter should depend on a lot of things, starting with your height and finishing with the quality of materials and shipping options. It’s much better to do in-depth research of the market, read reviews, contact customer support teams before buying a unit.

    A full buyer’s guide like this one should help you save time and effort and see the best options there are online at the moment. Going through the criteria of choice will help you even more.

    Investing in your health should be done by finding out what exactly you need. If you do that, all the money you’ll spend on a converter will serve you very well for years, leading to a pain-free life.

    Best Standing Desks Converters

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