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The Ultimate Guide to UltraSabers vs. Saber Forge Lightsaber Buying

The Ultimate Guide to UltraSabers vs. Saber Forge Lightsaber BuyingWho hasn’t wanted a lightsaber at one time or another?

If you’re a Star Wars fan, it’s practically impossible not to own one.

Whether for fun or fighting, most likely both, owning a lightsaber that looks and works like one in the movies is incredibly important.

Of the many brands out there, UltraSabers and SaberForge have been in contest for many years.

Both brands provide incredibly quality and have a lot of reviews, so which one is actually the better one? We look at each and review hilts, quality materials, features, and other important aspects of each lightsaber.

Quick Summary of UltraSabers vs. SaberForge

UltraSabers makes a wide variety of lightsabers, but most of all, the brand is known for creating duel-ready, high-quality lightsabers. They offer a variety of blade colors and hilt options as well, and their price range is typically above $150.

Saber Forge is an equally competitive sabersmith brand. However, they have more variety than UltraSabers, whether you are looking for a toy saber or a professional custom lightsaber. Their lightsabers range from $59 to over $300.

Both brands have received praise from sabersmiths and customers, but there are some significant differences, from the way that the stores are operated to hilt designs, that may change your mind.

Quick Summary of UltraSabers vs. SaberForge

Most customers like the buying experience of Saber Forge because it’s easier and less expensive in most cases, unless you are buying a custom lightsaber.

UltraSaber matches in quality for the most part, but there are some complaints of heat sink issues with hilts that cause electrical problems later.

Ultimately, we like Saber Forge best even if they have some customer service complaints and poor ratings for older sabers.

Their latest hilts and lightsabers show a true mastery of lightsaber design, and for the price, you get a higher quality and well-made lightsaber than with UltraSaber.

Main Similarities:

  •  Both companies allow you to buy online.
  •  Each has custom lightsaber creation services.
  •  Lightsabers come in a variety of colors and hilt designs, so you can get the perfect one for your fighting style and personality.
  •  Design and quality are pretty similar for their top-of-the-line lightsabers.

Main Differences:

  •  Neither company has great gifting options, so it’s best to purchase the lightsaber you think is best and gift it yourself.
  •  UltraSaber has a difficult shopping experience online. It’s not as organized as Saber Forge.
  •  Saber Forge has customer service complaints dating back to when the company first started and issues with the owner of the company. However, the company has grown and added a customer service line, now receiving good reviews of their service.
  •  Gift card options on Saber Forge are misleading. Instead of a gift certificate, you will still have to pay upfront for the lightsaber and then receive a refund.
  •  There is a wide variety of lightsaber styles and prices on Saber Forge. For basic and toy lightsabers, you can spend less than $100. If you want an advanced or exotic lightsaber, you will spend over $100 to $300 or more, depending on the customization you choose.
  •  UltraSaber has more deals on their custom lightsabers and doesn’t sell “toys.” All of their lightsabers are designed to have intricate hilts and adult designs, rather than toy creations. In this case, you’ll spend over $100 for most of their advanced lightsabers, but you can expect that it will be a high-quality replica hilt or a customized hilt if you select those options on the website.
  •  Saber Forge has a faster shipping speed than UltraSaber for their packaged lightsabers sold outright on the website. However, if you choose customized lightsabers, it could take much longer.

Comparison Table:

  •  UltraSaber allows you to customize certain lightsabers with your computer. You can plug it in to change the soundboard and volume, for example.

Product: Saber Forge Lightsaber, Price Range $59.99 to $300+, Customized Lightsaber Options, Kids to Adult Lightsabers, Multiple Colors, Multiple Shapes and Styles

Product: UltraSabers Lightsaber, Price Range $55 to $999, Customized Lightsaber Options, Initiate to Adult Lightsabers, Multiple Colors, Some Different Styles & Unique Features

Product Comparison: Features of UltraSabers vs Saber Forge

Looking between these two companies, each has a lot of customers and high ratings. It’s difficult to tell the differences unless you’re comparing the lightsaber design and quality side-by-side per product in some cases.

However, we can find more unique designs with UltraSaber in some cases. However, you may find it easier to purchase advanced lightsabers from Saber Forge.


In terms of designs, it really depends on what you’re looking for. Both companies are able to create highly detailed and replicate-quality hilts. You will feel as if you have a genuine lightsaber from either brand.

From initiate to highly advanced, custom lightsabers with multi-faceted blade options, multiple hilt options and designs are available from UltraSabers and Saber Forge.

The differences are really in the features of the hilts and long-term quality. UltraSabers was the first to come out with custom soundboard options, but Saber Forge later followed suit.

Highly detailed and replicate-quality hilts of lightsaber

Now you can customize each hilt to have the sounds you love at the volume you like, just by plugging them into your computer.

In our opinion, the electrical components in UltraSabers’ products have some issues. There have been reports of whining and fragile parts that have broken during duels, but this isn’t the case for all of their lightsabers.

Their heavy duty hilts and blades are made for use in combat, which means they can withstand being hit and hitting solid objects multiple times.

Saber Forge’s hilts don’t always feel as customized or as detailed as UltraSabers, particularly with their initiate and advanced adult lightsabers. Ultra Sabers have a unique quality where you can see the detail and attention in the engravings, controls, and grip.

However, the finishes on their high-quality and more expensive lightsabers are top notch.

In general, UltraSabers basic lightsaber hilts are cheaper than Saber Forge. If you want something for a younger padawan or you don’t need any fancy sounds or features, then you will spend about $5 less than Saber Forge’s basic lightsabers.

As you start adding sound and features, you’ll get a better deal, in general, at Saber Forge.


For unique, complicated designs, UltraSabers takes the cake and has much more stylish options.

However, Saber Forge has more variety and more features at better prices for adult lightsabers. Ultimately, Saber Forge also has less complaints of electrical problems long-term than UltraSabers.

Blade Options

Blades and hilts are sold together, but you can add on blade options on each retailer’s site. There are fewer options with UltraSabers’ blades than Saber Forge, however. Still, you won’t spend as much to get a custom, fancy lightsaber.

You can add on blade options

Here’s the custom blade options available for most lightsabers on UltraSabers’ website:

  •  Express: Just pick a color for your blade and go!
  •  Empty Saber Hilt for DIYers
  •  Emerald LED Saber
  •  Emerald Saber with Sound
  •  Diamond LED and Sound Controller Blade with Gesture Recognition
  •  Basic Saber with Obsidian LITE Soundboard

These options are easily explained so you know exactly what you are getting, and it’s easy to select what you want and then checkout.

Saber Forge also has different blade options, but you can specify tier, sound font, blade length, color, vibration, and sound. However, adding some of these options will change the price considerably, adding hundreds of dollars to the final price.

These options brake down into the following:

  •  Tier 1 Initiate: Most basic option that doesn’t include a blade or any type of electronics.
  •  Tier 2 Warrior: CNC precision high alloy blade with V4 infinity blade with a threaded tip in various lengths. Costs extra to change length. Includes Quad Cree 12W LED.
  •  Tier 2.5 Veteran: Includes options of Warrior plus SaberCore 2.5 with FOC and 2 sound fonts, built in recharge upgrade with 3400mah battery.
  •  Tier 3 Champion: Includes everything with Veteran but has more sound fonts, includes 3A charger, and SaberCore 3.0 Editor, Windows 10 64-bit compatible.
  •  Tier 4 Hero: The Ultimate lightsatber that includes all options, as well as customizable sounds, infinite blade colors, and configuration editor.

In addition to these options, you can add a custom finish in over two dozen different colors. While this option is available on UltraSabers, you can’t choose infinity blade colors or customize your hilt finish as well.

Saberforge vs. Ultrasabers: Blades:


It’s easier to customize your lightsaber to your heart’s content on SaberForge, but adding these different finishes and options is like customizing a gaming computer with additional parts and features. You will end up spending over $500 to get all of these customizations.

Size and Lengths

From initiate-level and kid toys to advanced dueling lightsabers, you can customize the hilt and blade with both sabersmith companies. UltraSabers seems to offer a variety of styles to choose from.

UltraSabers seems to offer a variety of styles to choose from.

Their basic lightsabers are smaller hilts, which can be used as toy lightsabers, and you won’t spend as much if you are just looking for something fun for younger padawans.

However, if you are older and want something that is more suitable for your grip, you’re going to spend a bit more. The options aren’t clear on UltraSabers’ website.

While you can change the blade and size, it’s hard to find this until you go through the checkout process. You won’t be able to see the differences, and the price will go up considerably if you opt for a longer blade or different grip.

SaberForge has an easier customization process. You can see the different blade lengths and hilt sizes before you checkout, as well as the differences in prices.

While these can add up to a higher total, it’s easier to customize your blade exactly to the specifications that you want with Saber Forge.


Saber Forge has better options and visibility for blade lengths and hilt sizes. You can specify the exact size and hilt changes you want before checking out so you can see the differences in price.

Sound Effects & Other Features

Lightsabers have come a long way in the past five years. Soundboards, vibration effects, and changing blade colors are all possible with the latest set of lightsabers.

Soundboards, vibration effects, and changing blade colors

However, which sabersmith offers the most options and is easiest to customize? Also, which sabersmith has more realistic, higher-quality effects?


Soundboards were added to lightsabers in 2015 for UltraSabers. Saber Forge now has sounds in their latest models. Basic soundboards will only have one effect, which is the simulation of the vibration sound as the blade moves, mimicking the real effects of the Star Wars films.

However, UltraSaber has more options to add multiple sound effects, and you won’t spend as much as with Saber Forge. You can add in custom sounds using the editor with UltraSabers, and you can select the volume using their program.

Saber Forge doesn’t have as many sound effects, but you can edit them and change their frequency with their program as well. However, you’ll pay more to get these sound effects. While we love the sound of each, Saber Forge does have slightly better sounds.

SaberForge SaberCore 3.0 Available NOW:


Both sabersmiths use realistic sound effects, but you’ll pay more to get this customization feature with Saber Forge.


The realistic feel and movement of the lightsaber is part of the thrill. It’s unclear whether UltraSabers will add vibration to their lightsabers or if it’s really a necessary feature.

For those who want better battery life, vibration and pulse features drain the battery and can add internal damage to electrical components.

Saber Forge allows you to add vibration optionally, but duelists typically won’t want this in their lightsabers because of the battery life problems and unstable grip. While it does feel more realistic, it’s not going to help you in a duel. It’s better for display only.


If you want vibration, then Saber Forge is the better one to go with.

Colors, Color Flash, and Color Pulse

These are all significant to the realistic color and action of the lightsaber. There is a base color you can select with each, but there are a few options that are different within each brand.

For UltraSabers, you can pick a number of different base colors. There is a wide spectrum. Most people choose a color based on their level or personality, so it’s easy to customize with this option.

Available lightsaber blade colors

However, you can also customize by color flash. This allows you to change colors and emit a different hue as you move your lightsaber, which creates an interesting effect. Color pulse options make it appear more realistic as well.

Saber Forge has something that other sabersmiths don’t have. This is the inifinity blade option that allows you to pick and choose colors.

This is quite an expensive add-on, but it’s worth it if you want to be able to edit and change your colors with a program. However, it may be too much for just a display lightsaber.


If you just want a blade that’s personal to you, you’ll spend less and get a customized, colorful blade with realistic options from UltraSabers. However, you can change your blade’s colors at whim with a Saber Forge “Ultimate” Infinity Blade option.


Both UltraSabers and Saber Forge offer warranties. These warranties cover parts and electrical components.

UtraSabers has a one-year warranty that covers faulty LED lighting system, faulty internal hardware wiring, blade film quality, and soundboard failures.

However, the warranty is void for any DIY customs or for any lightsabers that have been disassembled.

Saber Forge has far more options for warranties. You can even add on an extended warranty and for each tier as well. You can cover your entire blade.

However, replacements and refunds also won’t cover lightsabers that have been disassembled and customized on your own.


Saber Forge has greater options for warranties, but their extended warranties will cost you $100 to $200 more.

Ultrasabers vs Saberforge showdown:

The Ultimate Guide to UltraSabers vs. Saber Forge Lightsaber Buying

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