Victrola Stream Onyx Turntable Review: Revolutionizing Home Audio with Sonos Compatibility

In an era where digital convenience often overshadows the charm of physical mediums, the Victrola Stream Onyx Turntable emerges as a beacon for vinyl enthusiasts who crave a blend of classic and contemporary. This turntable is not just a device for playing records; it’s a bridge between the warm, rich sounds of the past and the technological advancements of today.

At its core, the Victrola Stream Onyx is a testament to the enduring allure of vinyl records. It reflects a growing trend where music lovers are revisiting vinyl, not just for its nostalgic value but for the unique audio experience it offers. This resurgence is part of a larger movement that appreciates the tactile and immersive nature of vinyl playback, a stark contrast to the ephemeral nature of digital streaming.

The Victrola Stream Onyx stands out with its seamless compatibility with Sonos, one of the leading names in home audio systems. This feature addresses a common challenge for vinyl enthusiasts – integrating their beloved record collections with modern home audio setups. With wireless streaming capabilities, the turntable allows users to effortlessly project the timeless sound of vinyl through a high-quality, multi-room Sonos system.

Key features of the Victrola Stream Onyx further elevate its appeal. It boasts a high-precision magnetic cartridge, ensuring detailed and accurate audio reproduction. This quality is essential for audiophiles who seek to capture every nuance of their favorite records. Additionally, its semi-automatic functionality and multiple connection options make it a versatile choice for various setups and preferences.

As we delve deeper into this review, we’ll explore how the Victrola Stream Onyx Turntable holds up in the realms of design, performance, and user experience. We’ll examine whether it truly marries the charm of the past with the convenience of the present and whether it stands as a worthy investment for those looking to reignite their love for vinyl in today’s digital age.

Victrola turntable

Design and Build

The Victrola Stream Onyx Turntable is a striking piece that immediately catches the eye, blending the nostalgic essence of vinyl with a sleek, modern design. In this section, we will delve into its aesthetics, build quality, and the components that come along with this elegant turntable.


The Victrola Stream Onyx is a visual delight, characterized by its sophisticated matte black finish. This choice of color and texture gives it a contemporary edge while ensuring it seamlessly integrates into a range of interior décor styles. The turntable’s design strikes a perfect balance between retro charm and modern minimalism, making it not just an audio device, but a statement piece in any room.

Its clean lines and uncluttered appearance adhere to a minimalist aesthetic, appealing to those who appreciate understated elegance. The matte finish also has a practical aspect, resisting fingerprints and smudges, which helps in maintaining its pristine look over time.

Build Quality

When it comes to build quality, the Victrola Stream Onyx does not disappoint. It employs a combination of high-grade plastic and aluminum, contributing to both its aesthetic appeal and durability. The use of aluminum, especially in the tonearm and platter, adds a sense of solidity and stability to the unit, reassuring users of its longevity and resilience against the wear and tear of regular use.

Despite its robust build, the turntable exudes an air of sophistication. It does not feel bulky or overbearing, but rather, exquisitely crafted. The thoughtful assembly and choice of materials speak volumes about Victrola’s commitment to quality, ensuring that this turntable isn’t just about looks but also about enduring performance.

Included Components

The Victrola Stream Onyx comes with all the necessary components to get started right out of the box. The package includes a user manual, power cord, 45 RPM adaptor, dust cover, counterweight, removable headshell, platter, and a silicone slipmat. Each of these components is crafted with the same attention to detail and quality as the turntable itself.

The user manual is straightforward and informative, making setup and operation a breeze even for novices. The power cord is sufficiently long, offering flexibility in placement. The inclusion of a 45 RPM adaptor is a thoughtful touch, catering to enthusiasts with diverse record collections. The dust cover is a crucial addition, not only enhancing the turntable’s aesthetics when not in use but also protecting it from dust and damage.

Moreover, the silicone slipmat is a notable inclusion. It not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also plays a critical role in damping vibrations and ensuring stable playback.

In summary, the design and build of the Victrola Stream Onyx Turntable are a testament to the brand’s ability to fuse form and function elegantly. Its aesthetic appeal, coupled with robust construction and thoughtfully included accessories, make it a compelling choice for anyone looking to indulge in the vinyl resurgence.


Setup, and Usability

The Victrola Stream Onyx Turntable is designed to seamlessly blend into the modern audiophile’s lifestyle, both in terms of aesthetics and usability. Its setup process and overall user experience have been tailored to cater to both vinyl enthusiasts and casual listeners alike.

Installation Process

Setting up the Victrola Stream Onyx is a straightforward affair, designed to be accessible even to those new to vinyl. The key highlight is its seamless integration with the Sonos system, a process that is surprisingly uncomplicated. By simply connecting the turntable to a power source and following a few basic steps, users can effortlessly sync it with their Sonos setup. This ease of connectivity bridges the gap between the classic vinyl experience and modern wireless audio systems, making it an ideal solution for those who want the best of both worlds.

User Interface

The Victrola Stream App is the cornerstone of the user interface, acting as a bridge between the turntable and the user’s digital ecosystem. The app is intuitively designed, ensuring that navigating through its features is a hassle-free experience. From initial setup to daily operation, the app guides users with clear instructions and a user-friendly layout. Whether it’s adjusting settings or troubleshooting, the app is a reliable and easy-to-use tool that enhances the overall experience of the turntable.


The Victrola Stream Onyx Turntable is not just about its striking appearance; it excels in performance and features too, making it a standout choice for audiophiles and casual listeners alike.

Sound Quality: A Rich and Authentic Listening Experience

At the heart of the Victrola Stream Onyx’s audio excellence is the Audio Technica AT-VM95E cartridge, renowned for its high-fidelity sound reproduction. This cartridge plays a pivotal role in delivering crisp, clear, and detailed audio. The nuances of each record are beautifully captured, from the deep bass to the high treble notes, creating a rich and immersive listening experience that vinyl enthusiasts cherish. Whether it’s a classic jazz album or a modern pop record, the turntable consistently provides a warm, authentic sound that truly honors the vinyl format.

Sonos Integration

The turntable’s compatibility with Sonos systems is a standout feature, offering users the convenience of wireless streaming without compromising on sound quality. The integration is seamless, allowing the vinyl’s analog charm to be wirelessly streamed through the high-quality Sonos speakers. This feature is particularly appealing for those looking to blend the vinyl experience with their existing modern home audio setup, ensuring they enjoy the best of both worlds.

Versatility and Connectivity

Versatility is another forte of the Victrola Stream Onyx. It comes equipped with multiple connectivity options, including Wi-Fi, ethernet, and gold-plated RCA ports. This range of options ensures that the turntable can easily fit into various audio setups. Wi-Fi connectivity offers the convenience of wireless streaming, while the ethernet option provides a more stable connection, ideal for uninterrupted listening sessions. The RCA ports allow for a traditional wired connection to speakers or amplifiers, catering to purists who prefer a direct analog signal path.

In conclusion, the Victrola Stream Onyx Turntable shines in its performance and features. It brings together superior sound quality, effortless Sonos integration, and versatile connectivity options, making it a well-rounded turntable suited for the modern age of music listening.

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